This a conversation that I have been putting off... know the one, the one where I really say what I have been thinking about all the shenanigans this administration thinks they are pulling on us, i.e. we the GREAT AMERICANS!
Truly it gives me the creeps just saying his name and so I don't.
I use euphemisms instead, Orange Frothy Haired Guy, Mr. T, President DJ is as close as I get to referring him the guy whom holds all our lives in our hands with one last TWEET!
I know he can't do anything to me, since he seems to not to be able to do much of anything to anyone.
Have you noticed that?
I hope that it's not just another case of subterfuge, smoke and mirrors, but absolute the flaccid inability to erect any notable changes whether nay or yay in our government processes, in this game of thrones, his inability causing sterility of his selfish change thankfully, thy initials are "DJT", and that reference is the sterility of accomplishments, none, nada, zilch, not in our lifetimes!
Sure I can mean what I say and be mean all day long about this objectionable weighted doorstop of an oaf thinking he is the best, the most, the stupendous all knowing one! NAY!
My analogy to this wanna be king is that of the story of the Emperor's New Clothes: or perhaps this newer more contemporary version of the story:, he so reminds me of that buffoon! OOPS, but more true to him!
So sorry, that was very disrespectful of the leader of our GREAT AMERICA!
But doesn't a person, any person have to earn that respect?
Oh he thought the job would be easy, and he is so surprised by every aspect of it, boohoo!
Over the last 100 days plus this person has had more days off than most anyone in a new job with considerably less responsibility to so many people as this one has!
Gosh, being the president is more like being a Mom, 24/7, without vacations, love, we have to earn it, and sometimes it can be thankless!
But we Moms are always there and never quit, and you know why?
And since you sir, trying to be polite, have never been a MOTHER only know how to make them, you hire nannies so even the women you turn into mothers might not know, but it is darn hard work, and we do it for one reason and one reason only... for the LOVE of the JOB!
No kissing butts, no thank yous with everything we do, no picture ops counting how many times we do get those butterfly kisses or smacks on the cheeks or hugs or crowd pleasers, no countdowns to smiles that let you know that you might have gotten it right this time in front of their friends, no one keeping track of all those notes and bouquets of weeds, or how many kisses on their scraped knees to make their booboos feel better, no camera shots for those records, only hearts filled with the joy that you did everything right when they grow and they turn out oh so right, even if you may have dropped the ball a few times... all done without a net or any applause!
Moms and presidents do things because they want to take on the world to make it better without fanfare, but for the love of it all!

So MR. T, Pres. DJ, Orange Frothy Haired Guy, love what you do for the right reasons and know why you were chosen to do this, not for yourself alone, but for the rest of us as an all encompassing world! Be kind and rewind your game plan for the sake of all involved.       
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