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Dear diary:

Good evening once again!
My day started early before six A.M. I think it was 5:52 A.M. to be exact, and my walker was right where I left it alongside of my bed and in the dark I found it and played bumper cars to the bathroom trying hard not to disturb Hubby or Skipper our Bichon who shares our king size bed as all who came before him did as well. He does so enjoy sleeping in with Hubby; sometimes they are so alike it’s scary!
I took care of my toiletries.
Then moved on to the hub and heartbeat of our home to turn on the kitchen light and so I found my way fairly easily to the coffee pot, rinsed my cup, which I took from the counter and added in my ‘Sweet Thing’ artificial sweetener packet to my empty beige ceramic Barnies coffee mug and then poured in the tepid coffee and lifted it reaching high into the microwave to open that and then placed my cup inside on the glass turntable careful not to spill or drop it and then closed the door and push what I am pretty sure by the positionin…

If you haven't heard of them are they not there, huh?

Hubby said something to that affect, rather interesting while watching the evening NBC-2 news out of Fort Myers Florida just a few minutes ago. I thought I would be nice and give them a plug, who knows why other than them being decent people, and also that I friended many of their news and weather people on my Facebook account, so howdy peeps! It appears that we have another person in the political race in our state that hasn’t been running his ads so much on this the left coast!
But to be honest we should have a score card with the candidates seemingly coming out of nowhere?
Then if you listen to all the negativity you feel like you just want to pull out your hair.
It’s gotten so bad Hubby has taken to muting their commercials when they are on.
Counter productive, but when you think about them NOT telling us what they will be doing only attacking their opponents I wonder if he is so wrong.
Let’s face it once this election is over we will all be happier Floridians for perhaps a day or…

Life's tallies...

1,176 is just an abstract number to most people, unless it is dollars or a population, or amount of work or school days, or a counting down to an important date or a date or a tally of Facebook friends, which for me that is just what it is, amazing and thank you all!

Now that that is out of the way, let’s discuss something important…

Life and how we see it…

It could be considered a benign discussion or fascinating, titillating, graphic and detailed, boring or humbling or traumatic or frightening or repetitive or blossoming or creative or stagnant or ever changing and on and on… huh?

Perception is how we see it in the bigger picture of things, and where we stand in that massive world order or perhaps just a snippet, a portrait of it all…

Are we flamboyant and change worthy or meek and mild on keeping to ourselves without divulging our unselfish ideas and opinions; it is our choice and many make it at birth, right?
Quiet resolve is overstated and way too uncommon, we by the nature of th…

Blog envy...

I never ever thought that I would become competitive again in life, since I am in the last quarter.
Yep, that’s right, if you count in twenty year intervals with wiggle room of a few additional years, and then you would have what I hope for and that is living past eighty, which none of my parents or my half brother did!
Anywho…I would be amiss if I did not mention a Blog on this Blog Spot that has made me cry, giggle and reminisce and moved me to all sorts of strange thoughts and emotions all this from a Facebook friend’s Blog; powerful highly recommend it to all!
MS Music and Me:

I am not what anyone would call a ‘Blogger Maven’ quite yet but this is one anyone who wants current great information on MS methods, procedures and wants a walk down memory lane of Broadway shows that I have a personal knowledge of living in basically an actors and dancers musicians neighborhood growing up outside of Manhattan, NYC and getting to go to most all the shows as a ch…

Happy Days and Nights?

Everyday I try and start it with telling my Facebook friends to have a happy day, and my Blog readers a happy night.
It is my idea of subliminal brainwashing.
Well, in reality I suppose that is not subliminal, since to be subliminal it would have to be either: “inadequate to produce a sensation or a perception or existing below the threshold of consciousness.” Thanks to Webster Dictionary for that.
And you are all conscious of what you are doing most always, right? LOL
Besides saying it like I do is actually in your face blatant, correct? Yes, you will agree!

Nothing is wrong with wishing positive things to people who you care about?
Being once a member of the ‘rat race’, as we so euphemistically used to call it, and so starting your day with pleasantries can’t hurt? Or ending your day either.
In reality we all want the world to be a better place for all, and so why not?

And so when I reviewed my Blog’s readership by stats it amazed me how many different countries I was actually going…

Bio, Blog and Advertising...

Most think that the people they associate with know them.
I suppose that is an assumption that we really shouldn’t make in life unless absolutely sure, and we all know what assume means… correct? (Wink, wink…)
If not let me refresh all your memories: making an ass of you and me. (I just cringed for using that word (ass); will I ever grow up and get over that? Who knows…?)
With that said I thought my nightly divulgence of my entire life and how I think about things was simple and concise enough to allow for a full blown entrance into what makes me tick!
I have written a bio that I felt was a good synopsis of me, and it can be found on my profile page on Facebook.
And anyone who wants to know how I am can tune in nightly here, so logically I thought I covered all the bases?
But not so since I received an email from a lovely older friend of mine who questioned me about what I have been up to just today; did I realize I could be so wrong to assume that!
I don’t know why but I get a wee bi…

Partial mystery solved and a concept a long time coming...

