Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dear diary:

Good evening once again!
My day started early before six A.M. I think it was 5:52 A.M. to be exact, and my walker was right where I left it alongside of my bed and in the dark I found it and played bumper cars to the bathroom trying hard not to disturb Hubby or Skipper our Bichon who shares our king size bed as all who came before him did as well. He does so enjoy sleeping in with Hubby; sometimes they are so alike it’s scary!
I took care of my toiletries.
Then moved on to the hub and heartbeat of our home to turn on the kitchen light and so I found my way fairly easily to the coffee pot, rinsed my cup, which I took from the counter and added in my ‘Sweet Thing’ artificial sweetener packet to my empty beige ceramic Barnies coffee mug and then poured in the tepid coffee and lifted it reaching high into the microwave to open that and then placed my cup inside on the glass turntable careful not to spill or drop it and then closed the door and push what I am pretty sure by the positioning to be the minute button.
Yep, it was.
I took my ride down the ramp to the sunroom that was totally dark due to the sun not up yet and no lighting and the computer in its sleep mode, happy to see that it was working once again.
Feeling for and jiggling the mouse on its pad, wow twenty or thirty years ago think how strange that would have sounded; any-who the screen lighted up and I was surprised to see that I had fourteen emails overnight, although a lot; not beating my all time record which eludes me now but perhaps it will come to me later. Happily within the mass of confirmations of friends and some with messages was what I was looking for our electronic deposit of Hubby’s pension check, whoopee now I can pay more than half our bills online leaving us with a balance that will begin my savings again, his ssi comes in tomorrow for the rest and groceries with that, but after I get this mess down to a manageable level of all done.
My messages are mostly from Facebook and it is my doing for all those requests to become friends and so here I go confirming them all. Some are just sweet messages that do deserve answers which I do, as well as anyone celebrating a birthday today only two and I send them their happy birthdays which have become part of my morning ritual also. Some times I mix it up with wishing everyone a happy day first or vice versa.
Once all my niceties are out of the way I leave my FB page and go on to my bank to use the bill pay, and feel good that seven of my monthly bills will now be taken care of, especially the household ones.
Then briefly there is a hush that comes over me of quietness of non moving fingers wiggle with nothing to do, alas...
I realized at this point after eight I hadn’t eaten any breakfast yet and I must eat in order to take several of my morning pills and so although we had eggs and cereal left I took out the caned salmon that I made up with lemon juice light mayo and dill and onions just yesterday and toasted up some multi grain and sliced some tomato and yes a dill pickle to accompany the delish odd breakfast of mine. Once I consumed my strange but very tasty morsels I got out my meds and sloshed them down with my bottled water since my one cup of coffee was done and gone. I had even forgotten to turn on the TV, Hubby turned it on to the Today Show and I had forgotten their yearly wedding was on today, the couple was beautiful but I was more interested where had been chosen for their honeymoon, it was some island in the Caribbean I do believe I get distracted easily these days.

But not for long since Hubby’s up and Skipper as well but also because people are responding to my posts usually from my happy morning but lately from the ones I repost from my emails from CNN.
They are sometimes quite exciting and very interesting, and always share-worthy due to my lack of concern for accuracy; at least I do believe that to be so of such an upstanding news source; though we all know that information is only as legit as its sources. Then I started receiving odd job offers… and I was mystified by these and then my light bulb went off; not dissimilar to those cartoon characters bubbles over their heads, although no one else could see my metaphoric imaginary one.
Last night’s Blog said I had no income, well little did I realize how that experiment with tongue in cheek poetic license would cause the barrage of job offers for working at home to employment agencies, gosh who knew those jobs were out there, I’m amazed!
I only wish I felt confident enough to pass them on, but I didn’t and deleted each and everyone of them!
The clock is showing nearly a quarter to ten by now and I have to be out of my shower in time for… when I have to administer my Copaxone shot in my left thigh today, while he’s on.

Oh that’s right, him? … Nate is on at ten and I do so try to watch him, he gave a design test and surprise I am a spilt personality design person, before you all knowing peeps say of course you are; it actually means I like what used to be called eclectic, or combination of decorating ideas, then the View is on and after that the NBC news at noon.

Lunch was shared with Hubby, a clean out the leftovers drawer, three hotdogs we had left and a couple of handfuls of freezer fries, shame on us with all those nitrates and fat!

After lunch I switch it up to Judge Jean Pirro on channel 38 that Hubby even has been known to watch, its sort of a controlled Jerry Springer group of the plaintive and defendant that enters her courtroom, but fascinating so different from what we actually know thankfully and dare I say somewhat entertaining.
Hubby leaves after that since the programming has gone on to the chick show genre with One Life to Live followed by General Hospital and then Oprah as the afternoon topper and back to NBC news for five o’clock although it does start at four opposite Oprah!
Tonight was Hubby’s turn for dinner and he chose to bake our Tilapia, healthy again, although with twice baked potatoes with cheese and a salad, another healthy choice.
After dishes were done I came here to write to you my ‘dear diary’ for that is what this actually is.

And so if you are my current voyeurs checking up on my daily dos and don’ts and so goes the day of a shut-in, boring to you I bet… or un-stressful to some, and so I will wish you all very pleasant happy good night and ask you to count those blessings and share those overages and we will too!

And next time be here or be square, OK?

PS Due to the confusion of the NO Salary mentioned last night I found the devil in me telling one of the well respected merchants on Facebook that I didn’t need to go to his marketing seminar to make a bundle since I am currently a kept woman and retired due to that! LOL, Hubby and the man enjoyed it; so no harm no foul.

PSS Good night dear diary to you too!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

If you haven't heard of them are they not there, huh?

Hubby said something to that affect, rather interesting while watching the evening NBC-2 news out of Fort Myers Florida just a few minutes ago. I thought I would be nice and give them a plug, who knows why other than them being decent people, and also that I friended many of their news and weather people on my Facebook account, so howdy peeps! It appears that we have another person in the political race in our state that hasn’t been running his ads so much on this the left coast!
But to be honest we should have a score card with the candidates seemingly coming out of nowhere?
Then if you listen to all the negativity you feel like you just want to pull out your hair.
It’s gotten so bad Hubby has taken to muting their commercials when they are on.
Counter productive, but when you think about them NOT telling us what they will be doing only attacking their opponents I wonder if he is so wrong.
Let’s face it once this election is over we will all be happier Floridians for perhaps a day or two.
You see, Hubby and many of us feel that because of all the muck raking we have no clear cut contender for any of the jobs at stake, and that includes our governor’s race.
And we are not alone, many have written to our local paper and I have even voiced the concept of a line for ‘none of the above’ or at the very least a write in candidate!
Even though I don’t have the energy or the stamina to run I at this point would throw my own hat into the ring! LOL, and that’s real bad!
I have very little knowledge on how to run a state or any government on any level, but even though I tend to be honest in my opinions I very rarely speak so viciously of even my enemies; which should be considered a good thing!

The other thing is I would work for cheap since anything would be more than what I am making now which is nil, nada, bupkis, nothing, zilch, zero, and since many become jaded by their bigger than life incomes this could be a good thing relating to our populous on a more realistic basis.
You do know they, our congress, went off and left the rich without those additional taxes today, even the liberal Democrats helped, and do you know why that was? Hey Republicans you have gotten them on your side, wow what a feeling!
Since I think that they all or I bet most make that 250 K or more that would be under the new tax adjustment, huh what do the rest of you think is the reason?
I think I hit the nail on the head! (For you kids that means that I got it right.)
Shame on congress! (You try to figure out their site, since I gave up! Just copy and paste:
I think they did that on purpose but I am not that smart.
And that could be the problem with most of this political stuff, neither are they.
All I want is for my friends to find the jobs they want and need, and their homes NOT to be foreclosed on anymore, health care to really be affordable for everyone, and a chicken in every pot! Oh sorry folks, I was on a roll….
But wasn’t that the cry or promise with the last depression?
We seriously need to put people to work and to fire everyone in Washington D.C. or at least cut those salaries where they could relate to the rest of us, and make it hurt them too. So they don’t get away with all the breaks and the so-called middle class get what they so rightfully deserve; a real and true break, not a heart break! TA DA!

And STOP BLAMING THE PRESIDENT, when every single day the people in the house and the senate make his promises not come true due to their voting against him or holding up their votes or letting the proposals go into oblivion from stagnating way too long!

WHEW! That felt good!

On that note of telling you all my feelings that I usually keep under wrap, ha!
I shouldn’t lie like that, and that was a bold face one, so sorry folks!
Any-who, I want to, wish you all a very happy good night and to ask you all to count those blessings and share those overages and we will too!

So next time be here or be square, OK?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Life's tallies...

1,176 is just an abstract number to most people, unless it is dollars or a population, or amount of work or school days, or a counting down to an important date or a date or a tally of Facebook friends, which for me that is just what it is, amazing and thank you all!

Now that that is out of the way, let’s discuss something important…

Life and how we see it…

It could be considered a benign discussion or fascinating, titillating, graphic and detailed, boring or humbling or traumatic or frightening or repetitive or blossoming or creative or stagnant or ever changing and on and on… huh?

Perception is how we see it in the bigger picture of things, and where we stand in that massive world order or perhaps just a snippet, a portrait of it all…

Are we flamboyant and change worthy or meek and mild on keeping to ourselves without divulging our unselfish ideas and opinions; it is our choice and many make it at birth, right?
Quiet resolve is overstated and way too uncommon, we by the nature of the human animal do roar, and we definitely do love to!

Dullness is sad and boring, don’t you think?

Complexity is what makes life appealing, don’t you think as well for the alternative?

Simplicity is only after we explain our thoughts.
It has been determined that we here in America have much to offer the world, but that we should not be too arrogant to also realize how much we can learn from the rest of the world too!

