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Chiming in...

Here is the refurbished blue moon and wind chime in our northern facing front of the house, side by side, nestled between the palms and off to the left of, if facing towards our home's big picture window.  Below that is the trinity of backyard sun room window bird crashing protective chimes! Prior to that birds were dying in droves! I had Googled what to do, and the ideas were from leaving the windows dirty to these much more pleasant wind chimes. Although, some on a windy day, might not care for their constant chiming! To them I say, close your windows, its nearly one hundred degrees out there, so turn up your air...conditioning!

Behind the chimes you may have noticed our window coverings, post Hurricane Charley circa 2004, any-who they are the fabric waffle cone type with strings to pull them up and down, and at the time the five altogether seemed quite expensive to me, but the windows were odd sized and I had tried all over to get something on them. We even had the professiona…

This a conversation that I have been putting off... know the one, the one where I really say what I have been thinking about all the shenanigans this administration thinks they are pulling on us, i.e. we the GREAT AMERICANS!
Truly it gives me the creeps just saying his name and so I don't.
I use euphemisms instead, Orange Frothy Haired Guy, Mr. T, President DJ is as close as I get to referring him the guy whom holds all our lives in our hands with one last TWEET!
I know he can't do anything to me, since he seems to not to be able to do much of anything to anyone.
Have you noticed that?
I hope that it's not just another case of subterfuge, smoke and mirrors, but absolute the flaccid inability to erect any notable changes whether nay or yay in our government processes, in this game of thrones, his inability causing sterility of his selfish change thankfully, thy initials are "DJT", and that reference is the sterility of accomplishments, none, nada, zilch, not in our lifetimes!
Sure I can mean what I s…

Arbor Day!

Trees in Nebraska, after an ice storm, in the early 20th century.Vintage Images / Getty Images Environment "This Is Why Arbor Day Is a Thing by Merrill Fabry
Nebraska was a largely treeless prairie region when, on April 10, 1872, it became the first state to celebrate Arbor Day by planting trees. The celebration came a few months after J. Sterling Morton, a vice-president of the Nebraska State Board of Agriculture, first proposed to the Board that the day be set aside for tree planting and that they should offer a "special premium" or prize for the county and for the person that planted the most trees on that day. The Board approved his resolution. Reportedly, there were more than a million trees planted in the state that first year. Julius Sterling Morton had moved to the Nebraska Territory in the mid 1850s with his wife, Caroline Joy Morton, and while he worked as a newspaper editor and politician, they both soon became known for their love of trees. An 1885 Nebras…

Made healthy ziti for dinner tonight!

Although, I succumbed to  Hubby's charms and agreed for us to have his regular pasta, no whole grain/ wheat or veggie streamers for him, too much to make two kinds for just us and I recently received two curly cue implements to achieve that veggie pasta concept...I do get away with a healthier fair in the sauce and cheeses selections of the creation of a more heart healthy, lower sodium meal, albeit still not Kosher, due to leaner chopped beef meat served with cheese.

Just over a cup of ziti noodles, cup runneth over, so to speak of those type of dried pastas, or elbow works too, in fact I added a splash to them too!
See when cooking for just us two my measurements have gone by the wayside... truth be known that has been historically, usually always, my way of cooking.

Any-who, the pastas should be cooked in boiling water according to their packaging directions.
Meanwhile slice those onions, mushrooms, and garlic and sautéed them together in a sprayed PAM pot with a tablespoon of…


Could it be Balenciaga? They look so much alike!
At more than 2K? is an Ikea! Only .99, but in our case free from the kids when they brought Thanksgiving dinner. Maybe they want it back? Never said, found it when cleaning and rearranging my closet months ago!
Hubby is the one who remembered what it was from, I couldn't remember.
I offered it to Hubby for another green grocery bag, but he feels it is way too large!

Moving on...

Live well fish pond bench, Hubby spent a lot of time sanding and spar varnished.
Used for pondering by the dapple waters and also for keeping fish for major pond cleanings!

A lot to think about!

Moving on, more so...

My computer had been held hostage by a loud page that came up threatening to shut it down, which it basically did!
I was so frustrated I told Hubby I was about to toss the computer in the garbage!
The message said to call a bogus number, and foolishly I did…

Cherub fountain refurbished from ruin too! But we have PICs of all Floridians worst nightmares too!

