Happy Holidays!

Happy Easter and yes, still Happy Passover till Tuesday!

I do realize that today must be a wonderful day for most getting together with family and friends, and a not so great day getting together with family and friends, ha!
Also for many of us who are far from family and friends or for any other reasons that you spend many holidays alone or with just your significant other, hello?
Many holiday dinners are served mid-afternoon and many are served whenever you and your guests feel like it, hmm?
Any-who, by now I have established that you are with whomever you wanted to be with or did not want to be with but had no real choice, or with just yourself or your one and only, and you may have or may have not eaten your BIG holiday meal yet or your tiny one or on the fly one...WHEW!
Gosh, I'm exhausted, are you?

Since Hubby and I raised two heathens holidays do not mean that much to them, huh?
Actually, we did try the dual religion thingy, neither one of us would dare ask the other to convert, but I suppose after my parents passed away I was enamored with the fun side of Hubby's holidays, that is not to say that Jewish holidays were not fun too, oh they were.
You know though how when you are a kid and someone has something you don't, but you find it exciting and mysterious?
Taboo comes to mind and then when you are all grown up and have the ability to choose?
But still can make plenty of mistakes, well it is sorta like that, ya know?
Anyway, we did not join any specific houses of worship, thus our sons the "heathens" as adults haven't either, but even so the younger one studied different religions in college as a minor and found it very interesting and our older one has dated mostly Catholic women of Spanish and German heritage, except for this last one who has two masters in psychology and a continuing medical education, and last time we spoke that she said that she has no real religious affiliation, okey dokey, one of us! She is ancestrally Welsh though, whatever that means.
Life goes on in spite of that, anyway they, our sons, are both over forty now, so they too have that right to choose! Although, in our home they always had that right.
And that is what I always would say, give them a taste in life of all things and then they would choose!
We raised free thinkers, who oddly enough chose to become liberals like us, crazy!
Actually, not so crazy.
Most/all free thinkers are liberals.

Although, Hubby and I came from two different worlds.
Hubby was raised in his Mom's faith, Catholic, his father was Lutheran.
I was born and raised a Jew by two Jewish parents.
Hubby's family was/is Republican.
My parents were Democrats.
Hubby grew up in a single parent home with a divorced Mom.
I grew up in a home with two parents that were married.
Hubby grew up with two siblings, he in the middle.
I grew up with basically myself and a half brother who was nineteen years older that would come and go periodically.

See real different!
But somehow we both ended up thinking the same way.
Liberal non-partisans.
Non committal to organized religions, but do not hassle others who believe, just don't expect us to think your way, and Hubby tells people he is half Jewish that is his better half! Love that!
I am still and I suppose that I always will get very upset when people say anything Anti-Semitic and I consider myself pro Israel as a Jewish state.
Hope I don't get any backlash from expressing my true feelings; heck I can deal with that!
Not from any of you guys anyway!
See I chose you all wisely.
Live and let live is my motto.

 On that nice note, share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

The dud bomb was a message to you all in North Korea to give peace a chance... Please do!

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