Turkey Kielbasa!

Kielbasa, the other half of the one we had weeks ago that we had frozen for tonight, nah, sounded good,..., with lower fat and sodium, yea they do make it, anyway... I did that tonight with handful of  sauerkraut, of course,  one medium sized peeled and chopped into half quartered sized pieces yellow squash, different, I know, one and a half onions sliced, three cloves of garlic smooshed and chopped, a cup of frozen peas and one large potato, pre-zapped four minutes in the microwave, sliced, and  a 1/2 cup of frozen mushrooms!
Chicken bouillon low sodium with  one cup of water and less than a quarter cup of flour for thickening the sauce that has Kosher salt, pepper, and thyme in it mixed altogether then pour over everything in the large pan that it is all mixed into after it had been sprayed with PAM and a tablespoon of olive oil and a smidge of butter! Oy Vey, not Kosher at all, but mmm oh so good! So a one pan meal! Since the turkey kielbasa is precooked... and oh so fast too!
Should have quartered the kielbasa though because for two, once again way too much; lotsa leftovers!

Lunchtime I had my homemade New England style but my own, clam chowder, on Friday, and yes it had two slices of bacon zapped in microwave, also not Kosher, and one potato also zapped in microwave and chopped, sautéed vegetables,  one stalk chopped celery,  half cup of frozen mushrooms, fresh carrots, also pre-zapped, then added frozen mixed vegetables, sometimes just frozen corn, onions, garlic, chicken bouillon, two packets with flour for thickening and two cups of water too, and two cans of minced clams with juice when all the other has permeated, add in thyme, sea salt, crack black pepper, and Old Bay seasoning, a splash of milk and a drizzle of lemon! Yields about eight good sized cups or more, add more spices and water/milk to gain more.  Sometimes I add in shrimp or surimi crab with the clams even better, and sometimes instead of milk I used stewed canned tomatoes, always in my pantry, smashed or put into the Cuisinart, or fresh cherry/grape tomatoes with low sodium V8, and that makes it a Manhattan style but mine own version and add in either a dash of lemon juice or sherry vinegar, either works very nicely!

I so love making homemade soups!
Even though its heating up, in the air-conditioning it is always comfortable.
Hubby's Grandma Anna had a theory, more like an expression really that you should eat hot when it is hot and cold when it is cold that it neutralized your system, and she did live a very long healthy life!
Who knows.
I do know I liked her since she was very warm and loving, and when I had my first miscarriage and in the 1970s it appeared to be taboo to discuss she had no qualms and revealed that she had had one too! Gotta love the ole gal, my kind of woman, spoke her mind.
I had two more miscarriages, but she wasn't around for them she passed away when our second son was just six months old in August of 1976, but she had gotten to hold him, really nice lady.
Oh she had a green thumb for gardening and was a great cook and baker too!
And shared her knowledge with me, so very nice.
Hubby thought that her pound cake recipe had been lost that he had loved when she passed away sadly, but when I tried to make it using an old tried and true cook book, Betty Crocker's, it tasted just like hers, minus the egg shells, ha!
Sometimes over the years I have made it, since it is so versatile, adding lemon to it, or using it for strawberry short cake, but since I have been a much bigger gal, I haven't.

Any-who, cooking in our household too was always a family deal and our boys yes, sons always cooked with us from the age of about three and had a ball doing it!
In fact after we got out of the restaurant business our younger son, still in high school, became a sous chef for a fancy restaurant in town! Our older son chose fast food as a student.

And our sons knew how to do laundry and handle money too all before college!

I suppose that is why the older one still isn't married, but in a long term relationship.
I wanted them desperately not to marry for maids I wanted then to marry their equals.
And they did intellect wise.
Oldest significant other, girlfriend is a psychologist.
And our younger son's wife is an attorney, and he is a nuclear engineer!

They again chose wisely.
No maids there, not that there is anything wrong with that job, but domestic chores in a home should be equal too in my opinion a partnership in everything in a good relationship!
Like Hubby and me and it does work.
His Mom was a working Mom so he knew all those things too, survival skills!
Actually, he knew more than I, yep I was a spoiled brat, most all was done for me, but he is responsible for me becoming a Mensch, so to speak. I even learned how to fix things, and paint things like walls inside and out and Geez lotsa stuff!
And I am happier for it.

Share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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