Any of you remember the young man that Hubby nicknamed, ‘Walkie Talkie’?
He’s the fellow that had become a staple in our neighborhood walking our circular block several times a day. Anywho… Hubby’s old deputy buddy stopped by a while a go and so Hubby mentioned the young fellow to his old cop chum. And today he stopped by while Hubby was on his riding lawn mower out front cutting our lawn and told Hubby about the kid.
It turns out that ‘Walkie Talkie’, does have a name but both men could not remember it and that really doesn’t matter what does is to know that he is not homeless. The young fellow lives with his Mom around the corner from us, and he is heavily medicated due to being mentally ill and his psychiatrist had told him when he became anxious to go for a walk, and so I guess he is anxious often. In the long run though it was determined that he was basically harmless. The deputy was invited into their home and told that he could examine whatever he wanted to, and he found only t…

Scream, laugh, live, love and be...

Whatever you damn (excuse my language) well want to do or be, let’s face it how many of you actually ask for and listen to others opinions on what you should do about this or that?

I know this again will catch up with me but I really have to laugh since so many out there keep telling all of us how to think and what to do and literally how to breathe, eat and disengage or dispose of our bodily functions. Economically they are taking advantage of all our insecurities in my opinion. Anyone remember having common sense?

And if they have a title before or after their name we think they are all knowing and we follow the likes of these ‘brilliant’ people like the sheep we can sadly become!

Scary! I too have been actually asked for my opinion on this topic or that; listen folks, I know nothing and I am NOT that smart; all I am, is very opinionated! And to be honest it is not that difficult and anyone can do it! LOL!

And we all know what opinions are worth and what they really mean…NOT-A-THING…

Dear friends and family members...

We live in a depressed area of the country and I truly feel whether or not I was ill I would not be doing too much anyway!
For locally there is not much to do at this time of year.
Once the ‘Snowbirds’ arrive back the events people seem to organize more festive like happenings to go to.
Both Hubby and I cannot go too far distance wise in a vehicle without having major issues with our bodily parts, and yes, he is a disabled deputy, and so I am not alone in the reasoning of the whys.
I keep hearing from people who want me to live my life to the fullest and somehow I don’t want to think or maybe I should think they think I am just biding my time here and OMG waiting for the grim reaper?
Well, as you all know I do have those moments but they do pass! And the answer to such a ridiculous accusation is an infinite NO!
Far as access to the help I need I was a volunteer and trained to write grants, teach a class on self help and acquacize as well as a co-president of my support group, not to m…

Never mind...

I suppose an apology for being so annoying is in order.
Why? You politely ask me.
For me wasting so much time on trying to find the answer to a question that was so obvious and unfortunately known from the start of the journey, yes optic neuritis most likely was the cause for my fluctuated numbers on my blood work.
I did finally hear back from my Neuro today, apparently since so many neurologists have left the area due to our severe economic downturn that we supposedly don’t have,(but we are here and do know what’s what) she has been inundated with other doctors patients and so she calls back everyone eventually but not always on the same day.
Now why couldn’t her nurse tell me that?
Oh, well…

Anywho, moving on…
So much to talk about and so much time to do it, boy I am so lucky!
Everyone is rush, rush even on this thing, but not me oh nooooo, don’t have to be.
Today, I actually made up a crazy idea…to get rid of the days of the week without an individual moniker identity. It would cut…

"Beating a dead horse" goes the expression....

An idiom meaning: To engage in pointless and repetitive discussion.
How many times a day does anyone of us do that?
Well, I may have done that, oh not with my Facebook friends at all, I have lots of fun speaking with them, but with trying to get to the bottom of all my questions about my blood work!

Interestingly, the medical person did call just after nine this morning, but foolishly I was in the shower. And yes, it was another nurse, a RN, not a doctor from Shared Solutions the support group for my Copaxone and so I asked her to call back in fifteen minutes since I was in the shower. Who knows if it was a doctor on the phone if I actually would have come out of the shower and not said anything?
And she very diligently did call back within my allotted time limit.
You see, although Hubby was here he’s not into anything medical except maybe giving me shots… I think there is something Freudian about that…hmm. LOL
And so all the online information that confused me on getting some real a…

Bored, so I decided to surf the net...

Below is information that I gleaned from the Internet about low lymphocytes:

“As you correctly stated, lymphocytes (specifically, T-lymphocytes) can cross the blood brain barrier in MS. This process is called lymphocyte infiltration. The lymphocytes are believed to cause much of the damage (through an inflammatory process) to the myelin sheath (the fatty covering around nerves) of the brain and spinal cord that occurs in MS. If lymphocytes migrate to the brain, there would be less of them in the blood.

