Anyone out there numbers superstitious?

Not the triskaidekaphobia type that is the fear of the number thirteen, but you all knew that... I am more than sure. My interest is in specific dates or even further more; perhaps some of the days of the week that historically have caused good or bad happenings in your life or even in the broader sense in the world?
And that names of the week's days at one time represented numbers to know which was what during a week? And I do believe the derivation of many numbers are from other languages, such as Latin, as the names of the days of the week.
Sure most all superstitions are unfounded and silly, but without numbers where would we all be?
Although, many religions believe in superstitions, see and that is what I am saying reasonable thought processes many, but some not so much, a matter of opinion.
So to give any sort of credence to a number or a date for good or bad, or even to take those numbers and turn them into something more meaningful would seem a bit frivolous to some, but not to all, hmm?
Books have been written about such things, i.e. the meaning of numbers, life's paths as in numerology, a science dedicated to it that is as much as astrology is considered one, ha. Forgive my perhaps ignorance or nervousness of such things...
Too deep for me, or I am not smart enough to be into them that perceptually.
No, mine is a more mundane belief.
Wednesday's the third day of the week and it has been good and bad luck with my personal life experiences due to births and deaths. Now take the number three (3), quite a lovely nice quality number and for some strange reason I have always had a fondness for threes!
Thirty-three I had worn when I had been chosen for something in my childhood in a contest at school.
Threes always seemed just right, not a one, or a two, but a three, ya know?
No sense to that way of thinking, but quite lovely, you, me and we, see 3.
Although, a song goes that number one is the loneliest number, and most everyone does agree, see?
Something to think about, hmm?
Numbers, what would we be without, without them, no clocks with telling us the time daily 24/7 or calendars with days of the month, or overtime working, dates of occasions are all numbers, truly numbers are intense and if for some unknown reason they would all disappear tomorrow what we as a civilization do?
See numbers very nearly make the world go round, hmm?
Fascinating, never really gave it much thought being numbers obsessed, but in reality we all are, weights and measures too, let's not forget how important they are, truly!
Try to get through a day without them.
Mathematics may be the truest science of numbers and their uses and fixations by academics and geniuses, but even us commoners of slightly above or average intellect use them, and so we must not abuse them, ha!
This was fun for me, for you too?
Maybe a game could be created for children using numbers or asking how we do? Use them that is.
Our sons were brilliant in their math skills and we played cards with them from the time they were so small, toddlers really, and Hubby played chess with them from an early age, five I believe, could have been three, probably that luscious number again. And most children by that age have learned the difference between bad and good, right from wrong. And after pre-school kindergarten teaches so many other skills, and that book all I ever learned about life I was taught in kindergarten, or some such thing has proven to be quite accurate? The same could be said by the many precocious kids in pre-school like ours.
Amazingly, adults forget that the earlier you start with making learning a game for those children of yours, therefore fun, the children do not realize that they are absorbing all that knowledge, and consider it is just a wonderful time spent with mommy and daddy, and then curiosity is born from that!
Nice parent child bonding times too.
Monopoly, a game for all ages was based on acquiring properties and money, more numbers!
Ask your little ones as you play those nontech games, board games to think of some more that they might like that are people interactive not alone techno machine active!
Go unplugged!
Just more thoughts from someone who has way too much time on their hands!

We closed on the boat this afternoon and tomorrow morning she will be delivered and then we will be splashing the Miss "T" 2! Name will be put on by the dealership after twenty hours of use, good thing this time not thirty-three(33), ha!

Happy night to all and please share all those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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