Our lack of ability to educate our children to their full potential has been explored and sadly we now realize that is our biggest downfall as a wealthy civilized nation.

But identifying the problem and attacking it is to our plus, and so we have begun the process.

No harm no foul when you understand your weaknesses too as a person; not just as a nation, and work hard to improve them.
Any musician will tell you the way to get to Carnegie Hall is to practice, practice, practice, so the old joke goes…But it is true, and so we all have to re-evaluate ourselves periodically and then practice what we preach my dear friends, me of course included in that.

You see, I want so much to be a professional writer and so I write this daily and it is my practicing for me, so far I am still an amateur, but I have high hopes…

After all I have only been writing for my enjoyment… for let’s see, since I was twelve and I am sixty now so… that makes, what?
Help me?
A number I am thinking of…is 48 years; that’s it!
Should I give up?
Well, to be honest I didn’t write consistently all those years there were some gaps for years and years…busy with other things…

I did entertain my sons with funny poems when they were small, and then there were those radio commercials I wrote for our sprinkler business and then letters to the editors for years and years, a few scripts for those fashions shows for all those non-profit fundraisers, and then helping Hubby with his newsletter he wrote for a couple of years for north county here, a couple of by-lines in the paper, and my five murder mystery novellas that are still waiting for severe editing…yep and then there is this Blog for the last two and nearly one half years, not forgetting the writer’s group I belonged to for a few years and my creative writing workshop I took and wrote many things for… and that page in that book I did get published in for no money again…but then I must continue to practice, since no funds yet to prove this is not just for the fun of it! May I cry, because that’s what I think I might do… and you do know that first attempt was a play in seventh grade that I got an ‘A’ on, not to mention my reports of note in journalism class in college! Darn this is hard, and I wish I knew what I am not doing right? Because that is what it all boils down to not just practice but some luck too…sure I could self publish but I don’t have the funds and to me that means I wasn’t good enough for a real pay-you publisher. Some may take issue with that, but sorry that was how I was raised, you don’t pay for something that you’re good at they should offer to pay for it, got that?

So I guess I was wrong again… it’s not just practice to succeed that makes your dreams come true, sometimes it is just dumb luck!

On that contrary opinionated reasoning I will wish you all a very happy good night and to all suggest to count those blessings and share those overages and we will too!

And next time be here or be square, OK?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Blog envy...

I never ever thought that I would become competitive again in life, since I am in the last quarter.
Yep, that’s right, if you count in twenty year intervals with wiggle room of a few additional years, and then you would have what I hope for and that is living past eighty, which none of my parents or my half brother did!
Anywho…I would be amiss if I did not mention a Blog on this Blog Spot that has made me cry, giggle and reminisce and moved me to all sorts of strange thoughts and emotions all this from a Facebook friend’s Blog; powerful highly recommend it to all!
MS Music and Me:

I am not what anyone would call a ‘Blogger Maven’ quite yet but this is one anyone who wants current great information on MS methods, procedures and wants a walk down memory lane of Broadway shows that I have a personal knowledge of living in basically an actors and dancers musicians neighborhood growing up outside of Manhattan, NYC and getting to go to most all the shows as a child or at the very least to Radio City on every holiday!
This gal was a performer I suspect but she never says if it’s off Broadway or on.
I personally had the privilege of being able to take advantage of all that talent in the neighborhood with dance, piano and singing lessons, and I had a brief encounter as Peter in Peter Pan at camp, but we won the pennant that week, not to mention all those recitals, and a small part in an off Broadway children’s company, called Thunderbird Teen Corporation out of Ridgewood NJ, where I was in the cast of Bye Bye Birdie! I also sang at my Dad’s place of business too, and was in school choir for many years.
Her memories brought back many of mine too, commonalties, yep we all got them and we touch on them that’s good writing…hmm...

But the bottom line is I can’t change me.
I am who I am…
And boy sometimes I am definitely not happy with whom I have evolved into, but at least I am honest with those feelings.
The world is big enough to fit all personas.
Some though may be wondering why I have changed the name of my Blog for the very first time tonight.
Well, to be honest until I heard it was the number one Beatle song ever, and that made me gush internally thinking because when I chose A Day in The Life it was not for that grand a reason, it was much more simplistic to tell you about a chronological day in my life. And personally, don’t tell anyone, I didn’t even remember the song, shame on me, or the lyrics, which I finally got around to reading, would you believe today and to tell you all the truth I was not at all happy with what they said!
And thus the name change.
‘Perpetuity’, for those who don’t know which I am sure is few and far between is usually “a legal estate term for an annuity payable forever or eternity or the quality of the state of the condition of an estate limited so that it will not take effect or vest within the period fixed by law.” Thanks again to Webster Dictionary.
Not that I will be living to eternity but like so many things in life that live on after us that is what this Blog means to me; my legacy to my family, a bit of my heart soul and attitude for all to see now or when I am gone.
Nah, how many of you out there have a favorite item from a loved one?
Be it jewelry, clothing pictures or what have you?
This is my 21st Century, sounds like a real-estate firms, concept of that trinket left with love and understanding that we all need one another and the one thing that no one can deny is that simple as that friends... but most would say not words but time and true concern and contact is what we all need.
Visit a shut in and let them know you really care in person.
Words are great but time given out with generosity and physically being there shouts volumes!
Be sure to know that I love you all as you are and so don’t change a thing for me, be you!

On that sappy ending, but honest ending to my tonight’s Blog please count those blessings and share your overages, and have a very happy good night and we will too!

And next time be here or be square, OK?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Days and Nights?

Everyday I try and start it with telling my Facebook friends to have a happy day, and my Blog readers a happy night.
It is my idea of subliminal brainwashing.
Well, in reality I suppose that is not subliminal, since to be subliminal it would have to be either: “inadequate to produce a sensation or a perception or existing below the threshold of consciousness.” Thanks to Webster Dictionary for that.
And you are all conscious of what you are doing most always, right? LOL
Besides saying it like I do is actually in your face blatant, correct? Yes, you will agree!

Nothing is wrong with wishing positive things to people who you care about?
Being once a member of the ‘rat race’, as we so euphemistically used to call it, and so starting your day with pleasantries can’t hurt? Or ending your day either.
In reality we all want the world to be a better place for all, and so why not?

And so when I reviewed my Blog’s readership by stats it amazed me how many different countries I was actually going into with my words.
Ten is the number of countries that read my Blog! (USA, Switzerland, Malta, France, China, New Zealand, Latvia, Canada, Denmark and the UK, wow!)

Overwhelmed with just that concept of reaching so many!
And with that goes some responsibility, correct?
Honesty has always been the depth of my reasoning for this forum.
Perhaps I should also be more… happy or I don’t know what; in my opinion it would seem slightly dishonest to try too hard for that when I believe in realism.
Nah, what was I thinking, I am too honest to not tell what I really think.
And so please dear international friends believe me when I say I am not a typical American sixty year old, many are much more able, happier, have families that see them regularly, and some are doing a lot of their living on their own without a spouse and fulltime jobs and gym memberships.
I am a minority in the bigger picture of things.
That is not to say don’t read this Blog because by all means do, and please tell a friend to also.
But it would be dishonest of me to not say that many are in many different ways in their complexes of thinking and are not as prolific in displaying their opinions nightly as I am.
Enough said.
Anywho, as we Americans do like to say… ‘Life goes on’…
And we like to ‘go with the flow’.

Moving on…
Days come and go and everyone we know in this world enjoys life at times and then sometimes something changes that enjoyment into misery.
Happily things can change back.
Time is sometimes the only thing that makes that happen but others in different situations, as human beings, we have to make that effort to do that changing for ourselves.
Like now with the whole world in an economic decline that has affected all of us on the planet, wow, we have a major commonalty that nobody wanted.
Every walk of life has been affected but how we go about changing things is as individual as the six billion on the planet or as united as a good marriage, or as singular as your own ability.
Being unique is what we like to think of our selves when referred to by others; no one wants to be considered identical to one another, not even twins.
Although, when we admire someone we would then consider that comparison quite a compliment, how wonderful?
Is that way of thinking universal?
I wouldn’t know since I have only lived in one country although I have traveled to many.
That question never came up in my journeys.
Logically I would think it wouldn’t be an insult, unless compared to not a nice person, but then it wouldn’t be someone you admire, right?
Circles, I am now going in circles, which is not beneficial in problem solving unless your outcome is different, but then it would not be a complete circle.

Leaving you with that conundrum I will wish you all a very happy night and suggest counting those blessings and sharing those overages and we will too!

And so be here or be square next time, OK?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bio, Blog and Advertising...

Most think that the people they associate with know them.
I suppose that is an assumption that we really shouldn’t make in life unless absolutely sure, and we all know what assume means… correct? (Wink, wink…)
If not let me refresh all your memories: making an ass of you and me. (I just cringed for using that word (ass); will I ever grow up and get over that? Who knows…?)
With that said I thought my nightly divulgence of my entire life and how I think about things was simple and concise enough to allow for a full blown entrance into what makes me tick!
I have written a bio that I felt was a good synopsis of me, and it can be found on my profile page on Facebook.
And anyone who wants to know how I am can tune in nightly here, so logically I thought I covered all the bases?
But not so since I received an email from a lovely older friend of mine who questioned me about what I have been up to just today; did I realize I could be so wrong to assume that!
I don’t know why but I get a wee bit tense when asked or people suggest that I am well enough to do this or that.
Invitations to all sorts of things come in daily about going here or there or doing something physical that I no longer am able to do and it frustrates me and I want to yell at these people and say; didn’t you read my bio?

