Saturday, July 31, 2010

Motivated to succeed, but failing miserably...

Have you ever been so determined to solve a problem that first and with all logical indications it should be so simple?

Now I ask all of you if you were trying to make shade in your backyard over your non-screened-in, in-ground swimming pool and wanted to be frugal but also make it look atheistically pleasing to your eye, which is your objective as well as the practicality of the shade for health reasons, skin protection, would that be a major problem to figure out?
Not really I hear you all saying, well that’s what we thought too.
Our idea was to make use of a few sun umbrellas lining each side of the pool and adjust them or close them according to the sun’s direction and my needs. The umbrella idea was actually Hubby’s after we both nixed the shade-cloth concept, what we got caught up on was the massiveness of it, the shade-cloth that is, that it would have to be able to cover the entire pool area and the cost would also be not effective, also the way to put it over the pool at will or to close it when not needed unless Hubby constructed an elaborate roller system it would be way up there in price even with him doing it.
And then of course its look, not exactly an attractive decorated piece to add to our backyard d├ęcor?
And so the umbrella idea resonated throughout both of our hearts and minds as the perfect solution. Hubby would even drill into the decking to make the umbrellas have a secure uniformity of positioning and if the worst was to happen such as having to batten down the hatches for a hurricane they could be easily removed and placed into a safe location without much effort.
A gem of an idea or so we thought, all we wanted was a large enough umbrella in a neutral shade of color, preferably beige or tan or even hunter-green and that it should be bendable to adjust direction, two to four of them would be needed depending on how large they would be. Not terribly a lot to ask of the retail businesses at large?
After a day of shopping and not acquiring what we wanted looking diligently through five different brick and mortar stores and online as well we had not succeeded.
Either too small not enough in the same color or not a neutral color or not bendable, you get the picture, and also the price fluctuated.
From the very low price point to a very high, which of course we frugal peeps would not pay and sure couldn’t, but it didn’t matter anyway because the umbrellas were not according to our desired specs anyway!
Get the picture?

I was getting a headache and dizzy from just the shear frustration of it all.
You see for the last few days I have not been able to wear even my hat since it is so large it rubs on my sore shoulders, and the sun even before ten A.M. is already getting hot!
No, sunscreen yet since my shoulders burn with rebellion, and I am still waiting on standby to see the dermatologist!
But now it won’t be until next month, sadly.
Yesterday was the day he was coming in, and I did not receive a call.

Sorry I am not too silly tonight, but that’s the way some days go…
Nothing too earth shattering but necessary to accomplish my ROM exercise.

Perhaps sleeping on it will make the possibilities more vivid and more flexible in our minds.
Trying to be healthy with limitations you can’t say it isn’t challenging!
But then that’s what we all have some of us though know that theirs are not as visually obvious.
That’s what makes life interesting, right?

On that note of not going to ever give up attitude, really!
I will bid you all a very good night and to all count those blessings and we will too!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Calm collected and non angry demeanor...

If there was only one sentence to describe you, what would it be?
Good question and one that most would have to take some time to consider.
When you were say, five; what was your main interest in life or more likely your persona?
Or is it too young of an age to remember and so you don’t have any of those memories.
What about at the age of ten?

Obstinate would be my description for both of those years, because I was a full fledged ‘Brat’ with a capital “B”, but too young to be called the witch word that rhymes.
Fortunately, we all do grow up and out of those tight perimeters if we are lucky!
Actually, that personality trait is a great one to use for redirecting into good things like persistence and perseverance, which was where mine finally turned up; when I won an award for it years later in the field of business.

Oddly enough the idea for the questions above came from my FB page, which believe it or not one of my notable FB friends is a Hollywood director, (but I will not divulge his name, since I don’t do that, toss around famous peeps names that is) and in his spare time he throws out these obscure questions that he suggests we all respond to and like sheep we obey and do our best to be clever and funny and damn interesting, and what do we get in return? Not a thing.
But competition is good for the soul, although none of us ever win a darn thing!
I suppose it is his own special unique idea mill and we are his grist for his fodder
of original ideas.
But no one seems to be that original from what I have read, sadly including myself.
What can I say I would be stealing from my own literary creativity on my Blog if I shared with this person who is getting supplied with people’s inner concepts that they truly feel are of unusual value to him and all for free!
A brainstorming, so to speak, is initiated in these non-controversial queries of his, and I wonder if it is purely for his own entertainment and of no use in reality for what he wants to create or just a blip of human issuance to tickle his boredom in the midst of his busy day?
Sociology experiment? Who knows…?
Oh well, if we all think as hard as we can about our daily lives experiences and compare notes with our relatives or friends, as I have said before they’re really isn’t anything that is that new under the sun.
Only different spins on the same thing, but I call that the deje vu factor.
You all know that feeling of familiarity, right?
Haven’t we all been there before?
No, then give it time and you too will experience it.

Have you ever said something that when you said it you knew that it might have been your most incredible use of the brain that you were unfullingly were taking for granted and used it to utter the most brilliant spewing of all time at just the right moment?
Nah, me neither… not yet anyway!
Mostly I suffer from foot and mouth but we have discussed this before.
I suspect it goes back to those childhood days of being the ‘Brat’.
We all have heard the logical parental lament ‘think before you speak’?
Well, that’s not how I roll.
I speak as I write train of conscientiousness, some think it means high intellect others think it may be a mental disorder, wow way too farfetched in either direction.
In my different way of perceiving the world at large has created a way for my own little world to be flawed but exceptionally so.
How could this be when I just said that there is nothing new under the sun…?
That’s the rub in my world things an extraordinarily one of my kind!

On that note of total confusion which I so love…I will wish you all a very happy night and to all count those blessings and we will too!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

850,335,101 significant numbers...

The first number of 850 is the amount of posts of this Blog, amazing!
And the second, # 335, is my tally on my FB friends as of this minute, but it changes often even hourly and more than likely daily!
The last number, 101, is how many days that the Gulf’s eco system has been compromised, since that horrific explosion that took eleven lives and injured more than 150 people on that infamous day of April 20th !

