Could it be Balenciaga? They look so much alike!
At more than 2K?
News video: Balenciaga's New $2,145 Tote Looks Like Ikea's $1 Shopping Bag


 Nah...it is an Ikea! Only .99, but in our case free from the kids when they brought Thanksgiving dinner. Maybe they want it back? Never said, found it when cleaning and rearranging my closet months ago!
Hubby is the one who remembered what it was from, I couldn't remember.
I offered it to Hubby for another green grocery bag, but he feels it is way too large!

Moving on...

Live well fish pond bench, Hubby spent a lot of time sanding and spar varnished.
Used for pondering by the dapple waters and also for keeping fish for major pond cleanings!

A lot to think about!

Moving on, more so...

My computer had been held hostage by a loud page that came up threatening to shut it down, which it basically did!
I was so frustrated I told Hubby I was about to toss the computer in the garbage!
The message said to call a bogus number, and foolishly I did, and they were kind enough to want to help me for a fee, $100 or there about!
The con number and do not call was 1-844-817-7355, BOGUS, DO NOT CALL and they said they were working for Microsoft, but they were NOT!
Hubby said he would find the actual Microsoft phone number and he did, and they did a free courtesy fix that went on well into the wee hours of the night even after they took over my computer and hung up but it continued to remove the viruses and spyware!
As you can see it is now working fine once again, thankfully!
Here is the legit Microsoft certified technicians: 1-800-642-7676, the legit number!
The Microsoft certified technician asked me for that above BOGUS number to track them, they knew all about them and are bringing them down!

Share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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