A few people have destroyed my legitimacy with my Multiple Sclerosis since for some unheard of reason they have been able to minimize their inabilities to continue in their own lives like its no big deal with having MS. There are people who do not have severe cases of MS or mild Relapsing Remitting and they are a rarity but when they get media coverage like one of the last political candidate’s wives having it and she appeared just fine and was quite able bodied. I wonder why that is? Has she found medication that the rest of us non-billionaire spouses or others with MS do not have access to? Yep, I bet now you recall to whom I am referring.
She shocked me too, but I do wish her well and to continue with her unabashed wellness.
Most of us are not so lucky medicated or not.
One great thing about being on the computer Internet and Facebook is finding people that you can relate to with similar experiences, and this thing called Facebook has an amazing MS community that I have slowly cultivated and immersed myself into.
We support one another with our physical complaints commiserating; access to new procedures and medications and just with atta girls or boys; what have you?
Friendships logically should come from so much intertwining of understanding where the Non-MS Community has failed to get us, but we get one another and patience is exuded by many but in reality not all, since some are in denial still and don’t want to discuss it.
Is that not true of many diseases or disorders?
The best way to understand anyone you care about with any chronic ill is by finding out as much as you can about it.
I know it may seem unfair but I have been judging a few of my so-called friends by testing their knowledge of MS, and recently mentioned that it was a neurological disease that affect the nerves, myelin sheath in the brain and spinal cord, and when they looked at me like I was talking gibberish then I secretly felt my heart sink thinking they really didn’t know a thing about me…
Not that I am my illness but at least try and understand what I am going through; I know I have done that with my friends and their ills!
Unfortunately my MS is all too much consuming of me though to be honest my day does not go smoothly because I have it and it constantly reminds me it is there, not like other ills.
Today I fell off my bath chair and that was quite awful and painful, but then my body went very numb and I had to get into bed for most of the day that spoke volumes of how my day is from chair to chair and when really bad to bed. Not just some days every day!
The worst is when the arms don’t work and my little puppy Skipper only fifteen pounds wants to join me on the bed, and I can’t help him up because it’s too painful. Dizziness is rampant too, which makes using the walker even difficult, especially when legs and arms are in pain or just plain numb not to mention the fact that only one eye is still working and the other has yet to come back!

Life can be boring on a good day and miserable on a not so good one, so visit me!
My daily shots are a high point of my day!

IDIOM DAY (Beating my dead horse day), once again folks or broken record day, which is also an idiom I suspect, but not having been an English major I am not quite sure, but you can look that up, right?

Leaving you with homework, oh, also may I recommend going to many legit MS sites: just copy and pastes:
Who knows you may become an aficionado of what ails me?

On that self serving divisive idea I will wish you all a very happy night and ask you politely to count those blessings and any overages to share, and we will too!

And be here next time or be square, OK?

Friday, September 24, 2010

Partial mystery solved and a concept a long time coming...

Any of you remember the young man that Hubby nicknamed, ‘Walkie Talkie’?
He’s the fellow that had become a staple in our neighborhood walking our circular block several times a day. Anywho… Hubby’s old deputy buddy stopped by a while a go and so Hubby mentioned the young fellow to his old cop chum. And today he stopped by while Hubby was on his riding lawn mower out front cutting our lawn and told Hubby about the kid.
It turns out that ‘Walkie Talkie’, does have a name but both men could not remember it and that really doesn’t matter what does is to know that he is not homeless. The young fellow lives with his Mom around the corner from us, and he is heavily medicated due to being mentally ill and his psychiatrist had told him when he became anxious to go for a walk, and so I guess he is anxious often. In the long run though it was determined that he was basically harmless. The deputy was invited into their home and told that he could examine whatever he wanted to, and he found only the prescribed medication.
Let’s put it this way…If I had been outside, at the time I would have been more detailed in acquiring the information about the young man, you all know about nosey me.

New topic…
The other thing that has boggled my mind for years and years is teachers with tenure.

“The act, right, manner, or term of holding something (as a landed property, a position, or an office) especiallya status granted after a trial period to a teacher that gives protection from summary dismissal.” Thanks to Webster’s Dictionary Definition.

I knew when my sons were students back in the late 1970’s and during the 1980’s that it had gotten out of hand when one of the teachers hurt my six year old child’s feelings so bad by calling him stupid he wasn’t able to sleep at night for weeks and when I told the principal of his elementary school and the response was a cold one that their hands were tied since that teacher had ‘tenure’!
I complained regularly whenever I saw or was told about injustices in our schools and even was on top of that bully thing way back then; our sons were popular in spite of what many may think about that with many friends we had over often. And both did very well in school and are college grads today, so no harm no foul. I think parents are as intimidated as some of their children are made to feel, but may I suggest, don’t be, they need your smart loving intervention at times. Or get them out of that class or school even move if you have to; remember your child comes first!

Now, this week we have a new movie, “Waiting for Superman”, which if I understand correctly is all about that and how our American schools and children are failing due to not enough parental, teacher and student support of each other. We are down to ninth in the world for students graduating from high school. And how too many bad teachers have gotten away with continuing to do their best to undermine the success of the students for their personal gain of not being able to lose their jobs due to tenure or due to falling through the cracks by intimidation of others or whatever. And that some city school systems feel that their hands are tied in respect to hiring better teachers! Well, I am happy to say the film addresses all of this and more, hallelujah, and it’s about time I say!
May I suggest all parents and grandparents go to see it even if your child goes to a ‘good school’, it is a documentary style 'true' movie; Here’s the link to the New York Magazine‘s article on the story: copy and paste:

As I said my sons were students in decades that have past and also so far I have no grandchildren, believe me if I had any say in that I would have had them years ago! LOL!
But even so I do believe awareness and some shame goes along with this reality of our failing school systems.
And we as taxpayers and voters should be made more aware of what is what and try our darndest to do whatever we can about this obscenity in our public education system!
Ninth, we were at one time first in the world in education.
Sadly, with as poorly as we think we are doing economically this is even more shameful when we let our children down. What can we do about it? I hear you all yelling!
Well, first of all…see if you have a neighbor in need of your help and start there, then we can volunteer to help parents who are overwhelmed with too much this or that, or perhaps too little. Sometimes parents need a break, and teachers do too.
When I first moved to this state our sons were ten and fourteen years old and they had a program in the schools called VIP which is an acronym for Volunteers in the public schools and so I got involved. There are programs all over the country for parents to get involved on their day off from work or even after school, just ask.
You all remember the controversial comment which for some became a mantra; ‘it takes a village”, quote from our Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. Well, I don’t know who agreed or not, but she was right when it comes to our schools and children we all should feel the need to pitch in.
Let’s put it to you this way… a well educated child rarely if ever ends up in jail or on welfare.
And so if we put the time in to these young men and women our lives not only theirs will be that much better for it if you want to go the selfish route, but I say whatever works!

Who doesn’t want a better world with more people involved in contributing to its success!

On that happy note and Mark Zuckerberg’s who is the CEO and founder of Facebook and was responsible for his generous donation of 100 million to Newark New Jersey’s school system for them to fix their schools where their children now only 50% graduate and so I will wish you all a happy good night and to all suggest counting those blessings and perhaps share some, and we will too!

Next time be here or be square, OK?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Scream, laugh, live, love and be...

Whatever you damn (excuse my language) well want to do or be, let’s face it how many of you actually ask for and listen to others opinions on what you should do about this or that?

I know this again will catch up with me but I really have to laugh since so many out there keep telling all of us how to think and what to do and literally how to breathe, eat and disengage or dispose of our bodily functions. Economically they are taking advantage of all our insecurities in my opinion. Anyone remember having common sense?

And if they have a title before or after their name we think they are all knowing and we follow the likes of these ‘brilliant’ people like the sheep we can sadly become!

Scary! I too have been actually asked for my opinion on this topic or that; listen folks, I know nothing and I am NOT that smart; all I am, is very opinionated! And to be honest it is not that difficult and anyone can do it! LOL!

And we all know what opinions are worth and what they really mean…NOT-A-THING!

The best advice I can give to any grown human being is to think for themselves and trust themselves after all they have gotten this far in life, correct?

Why would anyone want another person’s opinion about them anyway, for self validation…hmm now we are getting somewhere…yes many of us including myself have experienced not having as much confidence in ourselves as much as we should have daily. A very wise man once told me if you have confidence you have everything!

And I took it one step further thinking that it could be the best gift a parent gives to a child; confidence in their self! There is a slight caveat here, since I truly believe there is a thin line between confidence and arrogance, so watch it! But that’s just my opinion and you all know what that is worth! LOL!

Sounds good to me the confidence concept, but you’re all smart and so you can figure out what’s best for your self and your family, and when they are grown they will let you know how that worked out for them, and hopefully think for them self too!

Funny how higher levels of learning used to be for being there to teach us all how to think for ourselves and then we get past high school and college or whatever and start to second guess ourselves and ask others…what should we do?
That my friends, boggles my mind and may I suggest it should also boggle yours too?
But take it under advisement since I am not that smart.
No titles here, before or after my name or maybe just importantly MRS. and MOM, but that’s it!
I do care about you all and what you do and why you do it.
A lot of you seem to not be sure either.
But that’s OK.
We are a world of flounder-ers (Tobi-ism) looking for our lot in life, some have found what that is and many are still looking.
When it gets down to it isn’t it that journey that makes life worth living?
Another non-solicited opinion of mine, I’ve got a million of them and so we are probably good for years to come… bud dup dum…

On that many words of no help to my readership what’s so ever I will wish you all a very happy night and to all count those blessings and we will too!

But only if you want to, remember we get one life and WE SHOULD BE THE ONES TO CALL ALL THE SHOTS ON OUR OWN LIVES; NOT SOME ONE ELSE!

