Eclectic Tonight!

Being disabled or even just being vertically challenged the below two items are very, very helpful. I call them reachers, but they must have another more technical name, and if you know please tell me.
 Below are my two feet and ankles, embarrassing as they may be to some they being viewed is to show how they look after several hours in my motorized wheelchair, swollen and my right for the last two days appears to be taking on some not so lovely coloring, bruising, but no injury was attained, baffled and a bit concerned. Could it be from my latest diagnosis of LA, Lupus Anticoagulant and should I get thee to the hospital or wait for the doctor tomorrow or just call my chronic care nurse? I have been icing them, but it was removed for photo op purposes. They are elevated and I have been known to quadruple my 81mg. dosage of good ole aspirin for that anti-inflammatory purpose, anyone have any ideas?
 The next four pictures are Hubby's project of mulching and edging the pond garden, the pond looks so small there, but it is a mighty 1100 gallons!

Today we went out once  again!
The third one for the year, fall, winter and spring they are here, for The Home and Garden Show was today at the Charlotte County Events and Conference Center in Punta Gorda Florida, admission is always free for this particular event! Actually, it was all weekend but we went today and after had lunch at Jack's on Marion. Hubby had his usual roast beef ajous with spicy fries and I had mine, my Hail Caesar salad without anchovies, all out today and my joyous Calypso seafood soup, both came home with us as well as Hubby's remainder of his fries. We had the cooler in the car and now Hubby keeps a Ziploc bag and asks wherever we are to fill it with ice and they of course do, nice, ice!
The amazing thing was no waiting for a handicap spot at either venue, one was ready right up front, same at Jack's; I suppose the snowbirds have flown home?
The Home and Garden Show was like the others although I had two oops today. I spoke to the ADT home alarm guys as if they were the hearing impaired phone guys, hmm lack of sleep can do that, ya know? Any-who, I went on and on about how Hubby was a board member of H.I.P. that stands for hearing impaired persons while he was in community policing, he was on several boards then. We were supposed to take a course on phrasing signing, we both sort of knew the alphabet from when the boys when they were little in scouts, Hubby was the Ocean County Scouting Coordinator in NJ back then. Anyway, I then unfortunately had to have my hand surgery of my left hand way back then in August of 2001, so that put a delay on the class, which sadly we still have never gotten around to taking since.   
Maybe someday?
And finally,
We went into Publix for groceries on our way home! Last stop.

Share those blessings folks and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Anyone knowing about foot and ankle swelling and bruising without injury let me know what you think, please? 
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