Solemn is the way we should be about that last number above, but the others are to be regarded with unadulterated joy!
Who would have thunk it that I could continue in this realm of stream of consciousness blurting with such an obvious loyalty to a project of this much dullness and as boring to all sane natured peeps yet intriguing to the many lame brains not unlike my own not so unique self.
Ah, the joy of caring about something in-animate!
Love of people is my motivation for the other, and to always have another fair but occasionally idle minded person to mentally joust with!
Go social media!
Who says it can’t be all that we want it to be?
Betty White may have been right for some; it is just a waste of their precious or semi-precious time, but most will argue it is a GREAT NETWORKING TOOL!
And yes why not, many have increased their contacts lists into the thousands, this I have seen with my very own eyes, and that’s a big wow!
It is international, which is the right fit for finance, real-estate, and banking, etc.
Add in the people who boost your self esteem and who have written and published books that are all over it, and it makes me wonder where my published think positive book claim to fame is? Why I believe in positive thinking most days…
Authors from all other genres utilize it as well for ‘be-friend-ments’, (Tobism), for writing is a very lonely profession, just you and your writing implements mostly, and I do know this because I too have tried it for profit but as you can see here to no avail!
Huh, wonder what gives with that? And who needs that dirty green stuff anyway!
Any-who, the gamut of Peeps goes from the sublime to the gangstas, and some homebodies to homeboys to sweetheart mom types to nearly loony serial murder possibilities, but we are all in our offices, homes or coffee shops or wherever WI FI could be and safely away from true human contact…WHEW! Who needs that I ask you?

But seriously, this technology thing is incredible and has made such progress in such a short period of time, right? Below is a link to the actual beginning of all of this: just copy and paste to find out if this is what you want to know more about; but a hint this really all started nearly seventy-five years ago friends, prove my point…

And so once again I have taken some of the mystifications out of life and out of the equation, and I will say to each of you that you are more than welcome.
No, really.
So use what you must and enjoy what you use and use it wisely with care since this is the answer to that question…"Is big brother really watching?”
Well, the answer to that is…YES, and you let him in.
Happy night to all and to all count those blessings and we will too!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Drizzle is here... and the 100th day of the Worst Environmental Disaster in US history!

It’s raining here in the rainy season of Florida, no surprise here!
But it, the rain, was kind enough to wait until after five this evening giving most of us plenty of time to enjoy all outdoor activities during the day. I am quite sure that most were done in water or with water at hand literally, since it was quite hot, nothing unusual there either; this is summer in Florida and it is our way! You either stay in air-conditioning or do the prior mentioned watery concept.
And yes, we did have another ninety degree day with heat indices in the low to mid one hundreds.
Geez, compared to much of the country we are having a cool wave!
The drizzle is maintaining a steady gentle beat and has dropped the temps a few degrees too and although its announcement of its arrival was quite low, deep and thunderous, but somehow tamed itself once its moisture released; buildups have that result.

Now we are thinking that this is just what we needed here.
With the heat and as dry as it has been the mild rains are a reaffirmation and thirst buster for all floras in the landscape; a beautification and rejuvenation.

We are not receiving lightening yet, but the TV meteorologist just reported we will be getting a wilder storm soon so I better finish before we lose power!

Today was the 100th day of the oil leak and the twelfth of the temporary cap working, but folks before you all get excited and think our problem is all over there are over 180 million gallons of crude oil roaming around in the Gulf of Mexico, and some has broken up and dissipated but much is still slowly washing ashore in the western and middle northern Gulf to our Florida panhandle still and for decades to come. Hopefully they, all who are in-charge, will continue on the proposed path which has the schedule to have the relief wells dug and hooked up and in place by next month.

Personally I got my swim in early before ten, and that’s the way I have been avoiding the hot sun on my misguided shoulders…you would think after twenty-four years of living here they would have gotten over this hurdle of adaptation by now, wouldn’t you?
But oh no, mine decided to act up this year!
I still wear a hat, dark shades, and zinc oxide on my face including my nose.
Scary I bet!
But Hubby is used to me by now.
And unofficially he’s my lifeguard.
I say unofficially because I did get my life saving certificate years ago, and taught those years of Acquacize as a certified instructor, but I am a physical disaster these days and even the best swimmer should never swim alone!
That’s why our sons went to water baby classes at the Y, when infants and toddlers.
This state is so notorious for children drowning; it is so very sad.
We always lived near water our first home was a townhouse condo on a creek with a pool at our clubhouse, and so that’s why we had them in classes, our next home that we built we had a lake nearby and our own pool, and the next we had a pool and lived across from the ocean etc.
Children, mainly toddlers, are so fast, never ever leave them alone in or out of water!
Don’t let yourself get distracted with your phone or anything else when you’re with them be totally with them! I tell you this from experience and mine are still alive, at ages 34 and 38 years old respectively; so there!

On that silly note of bragging over something that has nothing to do with my parenting skills any longer good night to all and to all count those blessings and we will too!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back in the pool today!

Does anyone out there really read this nonsensical boloney that I spew out nightly for my own satisfaction of doing something tangible to prove I have minuscule capabilities?
You all do know that this is my personal mental health therapy?
Being allowed to verbalize how things are in my own little world has made me feel a wee bit useful.
As I told an FB friend just yesterday, as we all know; there is nothing new under the sun and sharing our flaws or frailties allows us to realize that as human beings we have many commonalties to compare notes on so to speak. Or to laugh at what the other guys consider problems and say, hey mine aren’t so bad after all!

So let me encourage you to listen to my reasoning on this venue of unadulterated narcissistic boldness of manner and idea I will ‘xplain myself ‘Lucy’ to all of you or any one person who might find the time and take the non-initiative to consume this fodder of my heart and soul.

Here goes… being practically an only child with older parents I was listened to intently when I spoke, and when they died and our sons grew and moved away and my hubby heard it all before too many times I decided there was an entire world who hadn’t heard a peep, and that is why we are here today!
The end.
Nah you’re not getting away with it that early, you should have realized that peeps, this is Tobi’s turf!

But as simple as I stated my reasoning.
I do enjoy talking and since I don’t drive anymore due to my health and I quit so many of my extra curricular activities where I did have friends and if not friend’s people to talk to…THIS IS MY VOCAL OUTLET FOLKS!

This morning I did get back into the pool for my ROM exercises, and they do help I suspect.

