Made in America this Bennington pontoon boat that arrived this morning...

The Bimini ten foot top is down now due to the above rails, although it has come with a mooring cover as well as an engine cover too! Actually, two fire extinguishers, and new flares ( we do have old ones), it came with everything, anchor, lines, Coast Guard package, more vests style life jackets, we have accumulated more than twenty of just those over the years, we should donate some, even the rest of the Coast Guard package has so many great things, it came with even a soft side cooler that matches the subtle décor of black and tan! The floor is that pebbly looking fiberglass material, tan with black flecks. The actual people capacity is eight, the salon seating has stowage below, and there are two live wells, and four fishing seats, (2) bow, front, and (2) aft, rear, for fishing purposes.  

 The dressing/head, really potti room Hubby has already been set up with a Pelican case with paper and hand cleaner inside, as well as potti on its pedestal, TMI? It is located just behind the salon seating with table. The fishing seats are easily removed for me to attain more room for maneuverability. Hubby brought her around after the splash down that was an hour earlier at nine instead of ten A.M. from the Beach Complex, oddly enough Hubby reported there was no wait to get her in. JR from Ingman's Marine, we had bought our other boat from them way back in 2003, the one we just traded in, so that is why we bought her there again, great customers every fourteen years, ha, and so JR from Arcadia, not Dallas, picked up Hubby with her, the boat, and he put her in there for us... Same process for her twenty hour check up/oil change, and all those little missing things like her name and registration numbers curtain for dressing room, but our bill of sale is enough until then, so we have copied it for onboard. We decided to forgo the trailer for now, we know where we can get one later on, less expensive, but in truth we rarely took our other boat many places all those years, and we are fully insured for replacement cost and towing, in case of really bad weather like our up coming hurricane season yearly! We even had boat insurance on our older one that we just traded in for that very reason with towing. While Hubby was busy getting her ready and determining what we needed onboard and what we did not I prepared our food.

Although, due to the very warm weather in the nineties we determined that I would be best to go on her maiden voyage for a sunset cruise when the temperatures will be ten degrees cooler or more. And so dinner has been eaten inside this evening, and I am still on my usual time slot for posting.

The blue hard cooler peeking out from behind one of the fishing chairs is for me to cool off in and if I should try an earlier ride it will be filled with iced water to help with that, keeping me cooled down! Oh, at the age of sixty-five on up in Florida you no longer need a fishing license, just proof of age, drivers licenses will do! Who knows while watching those sunsets over the next few weeks, months years perhaps we will drop in a line or two or more and catch some dinners, like we used to! Now something more energetic for me to look forward to, YAY!

On this note of having something very nice to look forward to, daily, share those blessings and we will share ours too!

All aboard! Well, not all, but six of you!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Tomorrow night I will be posting the cruise pics, okay!
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