Swelling, Cruising, and Gilding!

Horrifically Hubby was stung by three wasps while unrolling the hose down on the dock! His right hand and arm eventually, in spite of Benadryl and icing them swelled up nastily! The out dated medication that Hubby took twice four hours apart was not strong enough to work, and I had said that. We had no other one in the house, and so Hubby after taking the outdated one, that was up in 8/2016, he went out just before ten last night when we got back from our cruising and picked up some new. We only keep the stuff for allergic reactions and of course when you do that thankfully you don't use something that often and it will go out of date.
We had even called a pharmacy who had a pharmacist working 24/7, Walgreen's in Cape Coral Florida, and he assured us it couldn't hurt Hubby, but that it would not do too much to help him either. Darn I do not drive anymore due to my condition and for the safety of others! It is times like these that I regret not having that in my repertoire of abilities anymore. Any-who, Hubby picked up a new batch and took two more at ten P.M., this
box is now good till 2020! In the interim I worried so I thought that he should go to the ER, he only agreed to talk to them, and our call for the local ER was rerouted to Tennessee! A wonderful nurse there checked and said our Emergency Room had only a four minute wait and agreed with me that he should go, since his hereditary high blood pressure was a bit high for someone on meds for that at 164/ 85, but Hubby suggested to wait to see if it went down after he took his scheduled blood pressure medication and thankfully it had but the swelling was still significant. We both stayed up until two A.M. for his next dose that was again two pills 50mg. in total each time. Since the first two dosing did nothing and he was still very swollen we continued with the two pill dosing for the ten and two O'clock ones, and the choice was 4 to 6 hours apart, but he stayed home and would not go, so between the icing in fifteen minute intervals, we had been doing longer until the nurse suggested only fifteen minutes... anyway the lump on his arm finally diminished, but his hand was still slightly swollen! And yes he has continued to take the Benadryl, but farther apart and only one, since now the swelling has finally gone down! YAY!   

We did go out in spite of all that! Here are those PICS in the order of our leaving our dock to the harbor, as you can see we were leaving just when the sun was beginning to set. Our on water neighborhood is pretty spectacular!(Anyone wondering why our landline seems to be missing its phone? Behind Hubby's arm in the pic. Well, we usually keep it along with our cell phones in the living room, since our recliners are motorized and take a while to go down to get out of them to go get the phone! We do have two cordless the other is in the bedroom on my night stand, and Hubby has the old fashioned phone that is wired. During our direct hit hurricane the cell towers were all down and so the only phone that worked was the wired ones, the cordless ones did not work either!)

Hubby chilling in spite of his injury!

The PICS you are seeing below now are me bored and trying to find something creative to do, so I took my previously painted galvanized can that I had painted years ago, true blue with apple green trim, and decided to update it with the new metallic trend hitting the decorating world. And what better way than doing a small object in a room to test drive the concept? The items you see below are what I used to make my stencils for my gilding of the utensils holder that I used the metallic copper acrylic paint the same one that I did Goldie the Gator's eyes with, and the same metallic gold I used for the rest of her was used on my two stencils; that is all that would fit, and the rim and arms too were gilded also. Now we can live with this new look and see if we like it, if not I always have the option of repainting it! And isn't that what makes it oh so fun!? 

A lot of stuff to endure, forgive my verbosity, and have a very happy goodnight and share all those blessings and we will too!
And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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