I have come up with a new greeting for all to verbalize for your day to begin and I think most of you may adopt it since it is a very simple twist on our usual boring daily welcome to our world or friends, instead of good morning just say happy morning!
What do think?
I proposed it to my FB friends today and a few responded in the positive.
But not enough to brag about.
I suspect most might be in a rut of sameness, you know what I mean?
But just think about what just changing that one word means?
That you are wishing your buds, co-workers and complete strangers to have happiness for the start of their day!
Wow, what a concept, huh?
Isn’t that really what we are all looking for?
Some think MONEY buys happiness or love or this job or that other thing, but what it really boils down to is you making you happy!
Truthfully, all any of us can do is smile to fool our brains when we are feeling down.
Things don’t make you happy, just comfortable.
Of course I am not so idealistic that I don’t know that we as human beings need our creature comforts taken care of, but after that; what do we really need?
Greed is what caused this mess that we are in economically and it truly shocks me when I read some of the people’s forms of incomes on my FB page.
Make millions, flip this or that, doesn’t anyone remember how this economic disaster started with people who were so greedy they never knew when enough was enough!
Having fun and monies to relax are fine but when you have to have more and more and more, then my friends I think you may need your own Blog for some mental health re-evaluating!
Playing hard and working hard to get what you want?
But in reality what is it that you really need?
And yes those two things are different my friends, and you should all weigh those choices…where does it stop?

On this pittance of an attempt to create thought of deeds in my newest friendships I will bid you all a very good night and to all count those blessings, which I may add are not how many homes, cars or whatever you have but your spouses, partners, children, pets of whatever treasures that breaths your air in your space alongside of you or somewhere in this world!
And we will count ours too!

And now my audience has reached on FB friends a tally of lively breaths of 302!
Thank you to all!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Today I went to the vampira and gave...

You know, I always wondered why when you have to have blood work done they always appear to take more than they could possibly ever need for a scientific specimen, and if you are not a carrier of a major plague or anything like that why can’t they use your blood for transfusion donations?

Today alone they must have taken four to six vials ( I lost count and tried not to continue to look the first three were interesting but the rest were just a wee bit ghoulish, you know what I mean?) just from little ole me! And you can’t tell me that they were going to use all of it!
So I asked the phlebotomist and she didn’t know either.
Where would one go for that type of information to find out?

In a world where we are trying hard to pride ourselves on ingenuity and non-wasteful ecologically sound ideas we as a people I ask you collectively, why not use all the healthy human bodily fluids that we no longer have use for or have been well tested and proven safe. The FDA could have control over this too! Wait a minute, they don’t seem to have a knack on that control of checking products yet; they have recently made quite a few whoppers of mistakes, huh? Well, then scientists who test it could do it don’t you think they would have the most knowledge in what actually would be OK; what do you say folks?

Without going into too much detail I do mostly mean blood since that is the one they have all those drives for, right?
The other one that is for procreation should be an individual’s choice, but over the years that one has caused most of the enormous amounts of problems and controversy.
So I suppose I will stick with the question; what happens to all that blood that the medical professionals take from us in labs, doctor offices and hospitals?
Am I the only one who has wondered, I think not!
Sure it must go into the hazardous waste containers that they have all over those places, but why?

If you don’t have some horrendous transmittable disease, are your hemo-typical fluids still considered a hazardous waste?
Not to any human creature who has them within them and who knows they could have healing components to help the world?
Wouldn’t that just be ducky?

After we went for my early morning blood letting which had to be on a fasting stomach, Hubby took me out to breakfast; rightfully so.
We went to one of those comfort food restaurants with a cowboy guy as their icon, our local in neighborhood place.
Hubby ordered the heart attack special and I went for the lighter choice the egg white spinach omelet with rye toast, we both had black coffee.
His came the way he wanted it gushing with all those finding globules in those sunny-side up eggs and sausages butter for his white toast, just what he desired.
Mine looked good too until I took the small bowl of strawberries and pineapples off my plate, and there it was gelatinous running stuff that puddled away from my pristine egg-whites encrusted with spinach and topped with small chunks of very fresh looking tomatoes, yummy except for that oil glop!
I’m not one to complain in fact I don’t recall the last time that I did do that, but this oil fluid just seemed to defeat my whole concept of eating healthy, you know what I mean?
So Hubby found the server and told her that we had a problem with one of our meals and she looked at it and took it away. Meanwhile I ate my fruit and rye toast with sugar free berry preserve which was just perfectly fine. By the time she returned with their second try, and I say this because it was another greasy looking specimen I said that I really didn’t want it, and she took it away.
Soon the manager came over and apologized in hush, hush tones, in a squatting position at the end of our table, and said that he would take care of our meal and we didn’t have to pay for either of your choices, we politely protested but he insisted.
He even gave us coupons worth ten dollars off for our next visit.
Hubby and I felt we should leave a tip and so Hubby checked his wallet and left one.

That pretty much sums up the day.
I told the manager it was nice to see that such a large chain had an old fashioned way of handling such situations. And I said what my dad used to say that, “He was a gentleman and a scholar”, which I am sure didn’t make any sense to that thirty-something fellow, and now that I think back it doesn’t make any to me either, LOL!
Well, to be honest if Dad was still here he would be 103 by now!
And they spoke differently in those days, didn’t they?

Good night to all and to all take and count those blessings and we will too!

PS Happy Birthday to the ADA, the Americans’ for Disabilities Act that went into affect twenty years ago today!
Bush ‘one’ was responsible for it, and for that I am grateful.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Being me has become simpler than ever before, rant!

Is there anyone out there who wouldn’t want an uncomplicated life?
I ask all of you, seriously.
The reason I am saying this is because for the first time in my life I am able to do what I want when I want to without anyone telling me not to.

At different times in my life I was juggling too many things but some how they always turned out just right or pretty OK.
Been there, done that has become a familiar lament of late.
Boy, it makes me angry though when others seem to know what’s better for you and they don’t even know you at all!

You see when I was able to I did it all, from working a ninety-six hour week, drove three thousand miles a month while raising two teenagers while they were in college and their father too.
You know we all worked actually Hubby and our sons through school and me too when I went.
But they did work part-time at those times as we all did.