The lymphocytes are attracted to the blood brain barrier by special sticky molecules in one of the layers on the blood brain barrier. These sticky molecules stick to the lymphocytes that are passing though the blood. There are some medications (such as monoclonal antibodies; for example, Natalizumab) that are designed to decrease lymphocyte infiltration. They do this by preventing the lymphocytes from sticking to the sticky molecules in the blood brain barrier.”

Fascinating stuff, huh?

Trash to Treasure, Visual Arts Center, and home to watch a classic movie marathon...

Yes, we found the time, ha!

We had places to go today and all for free and yet we made it home before lunch!

The Cultural Center had their Trash to Treasure event in their Fountain Room, which did seem rather small.

The vendors were more a mix of the cleaning out the closet types than antique dealers, but we were looking anyway, since we do watch Antiques Road Show and one never knows does one?

And so the price range was not too dear, if you found that one item that you loved.

But we didn’t so we moved on to see if anything was going on over the bridge in River City AKA Punta Gorda.

We drove over to Fisherman’s Village and just by the lack of cars parked there we were pretty sure nothing significant was in the air or on the walkways.

But as we left we notice that The Visual Arts Center across the road had a pretty full parking lot, even still we did manage to find a handicapped space right in front!

It was teacher and student day, art teacher and art student day, and so we weren’t too…

Do you know what I like?♫♫♫♫ Besides all music?

I like people writing to me from all over the world!
I have friends in all different countries, and I just answered a ‘message’ from one of them in New Zealand!
How cool is that?
From where I am in southwest Florida, she, my new FB friend is sixteen hours time difference away down under, and so it is going on ten A.M. there, tomorrow!
Yep, I think that’s right, right?

You know what else is so totally cool about all this is the fact that everyone has different religious and political views and all on this thing called, ‘Facebook’ we can all be friends, business partners or at the very least network and learn from one another.
It’s amazing don’t you think?

Oh I do believe my open mindedness has expanded just from being involved in the idea of allowing all types of people into my heart and soul of personal information.
Be it my personal bio, which is true, although in a few parts it is a wee bit silly!
Or the link I provide for everyone to read this Blog nightly that tells it all, don…

I am being heard...!

Validation! What a marvelous thing to know!

Validation! What a marvelous thing to know!
It is true that the respondent’s comment was not a numerical marvel or overwhelming in remarks but still it was there and was quite expressive; and thank you.
And you know who you are; for that I am sure.

Being somewhat of an adventurous person when younger, being older now, this has become my form of exploration for excitement. So far, not too…well what can one say, really?

This bumpy ride that I did, if you recall, promised my readership is what makes me go on though; is still in the works. Oh no, you say; I have already been creating those ups and downs of never knowing what comes next type of excitement. Well, that is heartwarming to hear and so thanks!

Today we did venture out once more into the actual realm of the world.

Zoomed all the way over to the Walgreen’s, about two and half miles from our compound, not too far from the bridge to River Country AKA Punta Gorda, but still here in Port o…

An update...

Is anybody out there wondering how are my new eye glasses working out?

Not really, I hear.

Too bad but this is my Blog and I am going to tell you anyway, so there! (Adult tongue is stuck out now!)

Well, lefty, the one that had the cataract surgery last January is now a sole contender for the eye wars; it’s become ambidextrous in its ability to see far and near, TA DA!

Yep, that’s right. And I am sure by now you all have realized that righty has not come back around into the fold yet, yes, it is still taking a no see sort of stand, just holding its place, just waiting I hope for its vision to return…Although, now, I can see with my new lenses both near and far from lefty’s vantage point, and that is a vast improvement, huh?

Sadly I have noticed a downturn in my Blog being read since my melt down. I feel just awful, but I have much improved since then you know… I am resilient only because when you sink so low the only other direction is up from there!

Many things could be responsible f…

Nice surprise...

My Cuz decided to call me a little after five o’clock this evening.
Oh ‘Cuz’, it might be a NJ terminology meaning the child of your parent’s sibling, so they are your cousin.
In the bigger picture of the world we all have family histories and relatives one way or another, and there are second cousins, thirds perhaps too and distant aunts and uncles etc…all possibilities…
Some have many, and some have just a few.
This particular one is only about a year and a half older than me, but as children that was miles apart for girls, and she is my mother’s brother’s child, so she is my first cousin.
I seemed to get along better with my boy cousins since the maturity rate for them, even with them being a few years older made it more of an even playing field.
In other words they didn’t care that I was that much younger.
It amazes me that when she called it was if we had been speaking just the other day, but without borders, and many more commonalties, but she is still a northerner.
You see we a…


Renew, re-vanquish… redo… renown…rebuild…

How many do-overs does one get in life?