So many things we attained in life have stories attached to how we acquired them and there is a somewhat short story of how we received the cherub fountain. Hubby was in landscaping briefly on the east coast of Florida and one of his customers was throwing it out since two of levels were broken, Hubby asked if he could have it and for awhile two levels were working with a gluing but alas it did not last! And then there was just the one, pretty as a yard sculpture, but not much else since its reservoir is no longer there. For a while Number One Son was given it for his home and it graced his front portico garden when he lived in New Port Richey Florida, but when he moved and sold that home he gave it back to us.  
 Cue the Jaws music, oh no I cannot, that's what crashed my laptop! Hubby is trying to remove all the virus and spyware, while I write here on my phone to you! Good night!

New ideas and old afters

Have you ever seen metal sphere wind socks, nah neither had we. Hubby's idea, emergency tape that he has leftover from his other life recycled! The spheres were actually moss filled planters at one time and opened up into halves. The plants hung lovely at one time, but when they were gone the plants passed on the spheres once again had another life as brightly neon colored garden balls, this is their third life use now as metal sphere wind non-socks but hanging up high in the trees! Off the ground again and this time sprayed with stainless steel colored Rustoleum ...yay they say! Not really but... you know me... more proof of me being me...
Below you will see that the duckling and the frog made it back into the garden from sitting on the edging. The only explanation has to be that they were not too sure of their new ground covered base. I guess they decided the eucalyptus mulch was A-OK!   Safe under that gardenia bush with amaryllis and cannas bulbs off to the left there.

 This …

Eclectic Tonight!

Being disabled or even just being vertically challenged the below two items are very, very helpful. I call them reachers, but they must have another more technical name, and if you know please tell me.  Below are my two feet and ankles, embarrassing as they may be to some they being viewed is to show how they look after several hours in my motorized wheelchair, swollen and my right for the last two days appears to be taking on some not so lovely coloring, bruising, but no injury was attained, baffled and a bit concerned. Could it be from my latest diagnosis of LA, Lupus Anticoagulant and should I get thee to the hospital or wait for the doctor tomorrow or just call my chronic care nurse? I have been icing them, but it was removed for photo op purposes. They are elevated and I have been known to quadruple my 81mg. dosage of good ole aspirin for that anti-inflammatory purpose, anyone have any ideas?
 The next four pictures are Hubby's project of mulching and edging the pond garden,…

Fires vs. hurricanes, in the hemisphere on of all days Earth Day!

Our part of the state, the western side, has had acres and acres burned from Polk to Collier counties all due to the drought, this is our yearly dry season from December first to May thirty-first, and these fires have been started again by everything else from natural causes to careless cigarette disposal to accidental to arsonists! Horribly the fires are still not totally contained in any of those places!
It is a tinderbox out there folks, so be careful!
Homes, nine, have been lost in that 5,500 acre Collier County fire, but as of this writing so far no lives, thankfully!

Fires are usually an inland event due to forestry and ranches and more brush and farms to fuel the flames, but are rarely seen on the waterfront where we reside; at least in the nearly thirty-one years that we have lived on both coasts in Florida we have not been in the middle of any, and fires appear to be a yearly event too.

Hurricanes can be just as devastating as fires to land, life, homes, businesses and anyt…


My right arm is in a weird spasm.
This is exhausting me writing lefty with two fingers.
While my left side of my lower back is also in spasm.
Hubby got me two ice packs and extra strength Tylenol, perhaps more Baclofen too, so I am hopeful and yes grateful for him.

Sad grass, but what's that? Xeriscaping plants thriving!

"Definition of xeriscape
:  a landscaping method developed especially for arid and semiarid climates that utilizes water-conserving techniques (such as the use of drought-tolerant plants, mulch, and efficient irrigation)"Thanks to: A very good concept to conserve water usage anywhere these days! Oyster shell wreath with brighter blue with green polka dots ribbon, the ribbon was on sale at 80% off at JoAnne's, just under four bucks! The two plants in my Shabby Chic planter window box with raised cut-out wooden colorful flowers on the front side, now hidden by healthy growth of plants; a house warming gift from my retired teacher cousins from NJ who had retired to Venice Florida. The plants are a unique thornless cacti that gets a beautiful purple velvet-like flower bud and the wandering Jew plant that grows anywhere and everywhere, remember that, ha!  The flower box rests on our Spar varnished teak bench; m…

Oh I forgot to tell you...