And so as much as I want to say be here next time ya here; I do feel I would be ordering you to do something that should be your own decision! But I suppose I can ask, could you be here next time, please? Nah, that sounds too wimpy, let’s try this one, be here or be square, OK? LOL! YEP I like that one! C-O-N-F-I-D-E-N-C-E, got it, get it!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dear friends and family members...

We live in a depressed area of the country and I truly feel whether or not I was ill I would not be doing too much anyway!
For locally there is not much to do at this time of year.
Once the ‘Snowbirds’ arrive back the events people seem to organize more festive like happenings to go to.
Both Hubby and I cannot go too far distance wise in a vehicle without having major issues with our bodily parts, and yes, he is a disabled deputy, and so I am not alone in the reasoning of the whys.
I keep hearing from people who want me to live my life to the fullest and somehow I don’t want to think or maybe I should think they think I am just biding my time here and OMG waiting for the grim reaper?
Well, as you all know I do have those moments but they do pass! And the answer to such a ridiculous accusation is an infinite NO!
Far as access to the help I need I was a volunteer and trained to write grants, teach a class on self help and acquacize as well as a co-president of my support group, not to mention a board member, fund raiser and volunteer of the year! And I was fortunate to know all different organizations to contact if need be, since I used to help others do that!
Most training was along side the state health department and was considered CEU’s. (Continuing education credits)
I have been in physical therapy, occupational therapy and neuromuscular massage therapy fourteen different times over that many years!
I am seen professionally now every two months by my neurologist and I am on seven different types of prescription medications including my daily injections of Copaxone and my 60mg. of Baclofen for spasms related to the MS.
So far my IV infusions have not worked for my Optic Neuritis which I still have until my right eye sight comes back or not since it also has those annoying cataracts, three now most likely caused by the infusions!
According to the EDSS testing, I should be in an awful situation far as the Multiple Sclerosis goes since I fall into the 7.0 to 8.0 scale for their criteria, and as one of the other MS people on Facebook and this test says a score of 10 is dead. Let’s put it this way I know my limitations. Below is the link just copy and paste.

And so all things considering I guess I am doing pretty well, and I will always take all your good intentions under advisement, and thank you.

Anywho, I didn’t really want to go this route tonight… because it’s the idiom of beating the dead horse …AGAIN! So sorry folks!

But some times I suppose my readership needs a refresher course on Tobi’s ills? LOL!

Moving on…
Have any of you been watching the new show ‘The Nate Berkus Show’? He’s that cute decorator that used to appear on Oprah, well he has his own show now that comes in on my ABC Tampa Bay channel, great low cost ideas for changing up your homes furnishings, organizing, trash and treasure conversions, making the most of small spaces and the like. Tomorrow he is actually dumpster diving and creating useful things out of other people throw away junk! Cool show and economically cost effective, not to mention extremely creative and green! He loves to use color, which I am famous for adding in too, a pop here or there makes any room happier! (I did have a few semesters of interior design too)
In my opinion he’s a hit!

On that nice note of more positive ideas I will wish you a very happy night and to all count those blessings and we will too!

PS I do not do chain emails since when I did years ago I got yelled at by some who received them, and so if you send them I will not forward them, OK? I don’t forward many things since I know to whomever they go some get angry and so I do not do that anymore, just a policy I devised to make life less stressful for them and me!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Never mind...

I suppose an apology for being so annoying is in order.
Why? You politely ask me.
For me wasting so much time on trying to find the answer to a question that was so obvious and unfortunately known from the start of the journey, yes optic neuritis most likely was the cause for my fluctuated numbers on my blood work.
I did finally hear back from my Neuro today, apparently since so many neurologists have left the area due to our severe economic downturn that we supposedly don’t have,(but we are here and do know what’s what) she has been inundated with other doctors patients and so she calls back everyone eventually but not always on the same day.
Now why couldn’t her nurse tell me that?
Oh, well…

Anywho, moving on…
So much to talk about and so much time to do it, boy I am so lucky!
Everyone is rush, rush even on this thing, but not me oh nooooo, don’t have to be.
Today, I actually made up a crazy idea…to get rid of the days of the week without an individual moniker identity. It would cut the year by 104 days, but who’s counting anyway, not me! LOL
Monday has that thing they say about having a case of the Mondays, meaning returning to work I take it, right and not that happy to? Wednesday is nicknamed hump day, no, get your mind out of the gutter folks, it’s because it’s the mid-week hump to get over, and Friday has that international cutie, TGIF, Thank Goodness It’s Friday, and that is self explanatory, right … of course it is! But Tuesday and Thursday are no namers and rather dull, and so I suggested calling Tuesday Tantalizing Tuesday? Huh, what do you think? And Thursday, Thrusty Thursday! Now get that mind out of the gutter again and on to the dance floor, got it, alright maybe dirty dancing?
Although, I will allow your imagination to go wild…and encourage it...go on ahead you crazy kids!

A few updates are in order, our local weather expectant gal is looking very mommy-ish these days and is proud today at just nearly or close to her six month baby boy’s heading towards the possibility of becoming a running back, since he is growing that well!

If the economy is so good why then did a McDonald’s in Lee County that’s where Ft. Myers is folks and where our local news comes from, besides Tampa and Sarasota, yep we don’t have one here in this no Port of Charlotte… Where was I? Sorry I got a phone call from someone I called back in August for some help to find low cost IV infusions, would you believe? Oh that’s right I was telling you about the person who owns six McDonalds and who was looking for just twenty-four employees and two hundred applicants from every walk of life, realtors, white collar types, etc. just wanting to work at a job showed up! Boy, that TV Judge Pirro must be in her glory, she recommends the fast food restaurants for everyone who says that there aren’t any jobs out there!
Maybe up by her in the north but the south sadly has slim pickens.
One news story after another almost weekly telling us out here in the counties listening that the jobs are few and far between; our county has a 13.9% unemployment rate.

I heard one night that a company hiring just a few had nearly two thousand applicants for their offerings…
It’s a good thing that I am no longer looking, since being sixty and retired and sort of challenged an understatement. But the over fifty-five crowd anyway is the hardest to place in the working world since most companies politely tell you are over qualified instead of too old and also CYA themselves by saying that you would want to be paid too much for all that experience…not anymore friends, I bet!

Lousy excuse for not hiring people and illegal; I once hired an eighty-four year old, retired lawyer for a sales job and if he wasn’t so bad at it he would have been still working! To my good my best sales woman was a seventy-nine year old woman, retired Clairol hair color box model, wow what a personality!

On that positive note I will wish you all a very happy good night and to all count those blessings and we will too!

Monday, September 20, 2010

"Beating a dead horse" goes the expression....

An idiom meaning: To engage in pointless and repetitive discussion.
How many times a day does anyone of us do that?
Well, I may have done that, oh not with my Facebook friends at all, I have lots of fun speaking with them, but with trying to get to the bottom of all my questions about my blood work!

Interestingly, the medical person did call just after nine this morning, but foolishly I was in the shower. And yes, it was another nurse, a RN, not a doctor from Shared Solutions the support group for my Copaxone and so I asked her to call back in fifteen minutes since I was in the shower. Who knows if it was a doctor on the phone if I actually would have come out of the shower and not said anything?
And she very diligently did call back within my allotted time limit.
You see, although Hubby was here he’s not into anything medical except maybe giving me shots… I think there is something Freudian about that…hmm. LOL
And so all the online information that confused me on getting some real answers and was conflicting in the facts was what I saved in favorites for my proof of why I didn’t know exactly what might be going on with the highs and lows on that blood work, and yes in the end I did have other questions and so it was recommended I speak with my neurologist.
Got that?
Well, my question might have confused her too, since she insisted I speak with the pharmacist who would know for sure if my Copaxone had any affect that early on, ten days after starting it at the time of the blood work, back on July 26th; Copaxone was started on the 16th, but I know you knew that!
Here’s my time line July second or there about is when my right eye went blurry, and brilliant women here figured OK, another cataract since the left one had its gotten bad and had been surgical repaired last January, not too farfetched an assumption, huh?
Or maybe a case of optic neuritis, but many do go away on their own.
So not something to rush off to the doctor too soon and anyway I had a GP appointment within that month actually 20 days later to check out my shoulders and to see if they warranted further investigation by a dermatologist, and so I would ask him.
And he did examine my eye, and said that the cataract that he saw was not severe enough to cause my blurriness, and he was one that had me go for all that blood work on the 26th!
And said that my shoulder should be seen by the dermatologist but that wouldn’t be until the end of the month, he was booked up that’s summer in Florida!
He was right on both counts.
When they received my blood work back around the beginning of August I asked if they would fax it to my neurologist and mail one to me, you see I saw her on August 9th and they faxed it to her on the tenth, the next day.
My mail never provided me with a copy until last week when I remembered about it and how in the interim I had received many other requests from others and so on our way out to somewhere else we stopped by and Hubby went in to pick it up. I had to call ahead and remind them that they had forgotten!
But to be fair so had I.
And when I first looked closely at it I did notice that my CRP was high but I had no idea what that meant, and then I noticed that the lymphocytes were low and so was my NA, sodium, but that one I thought was good since I thought sodium was not good in your diet. Boy, was I dumb and about to learn a whole bunch of stuff better being taught in a microbiology class or some such thing.
It turns out that a high CRP can mean colon cancer, diabetes, or heart disease susceptibility, and low lymphocytes are seen in all sorts of autoimmune diseases besides Multiple Sclerosis, aplastic anemia, Hodgkin’s and other blood cancers, so far the low sodium I have not investigated. And the only thing that has kept me going is the fact that my neurologist has not felt the need or desire to call since she received this documentation on August 10th!
And the fact I will try and call her again tomorrow.
Since I called earlier after the Sure Solutions determined that their medication would not have that or any negative affect, but some how my doctor’s nurse did not give her the message for when I tried calling her office back it was already closed for the day.
I called the hospital that has the free ask the nurse question number, and they too said it was more than likely to being caused by the optic neuritis inflammation, which actually did make sense, but suggested I still call the doctor tomorrow.
PS my righty eye is still not among the working class; still in that darn recession that according to our latest polls we have been out of since June of 2009! LOL
But to be fair it is an eye, a part of a matched set, well it used to be, and retired in Florida, so we are not counted? LOL
As you all know I had the IV infusions the middle of August well after the blood work was taken, so it has no part in the equation, except for now causing three cataracts in righty eye along with the optic neuritis and severe dry eye I had for years, sadly that is the only treatment supposedly to cure optic neuritis.
Oh well, my saga will be continued here tomorrow night hopefully with some answers but who knows my next scheduled appointment with the neurologist IS next month!