I hope my cat-like existence has not used up hers.

Last night was a sad reminder of my own vulnerability.

And sadly an embarrassment to me and to any and all who felt that it was a waste of time for them to read about me in that nasty climate.

Many thanks go out to those who responded with loving concern at my own selfish self indulgent childish behavior, and you know who you are.

My only redeemable answer to that hopefully forgettable incident is that I too am very human with the frailties that we all exhibit occasionally.

I have been called tough as nails by some.

The word that rhymes with witch by others, but very rarely non capable to deal with the harsh realities of life’s curves that tests ones’ resolve.

I have always been the one that takes the bull by the horns whenever a problem arises, not the one that folds and leaves the play-yard.

As you may have guessed by now that I am angry at myself for …

Tonight is a night fright night and yes I do know it's Sunday... but go with me here...

Let’s just say that many may have noticed that at times I am not so happy go lucky?
And perhaps I tell you all what to do way too much to make yourselves worry free.
Well, I am miserable with myself most of the time and so indirectly I suppose I am telling myself what I SHOULD be doing.
Why? You politely asked; because I truly don’t have much of a life.
And complaining is the only thing that I know how to do, since this is all new to me.
Not that new just a couple of years though.
You see, there once was a time when my life was so busy and full, so full that I hardly had anytime to grumble.
It seems these days though I am not allowed to do this or that, because of my chance of breaking things due to being my uncoordinated self.
Hubby has now taken almost every mundane job away from me, I used to be a cleaning freak, the house that is.
I can’t see to drive and there are no classes being given that seem desirable locally for me to go to if I even did ask him to take me.
We butt heads wi…

Sadness never seems to end for us...on this day of remembrance...

Below is a segment from my Blog from last year updated on this hallow occasion:

Friday, September 11, 2010

“Of course everyone knows that today is the ninth anniversary of that horrendous day of 9/11, and we all remember where we were at the time. I don’t think I have met too many that haven’t had their own personal contact or a story of that day and so many individuals that have known someone on that day that they too had lost.

Personally, my best friend’s husband's law associates were in one of the towers, and our niece’s best friend's father was the pilot in the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania, our younger son lost friends in the Pentagon, his Naval friends, and a dear friend here in Florida lost her nephew who worked for one of the financial firms in one of the towers as well. And she too has since passed away on the day of the Haitian earthquake, January 12, 2010 of this year. We as a nation we're equally touched, no, actually as a world of caring human beings; ex…

980 is my new tally for Facebook friends, and thanks to all of you!

What a news day; he will, he won’t, he will, he won’t?
And that’s just the controversy over revealing the weather woman’s baby’s name!
And the he in that news worthy story is the production company’s collective gender of males, we assume (and we all know what assumes means), right? LOL

No, of course I am talking about that insignificant ridiculous pastor at that center of my adopted states’ location, dead center, well sort of, and right in one of our most famous college towns! It makes one wonder however did one with not that much intelligence end up there? Or at least be a party boy? Sports fanatic?
It’s like living in Cambridge Mass. you have to be smart just by osmosis of living so close to Harvard, right?
All I can say it’s too scary to think that such hatred could be exuded by a man who professes to espouse the word of his savior!
If that’s the case; heaven save us all!
It amazes most of us non violent people how one radical extremist person could hold the world’s safety in the …

John Lennon’s 1971 Song, 'Imagine',♫♫♫♫ makes me wish...

That all of our lives …we’re not so dissimilar to those lyrics that were so simple and pure…and speak of some of today’s issues in the forefront of the our daily headlines…read carefully and I am sure you will feel the need to believe in what a man before his time expressed in a timeless effortless language…of song…

“Imagine there's no Heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world

You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the wo…

♫♫♫♫ Can you hear the music?♫♫♫♫

How do you like my notes tonight, musical ones, that is? LOL
For my ‘Dancing in the Rain’, Blog I copied and pasted them from someone else’s Facebook comment, oops, is that legal?
I want to thank Lady K for teaching me how to do it for myself!
Would you like to know how-to too?
Well, you hit ‘alt’ and the ‘1 and 4’ on the calculator side of your keyboard.
Now everyone can hear the music!
I think that is so neat; don’t you too?
Or perhaps you all knew, and I am the only one out of this loop too, huh?

Today was a rather silly emotional roller coaster for me.
I asked questions of my FB ‘friends’ that got a rather cool response.
And at this hour I would be hard pressed to recall what they were.
That’s the best part of getting older is that you forget almost all recent memories!
You know it makes many things appear new, like TV reruns those are really great for me, since they are first runs when I see them again!

A wonderful summer fun time was had by all of us oldies but goodies.
How was …