When I became a bum, so to speak from my illnesses I became a board member of a non-profit, a fundraiser for them, a certified Acquacize instructor and co-president of the local support group, an advocate, went for training to teach a self help group and this was all as a volunteer! I have seven types of arthritis out of one hundred different types, as well as Multiple Sclerosis and more than likely that periodic altruism, which I even became Volunteer of the year in 2000, caused me to not get disability coverage, but then we were very well insured by Hubby’s job.

I went to the organizations that I helped when I was a volunteer because about two years ago I was told not to walk anymore with my Ataxia, numbness in my legs, since my hips now have osteoarthritis and I need to have them replaced, but duh I have no insurance, any-who I needed a mobility scooter and both organizations told me all monies go to research and programs to educate not for such things like that!
I’m too young for Medicare and with too much income for Medicaid, and too pre-existing for insurance and so now what?
Sympathy only seems to come to those who are terminally ill and rightfully should.
And children have fund raisers for them when they need surgeries medical attention or whatever, and St. Jude’s.
What happens to the rest of us?
We take advantage of the system however we can if we know how to, which is a learning process.
Knowledge is power and my unwieldy attitude into research for my own needs has become my latest, for the last four years since I have not had insurance, full-time job folks!
And so when I tell people on this Blog about some available medical care I am sharing that with you all, not trying to get away with anything, which sounds and feels dirty to me!
Although, getting free anything still doesn’t fit my nature right.
It’s an adjustment like anything else.

Perhaps an analogy would be almost like, ‘empty nest syndrome’, in reverse.
You have had these little people depending on you all of their lives and then all of a sudden they don’t need you anymore, because you raised them right to be independent capable human beings? It hurts but you have to let go.
Well, now it’s more like you had all this care of your needs taken care of and now its’ not there anymore, but you need it more than ever, does that make any sense?
Maybe yes, maybe no, who knows?

Financially we pay, as I said all our bills on time, and we have this adorable accessible house that I love with a pool, fish pond, docks and boats and all…

PS world… by the time I was nineteen I had already been to eight countries, seven of them in Europe and forty of these United States, even got lost in London at one A.M., and owned with my husband three businesses. I have been on TV and radio, and have been interviewed by major newspapers. Worked with big stars in movies and MTV, and helped to make a music video and worked with NASCAR, Hawaiian Tropic, MTV and the like, not too bad, eh?

And so as I said before now is the time to simplify and so I have and you world…I am not thumbing my nose but I wish that everyone would just understand that we all have to do what we have to do to continue in this life and beyond!

And I am just plumb tuckered out friends but doing things in my own slow-mo way these days as I told you before I used to be a ‘dynamo’ and now I am a ‘slow-mo’ and there is no shame in that!

Life goes on but pacing ones self my change in tempo but no one should be denied that right to set their own beat!

Good night to all and to all count those blessings and we will too!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Authors and rainy days!

The day in spite of the threat of Bonnie not completely out of the area we only got our thunderstorms around three this afternoon, and showers are continuing as I write this tonight.
No pool for me with that rain cooled water this morning too chilly and that was just fine with me since I had a good book to read by an author that we just discovered.
Bob Morris is the author who is a professor at a central Florida college and resides in Winter Park.
He’s written perhaps a half dozen books that we will most likely search out to read since we enjoyed the one we just finished, ‘Baja Florida’.
The other author who I found in the new section is a Californian from LA and her name is Sue Ann Jaffarian who is a plus-size cute middle-aged and single quirky mystery writer who is both in her character and herself paralegals.
Very new in her endeavors since we noticed so far she has only written three, which we have read two of, “Too Big to Miss” and "The Curse of the Holy Pail”.
Her books are quite a bit different from our usual realm of mysteries readings of more main stream authors but quite entertaining just the same.

My day was rather quiet as you can imagine with only stopping the read-a-thon for meals and to clean a portion of our frig.
By in large it was a pleasant non stressful day.

That’s why it irks me when my body acts up on me.
I did get up periodically to prevent stiffness as we all know from sitting too long, and in spite of my do diligence I am in pain from I do believe my arthritis not the MS, although my eyes have become worse.
My right eye must have a cataract that has gotten worse since January when I was last at the eye doc’s.
I know reading like how I have been could put a strain on any eyes.
But I suppose with my eye issues the detached vitreous and Neva and cataract not to mention the MS; blurry is not that unusual I suspect?

My neck and shoulders too today have been acting up pain wise, it could be the rain or as the doctor’s say the low barometric pressure which is not an old wife’s tale. It really does have an effect on arthritis.

The wonderful doctor that I went to yesterday that I mentioned said that one of my medications, the Statin at 40 MG. can cause liver damage, oh great! But the labs should let me know, it’s been a year and a half since they were checked, and now I have the prescription to take care of it.

My skin on my shoulders is now peeling and the doctor said that it appears to be Keratosis which can be precancerous, oh great; which is why I will be seeing the other doctor as soon as he has an opening.

I know I mentioned briefly why I was getting all those labs and these are more specifics.
Stomach issues too came up and they too will be addressed with my lab testing, thankfully; for peace of mind. At least I hope for no other significant reasons.
Have I bored you enough tonight?
I will stop now, since I am boring myself.

Just one more thing last night it was movie night here in our little world and we watched the ‘Bounty Hunter’, with Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler; with mixed reviews from both Hubby and myself, parts were funny but not the rolling in the isles type of funny and for those two seasoned actors it was not their best in their realm of Romantic Comedies, which they have both done better.

On those critical words of my unabashed non requested opinion I will bid you all a very good night and to all count those blessings and we will too!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Tropical Storm Bonnie!

And so we just are completing our day of our first tropical storm to touch our coastline this early in July since 1985!
To be honest it fortunately did not have much bluster at all; it was mostly just a rain maker and timid and calm to be truthful no big winds here.
If this could only be the way the rest of our hurricane season could go I would be first inline for that rainy season!
But tameness is not what hurricanes are made of, and still this one as non-fierce at it appears it is heading now into the Gulf of Mexico up to around Louisiana and Alabama to create more rain and cause more delays on the oil leak clean up; they say for another twelve days!
Reports say we are not in the clear yet either for this little girl called, ‘Bonnie’ will still be causing thunder storms tonight and tomorrow.