Happy night to all and to all count those blessings and we will too!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bored, so I decided to surf the net...

Below is information that I gleaned from the Internet about low lymphocytes:

“As you correctly stated, lymphocytes (specifically, T-lymphocytes) can cross the blood brain barrier in MS. This process is called lymphocyte infiltration. The lymphocytes are believed to cause much of the damage (through an inflammatory process) to the myelin sheath (the fatty covering around nerves) of the brain and spinal cord that occurs in MS. If lymphocytes migrate to the brain, there would be less of them in the blood.

The lymphocytes are attracted to the blood brain barrier by special sticky molecules in one of the layers on the blood brain barrier. These sticky molecules stick to the lymphocytes that are passing though the blood. There are some medications (such as monoclonal antibodies; for example, Natalizumab) that are designed to decrease lymphocyte infiltration. They do this by preventing the lymphocytes from sticking to the sticky molecules in the blood brain barrier.”

Fascinating stuff, huh?
It turns out this Natalizumab is Tysabri, which is a monthly IV way of getting MS medication, it is the medication that two of the people I speak with on Facebook happen to be on for their MS, while I am Copaxone. It’s true mine is not supposed to have any other drug interaction and I am on many different types.

That was not too upsetting to me because it explained to me why on my most recent blood work that was possibly the reason why my lymphocytes were low, and since I recently received my test results I wanted to know, my Neuro appointment isn’t until next month. And since the exacerbation was my optic neuritis.
What I am a wee bit upset about is that a few people online claim that it could be my new medication, Copaxone that could be responsible, although many stated it happened after a few years but doctors disclaim this: copy and paste this: to see why I am so confused to see the laymen’s conversation:

In the interim I thought I would ask the people out there what they were taking and many were taking other things than what I was taking.
Actually, fortunately there are so many different meds out there now compared to what was out there back in the 1950’s and sixties when my aunt and uncle had Multiple Sclerosis it is refreshing to know we all have choices.
In other words if one doesn’t work, we can move on…I hope.

Besides I did call my support people at Shared Solutions and they will be having a doctor call me back tomorrow.
You know that when I first definitely was diagnosed with all my different types of arthritis I had to know all about them, and since my definite diagnosis with the MS it has been the same way, as we all know knowledge is power, hmm where did I hear that before? Of course; it was Sir Francis Bacon!

Moving on…If you have noticed more mistakes than I have had in a while for the last few weeks it is due to my grammar and spell check being temperamental.
But to be fair it does work on occasion.
Tonight it does appear to be on its best behavior and fixing my mistakes before they get too out of hand.

I am really pooped now since while writing tonight’s Blog all those fine peeps out in the MS community has been responding to my questions and I have been writing back to them.

On that note of polite communication skills by everyone! I will wish you all a very good night and to all count those blessings and we will too!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Trash to Treasure, Visual Arts Center, and home to watch a classic movie marathon...

Yes, we found the time, ha!

We had places to go today and all for free and yet we made it home before lunch!

The Cultural Center had their Trash to Treasure event in their Fountain Room, which did seem rather small.

The vendors were more a mix of the cleaning out the closet types than antique dealers, but we were looking anyway, since we do watch Antiques Road Show and one never knows does one?

And so the price range was not too dear, if you found that one item that you loved.

But we didn’t so we moved on to see if anything was going on over the bridge in River City AKA Punta Gorda.

We drove over to Fisherman’s Village and just by the lack of cars parked there we were pretty sure nothing significant was in the air or on the walkways.

But as we left we notice that The Visual Arts Center across the road had a pretty full parking lot, even still we did manage to find a handicapped space right in front!

It was teacher and student day, art teacher and art student day, and so we weren’t too sure what to expect but surprisingly the artwork and ceramic pieces that we saw was quite good.

You see, I did study History of Art in college in NYC and so part of our educational plan was to visit galleries and museums all over the city, and the other part was going on that trip to Europe where we visited seven countries which included stops at Versailles and Le Louvre, as well as Notre Dame in Paris.

If ever any of you Americans get a chance I highly recommend also seeing our own Hearst Castle in San Simeon California, which to me was more beautiful than even Versailles!

Any-who I am no professional art critique but I do know what I like when I see it, and there were many very interesting, not boring or un-attractive pieces the ones that had potential is what I saw.

Up front they also had prints and GliclĂ©e from more seasoned artists, and one caught both Hubby and my eyes a print of Fisherman’s Village before Hurricane Charley.

We have a water color from a famous artist named Stoy in our home bought in better times also from before the 2004 hurricane and so when we saw it we turned it over to see who the artist was, but it wasn’t him. It was a woman from Ft. Myers who just so happens to have MS as well.

Apparently, she had worked in advertising but when her Multiple Sclerosis got so bad she went on to her form of art that was so realistic it looked like a photogragh.

And so we copied her web site and email address for what reason I have no idea, since we have most walls already covered with artwork that we found over the many years.

I suppose that it was because she too had MS and that was interesting and although I am not a professional writer, that’s right I get no money for doing this, but I seem to lean towards that, the arts in my own interests and thought maybe that I might friend her on Facebook.

But her name is Peggy Starks and it is another very common one apparently, since Hubby put it in and came up with a few others.

Before we arrived home we found an outdoor farmer’s market just blocks away on the access road of the Tamiami Trail and so we stopped and Hubby picked up about two pounds of tomatoes and a couple of cucumbers all for five bucks, not too bad.

Tonight I am late writing this only because I am writing during commercials from the ION channels presentation of the Back to the Future Trilogy, and we are enjoying them.

Sorry, about my delay but that’s why!

And it is back on once again and now I believe this is done, and so happy night to all and to all count those blessings and we will too!

Be back here, ya hear, same place tomorrow night!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Do you know what I like?♫♫♫♫ Besides all music?

I like people writing to me from all over the world!
I have friends in all different countries, and I just answered a ‘message’ from one of them in New Zealand!
How cool is that?
From where I am in southwest Florida, she, my new FB friend is sixteen hours time difference away down under, and so it is going on ten A.M. there, tomorrow!
Yep, I think that’s right, right?

You know what else is so totally cool about all this is the fact that everyone has different religious and political views and all on this thing called, ‘Facebook’ we can all be friends, business partners or at the very least network and learn from one another.
It’s amazing don’t you think?

Oh I do believe my open mindedness has expanded just from being involved in the idea of allowing all types of people into my heart and soul of personal information.
Be it my personal bio, which is true, although in a few parts it is a wee bit silly!
Or the link I provide for everyone to read this Blog nightly that tells it all, don't you think?
I have proven that I am an open book with little or no secrets to speak of… and that’s no understatement!

I have asked, complained, cajoled, applauded and insulted others at my whim.
Sadly, I have created a forum for myself where I must learn to use more tact I suspect, but my same ole same ole excuse is that my filter is broken!
Truth can be a dirty word for some, especially when some believe it is slanted, but as we all know that is a matter of opinion, wow is that redundant or what?

The best part about writing a Blog is not having to answer to anyone but one’s self.
And if lucky enough to hear back from others with comments that either agree or refute what you may have said.

My followers on this alone are from a few states and countries, and amazingly all speak English too.

Sometimes I wonder why we here in America wait so long to teach foreign languages to our children. I was in eight grade before I was offered a smidgen of a language and it was Spanish, which I enjoyed, but when I started high school I wanted desperately to study French since my father had spoken it to me as a child since he had taken it, and no he was not French. And so I did take French but apparently my French teacher did not like my pronunciation and yelled at me, and one year was all I took. So Spanish was my next choice, since I had shown an aptitude for it in that short period I took it in eighth grade and sure enough I was good at it. Good enough that when I was in my second year, a sophomore, I had a senior boy asking me to help him with it; the teacher began calling him ‘El Lobo’, the wolf, and yes he was my boyfriend that year. Be it mostly by phone since I wasn’t allowed to go out in a car at that age, and so we mostly talked on the phone…Besides he had broken up with his girlfriend who he eventually went back to, everyone warned me, but who listens at that age of fifteen?
When we went away the summer before I had a new boyfriend that was a waiter at the hotel we stayed at, and he was Australian, and looked just like a Beatle with his hair, and of course the British accent, which I couldn’t tell in those days the difference between a UK and Aussie one. It wasn’t until I was nineteen in college that I got to travel to Europe.
I was lucky at fifteen to travel across the US and visit forty states with my family, and by the age of ten, I had been to Canada and Niagara Falls. Going to LIM in New York City was not that big a deal since I grew up fifteen minutes from the George Washington Bridge in Bergen County, NJ.
Travel makes everyone realize how small the world really is; and teaches others to be more accepting of people’s differences; so all I can say I was very fortunate.
My dear friend in New Zealand was saying she would love to travel to Disneyland and the rest of the US. And she made me realize how lucky I really am since I have been there and to Disney World both Universals, Sea Worlds too, all three Busch Gardens, Sun Valley, Squaw Valley, Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Mount Rushmore, you name it and when it comes to the forty eight contiguous states there is more than a fifty/fifty chance that I have been there.

