Fires vs. hurricanes, in the hemisphere on of all days Earth Day!

Our part of the state, the western side, has had acres and acres burned from Polk to Collier counties all due to the drought, this is our yearly dry season from December first to May thirty-first, and these fires have been started again by everything else from natural causes to careless cigarette disposal to accidental to arsonists! Horribly the fires are still not totally contained in any of those places!
It is a tinderbox out there folks, so be careful!
Homes, nine, have been lost in that 5,500 acre Collier County fire, but as of this writing so far no lives, thankfully!

Fires are usually an inland event due to forestry and ranches and more brush and farms to fuel the flames, but are rarely seen on the waterfront where we reside; at least in the nearly thirty-one years that we have lived on both coasts in Florida we have not been in the middle of any, and fires appear to be a yearly event too.

Hurricanes can be just as devastating as fires to land, life, homes, businesses and anything else you can think of the danger is as bad and the end results are worse also.
The only good thing about hurricanes, if there is anything that could be considered "good", is that there are many less hurricanes than fires, and many miss us when they are in our part of the world anyway, thankfully.

At least the current storm Arlene is a fish storm that is presently out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, hopefully it will diminish there too:

Think about the hurricanes that you hear about, there are just a few that have caused the horrific horrors that we all have all etched into our brains from being there like the survivors of the fires can attest to too!

Moving on...

My medicinal cocktail of extra strength Tylenol and Baclofen and ice packs eventually kicked in to make me feel better from last night's spasms untimely visit, just when I was about to write this blog.

I do take Baclofen everyday in the morning and at bedtime, but my neuros have always given me the option to take more if I need be, which works out well for me. I rarely take more than the 40mg. daily, but I can take as much as 80mg.
I am still taking one 300mg. of Gabapentin at bedtime too, down from as much as 2100mg.!
I hate drugs.
My history with them has been well documented here as me being that 1% that usually has a negative reaction to many legal medications, with one causing permanent bi-lateral thigh paresthesia and a common one nearly killing me given to me in the hospital and being coded, twice.
So now you know why.

Maybe tomorrow night I will try for something more upbeat.
I sure hope so; don't we all need that?

Good news we are all still here!

Share all those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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