The difference between avoidance and denial?




  • 1. the action of keeping away from or not doing something: "one third of cancer deaths could be prevented by avoidance of smoking"
  • 2. the action of repudiating, nullifying, or rendering void a decree or contract:"insurance underwriters could not rely on non-disclosure to justify avoidance of the contract"



noun noun: denial, plural noun: denials
Thanks to: Oxford dictionaries for both words definitions.

Those  are two words our commander and chief lives by and uses daily!
Moving on ...
As far as those above words uses in my daily life, none, nada, nil, not in my lifetime!
I do not deny my abilities or lack there of them.
But I do try not to avoid things due to them.
I allow for my body to tell me what to do or not to do.
You all know those little ditties, I may have-------- blah, blah, blah, fill in the blanks/chronic disease, but it doesn't have me!
Sorry promoters of so-called positive thinking with chronic illnesses, because I do have Multiple sclerosis and it may not have me, but it sure has its way with me more often than not! Duh, bud, bum!
Lately, I do feel the need to complain again about this invasive ill.
Although, with me I have no idea what is causing what where or when...does that make any sense?
Take today, yep, you can take it somewhere far, far, away!
My body would not allow me to get out of bed too often and that is rather annoying!
Pain and numbness prevail still/always, drunken sailor balance issues, twitching, and spasms in the oddest of places, no, not there, but one eye is pained, both blurry, and the other is twitchy.
Headaches, backaches, numbness in arms and legs, oh my!
See, I do have MS and yes it does have me! But so does spondylosis, sleep apnea, asthma, LA, hypothyroidism, and still almost gone pre-diabetes.
Or at least they want to play with me.
Oh I am not asking for sympathy, because that would be too much too often to ask for, and redundancy is my thingy, not my friends, I hope.
If I wrote daily about my accomplishments... and I just learned that showering is one, I do that daily, well another MS recipient had a great day since she was able to do it all by herself!
I suppose I do not look at the smaller picture of those little triumphs meaning so very much, she posted hers on FB and the response was compassionately observed by most all of her friends.
I on the other hand thought, Geez I did not realize that I too have been amazing!
Small gratitude's in life, blessings, hmm? 
I was lost though, since when I questioned her on the private messaging about perhaps some modifications to her home, she said that she was just having balance issues!
She could have fallen in the tub, but this brave woman felt that there was no reason to add a seat or a grab bar or any other safety measure, wow, how brave! Or foolish, since she does live alone, but also has wonderful neighbors!
Although... why post how proud she was that she could do it for herself, without a home health aid that she admitted to having these days too?
None, of my business, but it makes one wonder, ya know? 
We are all stronger with positive accolades from whomever we so desire.
But... when we do not take to helping ourselves, we have to think why maximize our need for help from others, when there is usually a way to help one's self!
Hubby does not bathe me, and yet I do have mobility and balance issues, but I have many grab bars and in my barrier free shower that is 3'X6' I have a bench with two grab bars and a hand held shower head as well as a soap, shampoo and conditioner push button dispenser attached to the wall to use and a pouf to apply my soap. I even have one of those solid tube seats for softness. Before, in the regular bathroom with the tub that I could not get my legs over, thus the barrier free was made, but in that one there I had a bath chair and another hand held shower head as well as the soap, shampoo, and conditioner dispenser and grab bar and that pouf too.  
The least some one with balance issues should do is have a seat and hand held shower head for safety!
Are we our brothers or sisters keepers?
I think these days only if they let you, assuming always gets me into trouble!
I validate my concern with all my years in occupational and physical therapies, twenty this year and the fact that I was certified by the state health department for their self help course, way back in 2004!
We do have the Good Samaritan Law in this state, I think?
Anyway, nothing I do or say can hurt?
See no avoidance or denial!
Share those blessings and we will too!
And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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