So at this age being so unable to think about going here or there I am very happy I did.
Hubby though was not as fortunate and he still yearns to go here and there.
I would like to go to New Orleans, where I have not been.
We were supposed to go when 9/11 happened and so we did not, and then this or that happened; first us being hit by Hurricane Charley and then them being hit with Katrina, then the oil spill.
This February is our fortieth anniversary and Mardi Gras is around that time of year, and so I thought wouldn’t that be great, but we must save our pennies and pray no more emergencies happen.

On that thoughtful note of looking forward I will wish you all a very happy good night and to all count those blessings and we will too!

And you all meet me back here at this same place next time, ya hear?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I am being heard...!

Validation! What a marvelous thing to know!

Validation! What a marvelous thing to know!
It is true that the respondent’s comment was not a numerical marvel or overwhelming in remarks but still it was there and was quite expressive; and thank you.
And you know who you are; for that I am sure.

Being somewhat of an adventurous person when younger, being older now, this has become my form of exploration for excitement. So far, not too…well what can one say, really?

This bumpy ride that I did, if you recall, promised my readership is what makes me go on though; is still in the works. Oh no, you say; I have already been creating those ups and downs of never knowing what comes next type of excitement. Well, that is heartwarming to hear and so thanks!

Today we did venture out once more into the actual realm of the world.

Zoomed all the way over to the Walgreen’s, about two and half miles from our compound, not too far from the bridge to River Country AKA Punta Gorda, but still here in Port of the Charlotte, PS we don’t have any ports here, anywho, we went for our combo flu shots, oh combo?

Yes, this year the shot is a two for one, included the plain old flu shot is also the inoculation to protect you from H1N1 virus.

Hubby’s was free with his Medicare part B taking care of it 100%, but mine for the dual protection was $29.99, not too bad a deal.

They are now recommending them for everyone over six months old.

Last year we met the criteria with me having a chronic disease and Hubby being my caretaker.

And so I again did my pincushion thing, yes, to be honest between my daily Copaxone shots and my recent IV’s of 1000 MG. Of the Solu-Medrol for the optic neuritis last month and also those insulin shots due to that temporary diabetic reaction, boy I am feeling holier than the Pope! LOL

The odd thing they did this year at our Walgreen’s was put up one of those privacy screens; the fact that they were using such a thing made me wonder if now they were giving you bum, butt, tushy, you know shots in the derriere? But no, they were still injecting into the upper shoulder. Apparently, someone complained, we all know how that is… so now, people needed privacy from exposing their upper arms, oh my! Are we living in Victorian times once again?

I suppose some people do get squeamish when they see a needle going into anything, and perhaps that was the real reason, but it must be hush, hush because even the pharmacist didn’t know why. And consequently my mobility scooter made it difficult for me to get up close enough to the pass through that is usually for prescriptions to be handed in, and so the pharmacist had to come out from behind the counter and her protection from what I really don’t know…to give me my shot! Last year the pharmacists just walked out to where the seating area where you wait for you prescriptions to be filled was and shot the dickens out of whoever paid the price for the sticking; which in my opinion was effortless efficiency at its grandest!

Geez complications again in this too now that should be soooo simple, but why?

Cause someone got their panties in a jumble?

I know, I know I got the nerve saying anything about that, especially when nightly that’s what I do complain, complain, complain!

But let’s get real people, whose really reading this drivel, huh?

Oh that’s right you all are, and don’t you ever forget how much I do appreciate that in all of you, even though this proves the fact that you have bad taste in literature, but I’m the last one who should complain about that, capish? LOL

We all know what interesting means, right? (Wink, wink)

None of you have ever gone out on a blind date?

Oh you don’t know?

When someone says something or someone is interesting it means… BORING, and or not that attractive!

And yes, this Blog can be very interesting at its worst and provocative, tantalizing and intriguing at its best…YEP, I can do that, maybe… someday… I’ll try, at least I will promise to try?

Gotta sell it, huh?

You betcha!

It has been so nice to be able to babble on for so long without causing misery to myself and hopefully none to others either.

On that note of what the heck I will wish you all a very happy good night and to all count those blessings and we will too!

And come back and see us next time right here in this same place, ya hear?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

An update...

Is anybody out there wondering how are my new eye glasses working out?

Not really, I hear.

Too bad but this is my Blog and I am going to tell you anyway, so there! (Adult tongue is stuck out now!)

Well, lefty, the one that had the cataract surgery last January is now a sole contender for the eye wars; it’s become ambidextrous in its ability to see far and near, TA DA!

Yep, that’s right. And I am sure by now you all have realized that righty has not come back around into the fold yet, yes, it is still taking a no see sort of stand, just holding its place, just waiting I hope for its vision to return…Although, now, I can see with my new lenses both near and far from lefty’s vantage point, and that is a vast improvement, huh?

Sadly I have noticed a downturn in my Blog being read since my melt down. I feel just awful, but I have much improved since then you know… I am resilient only because when you sink so low the only other direction is up from there!

Many things could be responsible for my down turn last Sunday, the anniversary of a very sad day, all the hullabaloo about the burning of the Qur’an and I do believe I have finally learned the proper way to spell it, at least I hope so.

Heartbreaking for me was that I could not support my dear FB friend's desire to campaign with others to move the NY Mosque’s location, and this is the main one who supported me so bravely when I had that ridiculous negative expression of my feelings.

I hope she forgives me for not being able to, and we are from NJ and my hubby not only was a NJ Fire Chief he was FL deputy! And we indirectly knew people who died that fateful day of 9/11 through friend’s relatives and neighbors etc.!

But being who I am, a person who is somewhat idealistic it would be out of character to think that a person’s religion meant he thought or behaved badly because some others in his or her faith might have done it in the past. To me it just doesn’t seem right to judge all by a few. How many times have we made that mistake?

All of those who believe in the reverence of superior beings, powers greater than themselves, know that they are forgiving and loving and that’s what I truly believe is the answer to this conundrum of how to handle the Mosque’s location. Love thy neighbor as yourself, comes to mind too.

So if I just said yes to be nice then I would not be true to myself and I would be lying to a new friend.

I also remember a person asking on Facebook if it is better to lie on occasion not to hurt someone’s feelings? Now, if you read this you will understand why I said no.

Sometimes lying to be nice to someone instead of expressing you true feelings can be inflammatory to a situation.

The ‘mob rule’ concept is perhaps too harsh an analogy, but when someone speaks with so much passion and no compassions that’s what can happen!

One person stands up and says something negative about someone and others loudly agree!

Oh well, I do hope that I haven’t overstepped my bounds with a rather extreme analogy, but I am not that smart…

Happy night to all and to all count those blessings and we will too!

Be here next time… in this same place and who knows what may happen!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nice surprise...

My Cuz decided to call me a little after five o’clock this evening.
Oh ‘Cuz’, it might be a NJ terminology meaning the child of your parent’s sibling, so they are your cousin.
In the bigger picture of the world we all have family histories and relatives one way or another, and there are second cousins, thirds perhaps too and distant aunts and uncles etc…all possibilities…
Some have many, and some have just a few.
This particular one is only about a year and a half older than me, but as children that was miles apart for girls, and she is my mother’s brother’s child, so she is my first cousin.
I seemed to get along better with my boy cousins since the maturity rate for them, even with them being a few years older made it more of an even playing field.
In other words they didn’t care that I was that much younger.
It amazes me that when she called it was if we had been speaking just the other day, but without borders, and many more commonalties, but she is still a northerner.
You see we are now both mothers of grown children.
And unfortunately the one commonalty that we both wish we didn’t share is Multiple Sclerosis, but we do.
Although, my Cuz has been dealing with hers for over thirty-five years with grace and dignity, but even she has admitted at this point it, the MS is misbehaving for her and she is now getting the help that she rightfully needs; with keeping her home, pets and laundry done, and medical in home health care worker.
How sad I know she feels that she can’t do what she wants to do, but it is great that she will now be getting the help she does need, and her son had been helping but after a while especially with a grown single son one feels awkward asking. And when they begin to hesitate when asked I think that’s when you know that they have been asked once too much.
If I didn’t have Hubby I too would have to be getting someone else to help me.
There are days I am sure he would like that, seriously, but we are legally binding, marriage and all, unlike a mother child relationship, which is not.
I used always tell my kids that we’re related by marriage, my Hubby, their dad and me, and they are related by blood to both of us! I know, silly me, it’s true you know!

My dear Cuz told me something I hadn’t known about her trials as a young mother that when her son was just six an half he had aplastic Anemia and suffered nearly to death until he was nine, his sister wasn’t a match for a bone marrow transplant but his survival was based on medication used in veterinary equine ills, and it worked! He is thirty today and so far, to date he has never ever had a reoccurrence; and doesn’t take any medication. He had been pronounced a miracle at the time and was written up in medical literature.

Wow, heavy stuff, but my sweetheart of a cousin who at the time was dealing with her own debilitating disorder, MS said she was the strongest ever when her son was so ill, and together her will to make him well was her strength and it worked for them both I truly believe, a mother’s love can be that strong.

This lovely woman had a rather exciting life prior to wife and motherhood for this college graduated gal worked as a flight attendant for a major airline and traveled the world. She was so beautiful the story was that they wanted her to do commercials for them, but that she was too shy this Farah Fawcett look-a-like.
It’s funny how age and illness measures the inner beauty more than ever, and she has exuded that now in this moment in time with such a kind heart.