Last Friday the Red Lobster gift card arrived; the general manager of our Port Charlotte Florida one is a woman of her word!
We had had a problem with their server there, her attitude and how she had served us, and so I had called a few days after our lunch and  I explained what had transpired and suggested that the server needed to be retrained and this was the resolve besides the assurance that the server would be spoken to, yep that is how to do business even when you aren't a stand alone small one.
In the olden days the customer was always right, but these days, at times, they seem to treat us customers as if they are doing us a favor taking our money! Dear businesses, without customers you have no BUSINESS! And believe me when I say that, since I have been a business person with two turnkey businesses and even a service business years ago and also a consumer like everyone else, so I know this to be true from both sides of the story!
And so I was relieved that I was heard wit…

Refresh renew!

Many information sites have the origins of why the pineapple was decidedly used as a symbol for hospitality and welcoming, but they all agree that is what it represents, and so we have two. We get you coming and going, our front door's bell is ensconced in a brass pineapple, and our dock has a molded cement, I think, since it was found in the canal when we arrived in this home, any-who it has been painted two distinctive colors over the nearly nineteen years we have been in this particular home, first dark hunter green blending too well into its post, and most recently metallic gold for it o stand out and be noticed! Its drabness has been transformed once again with Hubby giving its spray today! WELCOME IT SHOUTS! Now what long-time Floridian, interpretation retiree, doesn't have at least one Flamingo in his/her lawn ornament collection, why they wouldn't be considered true old timer's of Florida if they didn't, so here we go paying homage to that great tradition …

Turkey Kielbasa!

Kielbasa, the other half of the one we had weeks ago that we had frozen for tonight, nah, sounded good,..., with lower fat and sodium, yea they do make it, anyway... I did that tonight with handful of  sauerkraut, of course,  one medium sized peeled and chopped into half quartered sized pieces yellow squash, different, I know, one and a half onions sliced, three cloves of garlic smooshed and chopped, a cup of frozen peas and one large potato, pre-zapped four minutes in the microwave, sliced, and  a 1/2 cup of frozen mushrooms!
Chicken bouillon low sodium with  one cup of water and less than a quarter cup of flour for thickening the sauce that has Kosher salt, pepper, and thyme in it mixed altogether then pour over everything in the large pan that it is all mixed into after it had been sprayed with PAM and a tablespoon of olive oil and a smidge of butter! Oy Vey, not Kosher at all, but mmm oh so good! So a one pan meal! Since the turkey kielbasa is precooked... and oh so fast too!

Happy Holidays!

Happy Easter and yes, still Happy Passover till Tuesday!

I do realize that today must be a wonderful day for most getting together with family and friends, and a not so great day getting together with family and friends, ha!
Also for many of us who are far from family and friends or for any other reasons that you spend many holidays alone or with just your significant other, hello?
Many holiday dinners are served mid-afternoon and many are served whenever you and your guests feel like it, hmm?
Any-who, by now I have established that you are with whomever you wanted to be with or did not want to be with but had no real choice, or with just yourself or your one and only, and you may have or may have not eaten your BIG holiday meal yet or your tiny one or on the fly one...WHEW!
Gosh, I'm exhausted, are you?

Since Hubby and I raised two heathens holidays do not mean that much to them, huh?
Actually, we did try the dual religion thingy, neither one of us would dare ask the other …

Brisket was bought for tomorrow!

Both at a Passover Seder and Easter dinner brisket of beef is an appropriate meal, and so since we celebrate both Hubby and I that is why we decided for tomorrow to serve that as one fine combo holiday meal!
No rolls will be served, but asparagus, sweet potatoes, and lotsa onions (somewhat of a tradition!).
I am currently marinating the brisket in a sauce that I made with fresh squeezed orange juice, unsweetened orange marmalade, honey, sodium free soy sauce, ketchup, sodium free beef bouillon, bay leaves, thyme, black cracked pepper, and garlic all of it in a Ziploc bag for overnight.
Tomorrow it will go into the slow cooker on high for five/six hours to become tender and delicious!
I could get up to do it earlier for twelve hours on low, but we eat so early at five P.M.  usually, and although many a day I am up then at five A.M., putting it in at eleven seems more logical and not so rushed.

Usually for holidays past, except Passover, I would make my French toast casserole that can …