Due to a nasty headache and stomachache and of course the rain this morning, and so I did not go into the pool.
Instead I finished one book and started another, two new authors to me and Hubby. You see, Hubby and I shared all four of the eight from the library and they were new ones which are due back on Wednesday. We both are finishing our last trade offs, which will complete the four early returns, and so I have a very good feeling that we will be done with time to spare!
The other four have an additional two weeks.
I do so love the library, but I don’t love how some of the books are destroyed by other borrowers. Some look like they were used for napkins or dare I say gauze; have you ever had that experience?
I used to belong to book clubs years ago and would buy first editions, but this is more cost effective, especially now and except for the condition aspects it is easier for both of us and we usually make it an outing for the day or least early afternoon.

Today we had a wee bit of an unusual experience … a dog of unknown origins, black brown with some tan, and one blue and one brown eye coveted our front doorstep for most of the afternoon! We didn’t mind since at first Hubby thought it was our next door neighbors who might not have been aware that it got out of his yard, and he was at work, since all it was doing was sleeping. Unfortunately, though it drove Skipper berserk with barking at it. And the different color eyes and the fact that it was a female made Hubby and I realize it was not our neighbor’s dog at all but one of unknown neighbors or perhaps just a dumped one?
With the economy on the nightly news more people are giving up their family pets due to not being able to afford them and at first that’s what I thought.
The Animal Control Department of our county said no since most dumped pets have their collars removed and hers was still on. And so we asked them to please come out to pick her up. I didn’t know if she had her shots since I didn’t see any tags and she was five times bigger than Skipper our Bichon so I didn’t know if she would be friendly or otherwise.
The officer that came was an old acquaintance of Hubby’s from his deputy days.
And just after he got the dog into the crate in the rear of his truck the dog’s family came and identified her (the dog) and took her home! So it was a happy ending!
Apparently they were looking for her all afternoon. Hubby kept yelling out the window for her to go home but I suppose with the rain she was way too comfortable there, under our overhang on our welcome mat.
You know if things were different and I was in better condition I would have asked, if she hadn’t found her people parents if she was adoptable.
Being down to only one pet after all these years is quiet but sometimes better since I can’t do what used to with three dogs, two cats and one old bird!
Not me, the bird, Charlie our cockatiel bird who lived to almost thirty-one, but you must remember I dedicated an entire night’s Blog to him back around the end of March!

Good night to all and too all count those blessings and we will too!

PS 249 tally on FB friends!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Got home rather late and so that is why this is too...

Had a doctor’s appointment this afternoon for four at the one who would determine if I needed to see the specialist for my skin problem and I will need to see him, but I was put on a waiting list, would you believe?
Meanwhile, this new doctor is very thorough and ordered a whole bunch of labs for me, which made me feel very cared for.
This was at the specially financed clinic where all my procedures will be free!
How great is that for me; the fall between the cracks person or not able to get insurance because I am still, “pre-existing”!

The fact that I was well prepared also was a plus for any doctor you go to.
Their time is as precious as yours so you should write down all questions and additional information like in my case my medications are all in my computer to gain access when I need them.
Questions are always different for each physician and so those have to be written the day of the appointment or night before.
Doctors appreciate you taking that time to being ready with specifics and makes their job that much easier, when they have back to back patients to see.

And besides the fact that I am in this current situation of no insurance I always did the helpful thing for the doctors when I learned the logical necessity of it, even when I was well insured.
It still feels so awkward it’s not quite four years that I can take claim to this.
Nobody realizes how lucky they are when they are.
Funny, looking back I wasn’t as verbally appreciative then, but now in this odd dilemma I realize how important it is to thank people for what they do.
I always was to business people but not to medical ones, since I could relate in the business world, which I had been both management and an employee of.
But unless you are a doctor or nurse being on the patient side is where I have always been not on their vantage point. So it wasn’t as relatable as the other.
Though when you go from insurance to none, then you have a new vantage point to circumvent as a consumer of a very necessary commodity for health needs, your care.
But acquiring it at a discounted price or even for free like my visit tonight is still mind boggling to me, and I wonder how many know about these services available to you if you should need it? The word should be more readily available for all who need to get the help. You see, I don’t foresee any change in my current situation in the near future due to a stupid mistake of mine way back in 1997 that I made. Hubby had excellent insurance being a deputy and so when I got so sick everyone recommended that I apply for disability; well, I did pursue it for a while until I became so ill it just made it too difficult to bother with and gave up and so now with this most recent trying to gain the disability, I even went to a hearing and now the reason they gave for me not being able to get the coverage all stems way back to that year when I gave up!
Yes, Hubby did have great insurance but the PT OT and NMT that I went to for six months was only an eighty/ twenty split and cost several thousands in out of pocket expenses and that is why I did try. As it is when they said no, and I gave up I literally had to sell family items that were my parents' and to this day I do regret that but I had to pay the bills that were mounting up! I truthfully felt I had no other choice at the time, oh well…
Hubby had only been working as a deputy for two years then and they started them at very low wages in those days. And I was way too sick to hold up my end financially.

Ah memories, boy those were harder times than even these for us in so many ways that I will elaborate on at a later date perhaps.
No, it’s true, except for the health insurance issue which looms quite large when you have as much wrong with you as I do… but in every other way we are in very good shape, we pay all our bills on time and we have a roof over our heads and we have plenty to eat, so who could really complain! Who would listen anyway? LOL

On that positive note I will wish you all a very good night and to all count those blessings and we will too!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Trying something new can be exciting and scary at the same time...

But having courage to try is something beautiful to behold, whether done with exuberance or reluctant guarded intent to be helpful.
We as human beings may test the waters daily on what to do for each other.
Usually in our careers with innovative ideas, but also with our families with how we desire them to be their best, not to mention needing their co-operation in all of our lives daily chores, and generosity in helping in our communities.
It’s tough taking measures to change things in our lives; be it with what we have been doing or the harsh change of the dynamic of the family as it was.
Flux is how we all lead our lives and can be extremely different for each and every one of us.

Doing what we want when we want to is never a real option, you say but of course it is…
No, I beg to differ with you.
Whether a child, an adult, an employer or employee we all have someone we must answer to.

But having imagination thus ideas can be an incredibly outstanding example of brilliance and to be fearless when expressing those original concepts take bravery and fortitude!