Ah, much nicer speaking of others than ones’ self, what a nice diversion from my own reality! And even though some of the story was bitter sweet it is somewhat of a happy ending, we have found each other again and that’s great in my book!

On that note of positivity I will wish you all a very happy night and to all count those blessings, yes that’s a very good idea, don’t you think?
And we will count our blessings too!

Monday, September 13, 2010


Renew, re-vanquish… redo… renown…rebuild…

How many do-overs does one get in life?

I hope my cat-like existence has not used up hers.

Last night was a sad reminder of my own vulnerability.

And sadly an embarrassment to me and to any and all who felt that it was a waste of time for them to read about me in that nasty climate.

Many thanks go out to those who responded with loving concern at my own selfish self indulgent childish behavior, and you know who you are.

My only redeemable answer to that hopefully forgettable incident is that I too am very human with the frailties that we all exhibit occasionally.

I have been called tough as nails by some.

The word that rhymes with witch by others, but very rarely non capable to deal with the harsh realities of life’s curves that tests ones’ resolve.

I have always been the one that takes the bull by the horns whenever a problem arises, not the one that folds and leaves the play-yard.

As you may have guessed by now that I am angry at myself for letting me herald my insecurities so publicly.

Pain is not something that anyone of you have not experienced for all I know you may be having that excruciating horror going on as you read this Blog, either physical or emotional.

What a tremendous ability of self control if that is the case.

My brain filters have been off for most of my life and so this stream/train of conscientiousness ability to write and speak in this way is odd to many, but not to me.

I too am experiencing physical pain as well tonight with the other (emotional) that I think I am maintaining in check for the evening, at least I hope so...

This is ongoing and not unusual with people like me, but the secret is trying to control those irritants that cause one to notice, since most pain medication either doesn’t work I have found or that I am allergic to; and so I have experimented with using Lamaze and self hypnosis.

And I must admit that sometimes they do work.

Everyone must try by trial and error what works for them.

After all I do take seven other prescriptions from everything for my MS to blood pressure to heart and cholesterol.

So enough is enough, right?

Sadly, I was disappointed to find so few actually responded to my melt-down.
You would think with advent of over one thousand FB friends my percentages would have been higher.

Oddly enough I proved a viable lesson to myself that all those FB people that we euphemistically call our friends are truly just acquaintances, and that is what I have been saying all along.

No news there, huh?

Of course not, what could I be thinking that others have time for any of this nonsense.

I am one of probably a few who maintains that not working at the age of sixty means that you are retired.

Living with a disability means that your Golden Years aren’t what you had thought they might be.

But you know the funny thing about that… I never ever thought about my Golden Years like most do on this Facebook thing and who are all preparing for them to be the better part of their lives that they are now working so hard to give to themselves when they have no real idea how they might be when ready to stop what they are doing?

I hope they will be the healthiest ever, but as Ted Kennedy proved money can’t buy your health.

Some I think are spinning as fast as they can and not smelling the roses or what already exists for them.

A few I would like to shake and tell them their children will grow up and leave and then what?
Who can give that time back to them that they lost?

I don’t know what to say but I sure hope that all those wonderful hard working people can remember that family is the most important thing, not money; it’s time that is spent with the one you love, not what you buy them.

Is that too preachy, perhaps so, but I was one time one of you and here I am basically a very lonely sick human being.

I must really believe that I am giving you all fair warning; never forget your priorities, family first.

I believe my downfall was when my parents died that I thought my sons needed more than what they really did materialistically, I was still in my thirties then, no excuse.

On that provocative thought to mull over I will wish you once more a Happy Night and to please count those blessings twice since I missed telling you last night, and we will too, I think… yea, OK!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tonight is a night fright night and yes I do know it's Sunday... but go with me here...

Let’s just say that many may have noticed that at times I am not so happy go lucky?
And perhaps I tell you all what to do way too much to make yourselves worry free.
Well, I am miserable with myself most of the time and so indirectly I suppose I am telling myself what I SHOULD be doing.
Why? You politely asked; because I truly don’t have much of a life.
And complaining is the only thing that I know how to do, since this is all new to me.
Not that new just a couple of years though.
You see, there once was a time when my life was so busy and full, so full that I hardly had anytime to grumble.
It seems these days though I am not allowed to do this or that, because of my chance of breaking things due to being my uncoordinated self.
Hubby has now taken almost every mundane job away from me, I used to be a cleaning freak, the house that is.
I can’t see to drive and there are no classes being given that seem desirable locally for me to go to if I even did ask him to take me.
We butt heads with what I should and should not being doing and with me thinking what he should be or not be doing.
He feels I snack too much, which I know I do, but if you have not much else; then what?
I basically listen to the TV or come here to this computer to waste more time.
The other night on my Blog’s advertising there was an ad for surgical weight loss.
How many of you know that when you have any autoimmune diseases like my Multiple Sclerosis you can’t have those surgeries?
Any-who, lately I feel like I am just waiting to die, and if I don’t get some help soon I may be there sooner rather than later.
Most would say pretty darn sad, huh?
But if you don’t do anything; why be here I ask?
I am in a Jabba the Hutt mode, and sadly I resemble him too.
If I could afford people to bring the food to me from all away over by the kitchen, ten feet away, I would.
What’s the point with this pitiful Pearl existence?

Of course I realize that people have fatal illnesses and would be more than happy exchanging places with someone who has a chronic disease, be it neurological destroying my brain and my nervous system but not always fatal.
So many are dying from their ills and people clamor around them rooting them to go on… I don’t have that.
My sons hardly ever call, and my Hubby seems to be reading or working in the yard or the garage or doing something other than with me.
I am disgustingly ugly and fat and I do know that!
We have a few mirrors in this house.
People seem to be now avoiding eye contact with me when we go out, or perhaps it is just my paranoia.
I am in a motorized scooter since I can’t walk without falling, and they look at you as if it’s because you are soooo fat! Again it’s a case of which came first the chicken or the egg sort of a deal.
I do have this Blog, but Hubby thinks like many do that I reveal too much.
When you have no one else to talk with, what can one do?
One day seems to just run into another… my sadness is overwhelming not just from my own dilemma but from everyone else’s too.
I am quite self-centered but I have no idea if anyone is out there for me?
Most tell me to shut up and not talk about these things, and that makes things worse for me, since I have no way to distract myself.

I know, I know people are actually dying and I am not fatal; at least not yet…but MS can be.
All I know is the less I can do the more I eat and the less we do as a couple.
It’s a vicious cycle.
And at times we are not so polite in how we handle our situation; we are downright nasty! Which makes me feel more alienated from the world, are you all really there?
You rarely if ever answer.
I need to know…


PS forgive this meltdown, am I not entitled?
Or are you just jealous that you are not as honest with your feelings, perhaps?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sadness never seems to end for us...on this day of remembrance...

Below is a segment from my Blog from last year updated on this hallow occasion:

Friday, September 11, 2010

“Of course everyone knows that today is the ninth anniversary of that horrendous day of 9/11, and we all remember where we were at the time. I don’t think I have met too many that haven’t had their own personal contact or a story of that day and so many individuals that have known someone on that day that they too had lost.

Personally, my best friend’s husband's law associates were in one of the towers, and our niece’s best friend's father was the pilot in the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania, our younger son lost friends in the Pentagon, his Naval friends, and a dear friend here in Florida lost her nephew who worked for one of the financial firms in one of the towers as well. And she too has since passed away on the day of the Haitian earthquake, January 12, 2010 of this year. We as a nation we're equally touched, no, actually as a world of caring human beings; except for the ones who perpetrated this horrible deed!”

How all our hearts still ache from a never ending pain, a misery so deep that we have no words to explain.

We as a nation have told ourselves never again will anyone come to our shores and do that to us, and so far so good.

But the war has been officially ended, and in the meantime we as a nation not only lost all those Americans and others on that infamous day, but since more of our loved ones have perished in trying so hard to bring those responsible to pay for their horrendous crimes against us and our security and freedoms.

Will we as a nation or even a world ever fully recover?

YES! We are now a place smaller than ever, since many of us have come together as a united front.

And I do feel that we have delved further into whom the real enemy is, radical extremist, not the common man or woman just trying to live their lives not unlike your mirror image of yourself.

As my father used to say people are ninety- ninety percent good.

Makes you wonder about that one percent, huh?

Sorry, that was uncalled for and rather cavalier.

But what it does come down to logically the people of the world are all basically good people and want what we all want, love, peace, safety, and a reason for being; the commonalties of all human kind.

Concern for my redundancy has made me decide to leave you with this thought…

How safe do you feel with the war in Iraq over and Bin Laden still out there?

If that question gave you chills I know your answer, but if you sloughed it off as an impossibility than I guess you should maybe think twice, or not…there has to be a happy medium to it all, as I have heard many say being cautiously optimistic works… So I will try that, OK?

Happy night to all and to all count those blessings and we will too!

Update: 9/11/11 Tenth anniversary, with Bin Laden now dead how do you feel?

Friday, September 10, 2010

980 is my new tally for Facebook friends, and thanks to all of you!

What a news day; he will, he won’t, he will, he won’t?
And that’s just the controversy over revealing the weather woman’s baby’s name!
And the he in that news worthy story is the production company’s collective gender of males, we assume (and we all know what assumes means), right? LOL

No, of course I am talking about that insignificant ridiculous pastor at that center of my adopted states’ location, dead center, well sort of, and right in one of our most famous college towns! It makes one wonder however did one with not that much intelligence end up there? Or at least be a party boy? Sports fanatic?
It’s like living in Cambridge Mass. you have to be smart just by osmosis of living so close to Harvard, right?
All I can say it’s too scary to think that such hatred could be exuded by a man who professes to espouse the word of his savior!
If that’s the case; heaven save us all!
It amazes most of us non violent people how one radical extremist person could hold the world’s safety in the palm of his hands by believing such misinformation. Of course history proves that to be the case; for most wars were started by such people!
When anyone has such strong political beliefs I think it is best to know what you are talking about before you say or do something you may regret later.
Gosh, truer words from someone who lives the gaffes stupidity code to the fullest, I could tell you stories about my ignorance in all different types of situations, but I was not covered by the media or the Internet or the TV.

