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Here is the refurbished blue moon and wind chime in our northern facing front of the house, side by side, nestled between the palms and off to the left of, if facing towards our home's big picture window.
 Below that is the trinity of backyard sun room window bird crashing protective chimes! Prior to that birds were dying in droves! I had Googled what to do, and the ideas were from leaving the windows dirty to these much more pleasant wind chimes. Although, some on a windy day, might not care for their constant chiming! To them I say, close your windows, its nearly one hundred degrees out there, so turn up your air...conditioning!


Behind the chimes you may have noticed our window coverings, post Hurricane Charley circa 2004, any-who they are the fabric waffle cone type with strings to pull them up and down, and at the time the five altogether seemed quite expensive to me, but the windows were odd sized and I had tried all over to get something on them. We even had the professionals tint them with the thought now we don't need any curtains... not true! It was a nifty privacy helper, we could see out and people could not see in, but the heat penetrated in spite of that! So we went with someone who could specially fit them to the windows and they cost us at the time back in 2004, $1600 for just five! The other day the cord broke on the one over the door to the patio, and I said, a quiet yay... thinking now we could replace them!( Now good for a few more years... yay!) But instead Hubby switched the one from the patio with the one door we never use next to the second bathroom. That door was put in with thoughts it would be handy for the pool to go in there and not traipse through the room dripping wet, never happened and was never used. Oh many might wonder why only one door to the patio, the original configuration was an enormous slider, simply put we needed the wall space for that desk you see there that it too has become nearly obsolete, since we use a laptop these days, more than the desk top PC, but the printer/scanner is there as well as the other scanner that we do not use, our printer had finally died last year.  
Shade up, shade down, the room is not crooked as seen above, not, just the photographer, me, I hold the phone/camera crooked for some unknown reason.

Unused door by second bathroom, now without a cord. It really doesn't matter since that door's glass has been replaced two times due to the lawn mower hitting it, and so there is no tinting on it at all, so way too bright! In fact only the second bathroom window and the three over sized windows below are still tinted, Hubby switched out the second door with the first plain glass when the first glass was broken, really should get them tinted again. Oddly enough with all the building of homes, even put in a pool, and docks and decking, renovations and crafts etc. window tinting is very hard! We did try to do it ourselves, but that darn stuff kept ripping, ha! No wonder people specialize in that, hmm? 
Our sun room is not enormous, just 10' wide and 19' long, and there is too much furniture in there!
That white futon full size sleeper sofa from Target, BTW, after the hurricane I turned the guest room into a sometime one with that, but when we decided to return it to a full-time guest room it came out and was placed across from our blue queen sofa bed one. the trunk with the decoupage fish of Florida Hubby and I made, the trunk was a gift from Number One's girlfriend at the time, and the interior painted all a lovely vivid blue, it was unpainted when we received it, and the design was my idea. 
Since this room is sort of a fish themed room. The awning type valances were my design too, to encompass a beachy outdoor/indoor concept, Hubby did the woodwork but I painted them, by using  Frog tape to help with the stripes, at the time Frog tape was a brand new idea for DIYers! 
Below is another return from Number One Son, one of two sections of a solid oak breakfront we had bought for our first home in Florida on the other coast, it has had a couple of incarnations besides half of an entertainment center, his brother was given the open shelve side, this was also used for our dinning room China closet, and now too or once again. Our China in this smaller retirement home, had been stored in our kitchen cabinets, but when we got it back it allowed for me to put so many of the little appliances away instead of leaving them cluttering on the kitchen counters and so the "good China", went back in there. I had wanted it to become a wine bar or to also paint it a new cheerful color or modernized it in some way, but I still haven't decided exactly what I want to do.
Anybody out there have any ideas? I had wanted to donate the futon couch, but Hubby said we should keep it. Right now in our tiny house we have enough room to sleep ten guests in an emergency as long as that emergency isn't here, because we will be out of here! Oh, the reason the trunk, which I also put caster wheels on them is along the wall not in between the two couches is because of my wheels needing a wider fairway. I, mean Hubby put the wheels on the trunks, but it was my idea, also on our nautical oak stained one in the guest room under the window like a seat.
The bookcase you see here in white Hubby made out of found wood in our formally outdoor laundry room shelves and he believes them to be mahogany. The bookcase was made right away, since we had moved the laundry indoors, access from the foyer and leads into the garage and had custom cabinets made in there too and was first in the foyer then the guestroom and lastly in here. I, I mean Hubby has to under my direction, need to at the very least rearrange this room. At least I have learned one very important thing over the years measure, measure, measure first! Where you want something and that things dimensions should be noted as well, extremely important, so if NOT possible to fit where you want it, no harm, no foul! Would love that cabinet to be a future project, with the too hot weather we will be hibernating like most due with too cold, again today in the nineties!  
Share those blessings and we will too! And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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