And then as a member of this planet you can truly say that you had that hypothesis as yours and yours alone and no one can takes claim to that but you!
My quest for all of you tonight out there in the world is to find your original ideas to better our world and form your own localized think tanks to discuss all that you come up with, and study ways to finance and produce jobs for the masses.
We as a populace of living intelligent creatures should be able to do this!
And so I am posting this tonight as a challenge to all!

As of tonight my FB friends have reached just shy of 230; simply put 229!
Everyone knows that I am never simple. (update now: 230)

Yesterday, we did go for a short adventure to our north and only about twenty miles up to Englewood, Placida, and Boca Grande, the scenery was beautiful with all those multi-million dollar homes, but I never got out of the car. For two reasons actually our darling loyal Skipper was with us on this journey and it was way too hot to leave the air conditioned car, and really it’s all residential so there was no place to get out anyway.
To be honest they did say that they have a dog park locally the people at the New Faull Inn restaurant told Hubby that when we stopped there to pick up his tasty remembrance of their famous cheese steak sandwiches which he used to eat when his deputy job took him up that way. Driving around for a while and so we finally did find the dog park where we thought we could eat with our pal, but there was only a small pavilion and in order to get to it you had to go through a way too hot pebbled walkway! Not really conducive to mobility scooters.
And so we decided to go all the way home to eat in our used-to comfort, yes we sure did.
Planning for an outing with a dog and a person who is somewhat disabled takes a wee bit more effort than either of us put into our thought processes.
I suppose it is because staying around home with all that is so familiar, within our five mile radius has spoiled us.

Life used to be so much simpler…
In the old days just throw stuff in a bag, pile in the kids in the car and go!
That’s when they were no longer babies because when they were babies, wow… I could tell you such stories I would take everything but the kitchen sink, well, you had to be prepared and I HAD been a Girl Scout folks!
Yes, in life sometimes we don’t realize how small our windows of opportunity will be to do those unexpected not real well planned out spur of the moment fun ideas, and so when you get those brains ticking away on whether or not to do this or that without any encumbrances, just do it my friends and don’t ever look back, have courage!
For those are what makes the very BEST of All memories, the ones we least expect!

Good night to all and to all count those blessings and we will too!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Whether or not you enjoy knowing ahead of time how the weather will be is one's personal choice...

And not to most that earth shattering, right?
Well, to be honest weather has always played a big part in our lives.
I can remember being a small child and having to walk to school, since where we lived you had to live more than two miles away to have another way to get there like I guess a bus.
But I was never a bus person and always had to walk to my schools kindergarten to my senior year of high school.
Yes, in my senior year I did get my driver’s license since in good old NJ you had to be seventeen to get it, but it was March before I saved enough to buy my first car.
No hand-me-downs from an older sibling although Mom and Dad did match my earnings from my after school job in order for me to make that first purchase of my two year old 1966 Turquoise Chevelle Malibu! Its total cost was $1500 dollars, big bucks in those days!

Ah... memories. We all have them.
But the weather thing did keep popping up all through my life since I was a swimmer in the summer and an ice skater in the winter. And we all know how the weather affects those two sporty interests when done outside in nature!
Indoor sports are always unaffected, and don’t count.
And I think most basketball players don’t care if it rains shines or freezes, but I could be wrong. And even though football is always played outside, unless at either end of the heat or chill factor I truly don’t think they care either, but for them I could be wrong too.
You would think I would remember since I did do a short stint as a cheer leader, but I don’t.
Being a camper and boater and enjoying all hiking and you name it anything outside to do with nature weather came into play daily as a young mom raising two healthy active boys!
I suppose old habits never die and so I have FB friended the young weather woman on our local NBC news station and she has been very helpful in keeping all of us on the FB well informed every morning and is quick enough to answer our questions daily between her camera appearances live, actually she is quite amazing.
I imagine her as a juggler would be…and how I used to be myself when I too was a multi-tasker when a healthy younger woman.
Some of my employees called me a, ‘Dynamo!’.
And now I am just a slow-mo! LOL
Ah… as I said before memories.

I only mentioned this young woman due to her diligence.
You see, I asked a question early this morning about the wave that was in our hemisphere and from what I had been told till then is that it had only a 30% chance of developing into something more major, and she agreed this morning.
And although she works that early morning shift from air-time of five-seven on air, to ten between shows etc. this afternoon she felt the need or the desire to change the first forecast to an updated one of a 60% chance now that the wave could develop and will be possibly heading our way! But still quite faraway now. To be accurate here is her exact quote, “Chance for development now up to about 60% in the next 48 hours. This system is starting to look a bit more organized. Regardless or exact path or strength, it will be a rain maker this weekend.” How so nice of this very excellent reporter to take that extra effort I say on my fb wall!

And yes the weather to me has become extremely important these days with my MS, too hot is very uncomfortable for me to be outside for very long and too cold is too! They can create spasms uncontrollably.
Rain has a special meaning to me since I do not own an indoor swimming pool and it is my only form of exercise.
And so if rain is coming especially with lightening then I am sure you know that means not a good time for anyone to be in the pool!

Now for a bit of earth shattering news!
A young fellow, who’s pic I must add is his incredible six pack abs, out in CA had been spending this afternoon poking me, of all people!
And sadly up until a few moments before I had been poking him back… without knowing what it meant and so I asked him and he was kind enough to tell me that all it means is that he was saying ‘Hi’, to me how sweet!
But you all know me by now; I had to ask… “Why he didn’t hear my first three pokes back to him!”
Oddly enough his pokes stopped. LOL, I wonder why? Oh darn…I was having fun! Sort of.

On that silly note of my stupidity I will wish you all a very good night and to all count those blessings and we will too!

Monday, July 19, 2010

202 and uh oh and a wee bit of seepage now what do we do?

Duplication of the last three days was how my morning went, although…
I did get some staid advice from a professional, which was something new for me anyway on the topic of writing. I complimented him on his question of asking on masse about if they had a movie made about their lives what would they entitle it.
He did receive quite an influx of answers from me as well.

It truly amazes me that with all my campaigning for you all to read this my nightly nonsense that he appeared to have never read it. But then that would be presumptuous of me to think that a busy employed person would have that much time on their hands to waste on this drivel? Now I do know I have probably offended many of you who are presumably gainfully employed and use this minutia of arrested development exposes from a nearly-senior (AARP says that I am already there, but not all) female person as a mere short term distraction and more than harmless foresight and take on daily mundane situations, correct?