Who out there doesn’t believe that this guy, sorry pastor, I don’t feel I should give you that title of pastor which says you are someone to be respected, no respect here from me anyway; that he was made more important by the sheer fact that the information highways are so technologically capable of creating these monsters of notoriety in two minutes flat for all the world to see and hear?
Sadly we humans eat this stuff up.
Not that what he’s doing is something to be sneezed at, but just think about if no one paid any attention to him… would it be like the tree in the forest with no one there?

Perhaps, but he does have anywhere from 24 to 50 parishioners and who knows if they would have blown the whistle on him or would have heralded his coarsely grating idea of how to show ’em what he thinks of others different from himself.
Does he also hate Catholics and Jews; I wonder or is it just the people of the Muslim faith?
Hate seems to catapult people into many arenas of whom they will specifically take out their aggression on, hmm…
Could he be the next mass murderer, in our Sunshine State?
Oh no, he says he’s just burning books, but I beg to differ they are holy books… isn’t that what Hitler said?
As frightened as I am I do like the fact that almost everyone has come out against this strange person’s way of reasoning why in his mind it is something he must do.
It’s so nice to know that so many really do love mankind and womankind for whom they are and accept their differences in religions and that they have the right to express them in their own ways.
Hallelujah comes to mind!
And that is nothing short of heartwarming.
But yet… no one knows how to stop this man.
We live in a country where freedom of speech as well as religion is all legal, which is why we have men and women fighting all over the world to preserve those rights.
Is he just expressing that right?
I suggested that he has no permit to burn; his county code office did not give it to him and that he is in-sighting to riot internationally!
Well, we are down to a wire now, tomorrow is the day of his promise to or not to; at this hour I am not quite sure since his meeting in NYC fell through, yes, it turns out there never was any deal to move the Mosque.
It was a ploy, a try at trying to stop this neo madman from the Florida Muslin leader.
And unfortunately, the idea was exposed before they could get him to leave his territory of where he is threatening to do his ghastly deed!
Oh well, the clock is ticking…
By this time tomorrow night we shall all know what is what, and let us all pray that in the end that the man has come to his senses! And learned the most important Golden Rule, do unto others only what you would have them do unto you!

On that thought I will wish you all to have a very happy night and to count those blessings and we will too!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

John Lennon’s 1971 Song, 'Imagine',♫♫♫♫ makes me wish...

That all of our lives …we’re not so dissimilar to those lyrics that were so simple and pure…and speak of some of today’s issues in the forefront of the our daily headlines…read carefully and I am sure you will feel the need to believe in what a man before his time expressed in a timeless effortless language…of song…

“Imagine there's no Heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world

You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one”
Thanks to: LYRICS007 “we do better than James Bond”

Some of us never gave up in our mindset to let go of those times of expressing our desires for everyone being in the same frame of mind, perhaps in an idealistic world.
Just before I began tonight the Pastor Terry Jones of the small church in Gainesville Florida went on the airwaves to tell us all that he has made a deal to fly to New York this Saturday, the day he was threatening to burn the Quran, but instead has been in negotiations with a local man of the Muslin church and they have discussed moving the location of the proposed NYC controversial Mosque that was to be built a few blocks from Ground Zero.
Now is this crazy that these two men have been trying to do all this? And meanwhile the media has announced that there is someone or some group trying to under mind this whole concept of their peaceful resolve with stating that it is not true.
OMG now why would some want so much possible devastation to still be any threat?

Please read those above lyrics again and reconsider my plea to anyone who doesn’t want peace in this world now and forever.

Moving on…
Back to the mundane…Although, all of you must realize the significance of why I felt the need to discuss what the above conclusion means to all of us. I know you do.

Today we went out and about, yes we left the compound, hooray!
Off to the big box store or I suppose the warehouse for staples and would you believe the best eyeglass prices bar-none in our whole county!
Thirty bucks less than any other local discounter!
Hubby now feels that he overpaid for his last pair of transitions, and he actually did!
Mine as I said before is the bargain ones, but it might take as long as ten days to get them signed sealed and delivered.
Fortunately, they are just lenses going into a frame that I had and still loved.
There is a sixty day complete replacement warrantee too of the lenses!
OK, alright I suppose you all deserve to know who is so cost effective, well it’s the Sam’s Club, and you don’t even have to be a member, you can just walk right in!
We are members, but you all knew that!

I am getting a wee bit tired, and so I will wish you all a very happy good night and to all count those blessings and we will too!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

♫♫♫♫ Can you hear the music?♫♫♫♫

How do you like my notes tonight, musical ones, that is? LOL
For my ‘Dancing in the Rain’, Blog I copied and pasted them from someone else’s Facebook comment, oops, is that legal?
I want to thank Lady K for teaching me how to do it for myself!
Would you like to know how-to too?
Well, you hit ‘alt’ and the ‘1 and 4’ on the calculator side of your keyboard.
Now everyone can hear the music!
I think that is so neat; don’t you too?
Or perhaps you all knew, and I am the only one out of this loop too, huh?

Today was a rather silly emotional roller coaster for me.
I asked questions of my FB ‘friends’ that got a rather cool response.
And at this hour I would be hard pressed to recall what they were.
That’s the best part of getting older is that you forget almost all recent memories!
You know it makes many things appear new, like TV reruns those are really great for me, since they are first runs when I see them again!

A wonderful summer fun time was had by all of us oldies but goodies.
How was yours?
Not really, that is; mine wasn’t…
You see, this Blog is meant for me to speak the truth not cover it up!
How many out there pretend that all is well with you and yours because you are afraid of taking advantage of someone’s kindly ear to listen, and instead just say that everything is fine!
Consequently, not having an outlet to express ones true feelings stifles the way to handle them; no feedback disallows dealing with any difficulties and puts one into denial!
Very mentally and emotionally unhealthy!
Although, I believe oddly enough these people will be the first to say how stable they are not airing their dirty laundry and proud to admit they keep all their problems to themselves as those problems continue to mount into infinity!
I am literally shocked that they are people still out there who believe this is the best way to handle life’s trials and tribulations, by shutting up especially when someone offers to be there to help!
This is not civilized.
In a true civilization there is an interaction between the cohabitants, a vocal and quite loudly spoken heralding of your voice of declaration of injustices or non allowances of some other matters.
People share.
That’s the way it has been in time immemorial.
Why is it only the media that is allowed to scream out of what is what, and not always accurately, when we the people have the right to get their story straight or at least your own, by just expressing it wholeheartedly!
Someone today said something today that they do not have a mean bone in their body, but to me that just says they have not had to deal with being anything more than an employee not in the management end in the business world, no management skills there, sorry if you happen to be reading this. But in the leadership end sometimes you have to be rather tough and not do things that are considered not so nice, sorry but the truth missy!
I am not saying you have to be mean to be in management which I was in for many years for myself and for others as well, but there are times that you have to do things that aren’t altogether considered nice…like firing people, and I have. But you know that was when I worked for others mostly and they were right in their reasoning, if you’re not producing that equals no job, no goldbricking, got it? I bet many of you don’t even know that term.
After all unless you work for a non profit which I also have done, but as a volunteer; you’re in the business to make money, actually for them too for research and programs, bad analogy, and that means everyone should be producing and if not, bye, bye!
To those people I was probably considered mean but I did try hard to be as nice as one can be in that situation, even at first I was willing to quit due to my dilemma of not wanting to, but I needed my job. Hubby and the boys were all in college at the same time at that time, and besides I was good at it, the management end that is. The firing part not so much, but I told the employees the truth how I didn’t want to but they made me, which was true.

Fortunately, I was not part of this most recent downturn when I was at my wicked-self job for someone other than me that was back in the early and mid nineteen nineties.
It put being on either end of the work spectrum into perspective.
And so I can rationalize both employee and employer’s handling of’ downsizing of these recent times.
Bottom line has always been the almighty dollar, and so that is why I am gloriously happy that I am out of all that!
And when my FB friends continually want me to join this or that, I turn you down for I AM THANKFULLY DONE!
And what a weight that has lifted off of my shoulders, but the rest of me is still rather weighted… yes with pounds! LOL
Honestly my FB profile picture is six years old and many pounds lighter, but I think I have made this confession before.
Nasty, quit smoking and coffee for substituting drugs and fat!
Yes, steroids do help put on the lbs. and so does quitting smoking and add in the stress of just not being able to do anything about it from not being able to walk or see!
Well, to be honest only one eye can’t see.
I can’t use my own pool since it exacerbates the optic neuritis because it’s so hot out there!
And I do manage to get from here to there; and that is to one chair to another with the help of an old ladies walker that has a seat to rest on in the middle of my trip, how pathetic I hear you all saying!
My balance is compromised from Ataxia, and no gym will take me due to liability of me being very likely to fall!
Food is a friend, warmth that is cozy and familiar; and I do come from a long line of people who associate food with love.

Oh where was I?
I am supposed to be nice and quiet about my ills not to bother you all with my physical problems, right?
And so I will listen to my music and you can too, now that you know how-to…. ♫♫♫♫, there you go! Do you hear it? I sure hope so… it’s lovely!

On that happier note ♫♫♫♫, ha! I will wish you all a happy good night to all and to all count those blessings and we will too!
Be back next time, same place… see ya!

X-rayed and MRI'd

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