With that all said, now I suspect you would possibly be interested in why I even bothered to mention it, huh? My sociology experiment, but of course?
If you all recall when I began my campaign for more FB friends I started a little thing of purposeful interference called my sociology experiment where I interjected my comments into their IM conversations. Such as, “Get back to work!”, “Carry on” and lastly, “TGIF if you so wish.”
My motive or have you motivation was to see what type of reaction I would get and I did chronicle it in my earlier Blogs on this site if you so wish to go back and look.
The reason I took this round about way of telling you all that this talented busy person who gave me the advice about how and why he did what he did and how I too could accomplish such a feat by observing people while sitting in a coffee shop and striking up a conversation and listening to my own inner voice.
Whoa man!
You see that proves my point he never read my Blog since then he would know that I have been living his words for most of my life! LOL
And so consequently trying not to be disrespectful of this well respected person in his field that he undeniably is successful in I did not respond to his advice for fear of being too honest and tell him that even so I have been doing his suggestions it doesn’t always work for everyone.
Especially women, we are either told we are too nosey or the ‘b’ word that rhymes with witch, for commenting with an opinion on most things become our moniker.
Sadly some things never change!
PS He is only a year older than I.

Notation: I am up to 202 new FB friends as of tonight.
The seepage of the oil leak is under cautious and watchful eyes and nothing has changed yet about the cap being removed so far.

Shared Solutions is the company that has an association with my Copaxone to keep me informed and supplied with my medication and they called today to see how I was doing actually one of their RN’s did.
I feel so cared for…aw shucks really!
They offered me a travel case and cooler with a lock for my medication, and after I found out it was a NO charged I said YES!
You see here in southwest Florida, as if you didn’t know by now we are in hurricane country and so those two little items may come in very handy if we have to evacuate!
Which we have already decided to do if the powers that be think it would be the best idea; and so now we have an additional preparation taken care of thankfully.

On that very smart revelation to handle a bad situation I will wish you all a very good night and to all count those blessings and we will too!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Groundhog Day Movie, repeat and reuse...

What do those words have in common you may ask?
Fortunately, I was incorrect in my assessment of how the newest cap was going to work when asked on my Facebook page by a local news anchor to everyone and we all responded just a few days ago and I was not very fortuitous in comparing the oil leak to the movie, Groundhog Day.
Since if you all recall in that 1993 movie, the male character that was portrayed by Bill Murray would wake up every morning and the same things would happen over and over again, day after day; nothing would ever change.

Oddly enough I heard on the national news someone quoting my quote when asked if he too felt the newest attempt to cap the leak would work! What he said is that it was like Groundhog Day… and I laughed hysterically; why you asked?
Because he never mentioned the movie; only actual Groundhog’s Day which we all know is February second and that is when we wait to see if the groundhog in Pennsylvania, Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow to know how many weeks of winter are left and that is only once a year! But the movie is quite a bit different with the same things happening over and over again for weeks! He missed the analogy, oh well…what can one do?
They say the way that you know that you are crazy is to do the same thing over and over again with the same bad results and to be honest I was beginning to think that the people trying to stop the leak were getting there very quickly! And that was my point with the well problem concept resolves that never seemed to be working until miraculously on day ‘87’, and the cap finally did work! As they are all saying now to keep our cool and that we are to be cautiously optimistic, OK we all can do that, right folks?

My day began pretty much the same as yesterday, uh oh; I sure hope that I‘m not going into a monotonous trend here with my own movie in rewind!
But yes, I awoke early at five, no surprise there, and did my usual… checking emails, reading the paper online, and looking at my Facebook page.
Then I went into the living room to start reading my latest novel, Patterson’s Private, then breakfast, pool and shower and Copaxone shot but this time in my left upper arm and Hubby had to do it, since it was on an odd angle for me to self inject.

From there we made a grocery shopping list to take with us to the ‘Publix’.
This way we don’t deviate too much from what we need to choose things we just want!
At this time of the year like most all Gulf Coast dwellers we seem to keep well stocked in foods and gas and such, just in case we have a dramatic change in our weather like dare I say a hurricane in our vicinity; so far so good though, nada.
In fact the last two days have been lacking moisture in any form, which right now in my book is a very good thing!
I do know that we need to have some rain weekly would be just fine with me, how about Monday Wednesday or Friday for a half hour of more?
Laughably I do know that is not a negotiable commodity, but wouldn’t that be great?
No, think about it… no more droughts, no more floods, who wouldn’t love that?
But then the controversies would begin who’s G-d would we discuss it with, and would that be an impartial one deciding in what parts of the world would he/she make those wetnesses(Tobism) come down or stay up?
Yep, I guess the way we have been going is the only worldwide fair way!
Hit or miss, no choices taking what you get and dealing with it; not too much different then when we didn’t know what sex our new baby was going to be way back when, LOL!
We dealt with that, but now you youngins all know if you so choose to, right?
And that deal is much longer than just a few days or a bit of your income and insurances involved, it’s a lifetime! I know NOT a good analogy either!
Perception is as small as a blip in time or eons…that are infinite.

Leaving you all in a small bit of confusion is my pleasure to all and so I will bid you all a very good night and to all count those blessings and we will too!

PS Thank you to my new follower, whoever you are! (Wink,K)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Between nine and ten this morning I attempted to enter...

The pool and it was still chilly although about the same temperature as the air.
Shade was still manifesting itself slightly on the pool's eastern side.
Hubby applied a water proof band aid to my peculiar eruption on my right shoulder for protection, which was more intense coverage than any creams I suspect.
But I so needed to go into the pool, as you all know it is all the exercise I can do.
So I worked with that and did accomplish my ROM exercises.
I spent approximately forty-five minutes in the cool waters at an eighty-five degree reading.

Once basically not so drippy from my bathing-suit I went in to shower as usual.
After was the fear of anticipation with me being on my own for the very first time having to give myself my injection; this one in the stomach, boy did I almost chicken out.
You see the injections have to be rotated using seven different locations and I chose to go in a clock-wise direction. Since the first day I did it in my right upper thigh my right side of my belly button was the next in that agreed upon method.
I decided to completely get dressed and determined how I would access my belly at the proper setting, to inject, since I wear sundresses it was easy to move it up and lower my undies to gain access, but since I decided to do it at the dinette table where I originally had been taught I took a large hand towel for modesty in case some one walked in or came to the door.
I did request for hubby to be my spotter or back up guy to make sure I did not miss any steps and he also didn’t realize he was my morale support!
I followed all the steps from washing my hands to assembling the injector checking the medication for discoloration or floating matter all was well and so it was installed into the trigger like system. Alcohol was applied to the target sight and left to dry and then the injector was placed where it belong pushed down and the doorbell trigger released and held till the count of twenty!
The needle was discharged into the sharps container all parts were cleaned with alcohol and put away until tomorrow!
Hopefully none of you have fainted from my graphic description.

The day today was fairly quiet I suppose you could call it a read-athon since Hubby and I read our library book selections most all of the day!

We called in dinner for chicken and salads and just finished a little while ago.
Lazy was our routine and name of the game today and we both shamelessly enjoy every moment of it.

On that note of utter joy I will wish you all a very good night and to all count those blessings and we will too!

Friday, July 16, 2010

175! And counting...

Good evening to all; and how are we all doing tonight folks?
Your answer should be great; why you say?
Isn’t this the day that everyone calls TGIF?
You all know that’s true at least it used to be in the day when I too was a working stiff!
That number of 175 is how many friends are in my latest FB tally!

And for any of you who were around for my good wishes to you all of me writing on your IM’s the sentence, ‘TGIF if you so wish’ earlier today on the Facebook I’m just wondering why no one answered? I do know that this was in no way offensive!

I suppose most were busy conducting business online, which I am sure most of you do all day long… being in the technological age and all and networking this way as it is.
I could tell you all such stories of the time of BC, not before Christ folks, before computers of course! LOL
We had to use landlines and piles of books to scour to find information or peoples accounts page by paper page! How barbaric!
Then around 1982 the home computer made the idea of having your own system feasibly easier for all who cared to try. That was a lightening bolt to the evolution of these current technologies we all use and occasionally curse at daily due to malfunctions, some things never change! LOL
We all pay this money for an easier better way to accomplish our work and there it goes or doesn’t the way you expect it to. Ah and this is the way life continues and we all get stories to pass on to our families to laugh at wholeheartedly or not!

Today I finally learned the proper way to inject my new medication, Copaxone, into me, in other words the nurse arrived an hour later than she thought, but to her good she did call to let us know she was going to be late.
At eleven forty this morning she arrived and she stayed until one thirty.
Hubby also was willing to try the dry runs on the ball shaped test dummy for injecting purposes. We both did pretty well and if we forget how since it is in an automatic injector not just a normal syringe so it is more complicated then just aiming and shooting there is a step by step picture book to show you exactly how.
The set up alone takes a few minutes to install the injection into the nearly gun like injector, since it does have a trigger like button, which she called a doorbell. The injection itself that goes into it does look like the typical ones that most are familiar with.
When I did get the chance to finally get the real dose of medication into me I did it correctly!
Holding the plunger down for the count of twenty otherwise the medication will shoot into the air or everywhere other than where it should go!
Hopefully by this time next week after one week’s worth of injections I will begin feeling confident in doing it, but tomorrow I will be doing it myself and I am a wee bit nervous.
Of all the horrible reactions to the medication I had the smallest a slight burning sensation, which to me was just great!
Since the other possible ones are rather frightening.

Who can complain all went well, and this medication can keep me from needing to go into the hospital for any relapses and that is a wonderful thing!
Good night to all and to count your blessings and we will too!

Thursday, July 15, 2010



Its day 87 and now we are finding out that so far so good on the stoppage of oil going into the Gulf. I reported it on my Facebook page just three minutes after the local news station did too! You see, it didn’t show up right away; how odd?
That’s the good news, but millions of gallons are already in the Gulf needing to be cleaned up and now those dispersant agents that had been used might actually be containing carcinogens, but the information is still sketchy on that.

We have another nasty storm coming through tonight.
It appears this is definitely our rainy season and I have no options to even try to use the pool!

This afternoon the Registered Nurse was supposed to come to teach me how to inject the Copaxone, but her grand-daughter was flying home and up by her the rain started early and her grand-daughters plane was delayed taking off apparently. And she called me to ask if she could come tomorrow morning between ten thirty and eleven, what could I say but OK!

Lately I feel like everyone has to put everyone off, but mostly me. (I know how self centered is that?)
Personal needs are rampant in all industries.
I was never ever a boss who didn’t understand that, but I suppose since I am now older and in need of these services I do get a wee bit impatient and consequently annoyed; shame on me!

I know I know but when I was in the work force I felt the need to earn every penny, even when I volunteered I felt obligated to do or accomplish whatever I said I would do or committed to and that was just my word and NOT for money ever.
That old work ethics again; some still have it but others know that their field needs many in it and that they are a very rare commodity I believe and know when demand is high and products, in this case people or low in specific fields they have the upper hand and use it.

Let me suggest to people finding that they are now after trying to find work in their old fields that they should go to work in the health field, major needs for people are definitely there! Environmental would be next my guess. Anything to do with clean energy should be topping that list too! These are areas that all the unemployed and young people should consider as well as construction in rebuilding of bridges and our roads, in other words our infrastructure. Just as we all knew needed to be started when the election was going on with all those failures; OSHA needs more people to be trained to help them, and what about the FDA?
A day doesn’t go by that some medication is not being recalled due to deaths!
Product safety people to check on products before they leave the factories and have to be recalled due to smothering another child!
Just read the news every night and anyone with half a brain can see where the jobs should be, and people who have the power to create those jobs should be doing it!
Private sector too, not just the government what happened to the SBA? Copy and paste this folks and investigate for yourselves!
You see how fired up I can get and not only do I have ideas you do too!
And come up with great ones and go to your local college where they have career counselors and talk with them, and I am more than sure they would be willing to help you in anyway they can. Plus there is the retired professional’s organizations all over the place contact them or check with your local government offices to find out how.

Considering these days I am only working with half a brain I do like to go on and if I off put anybody I am truly sorry, but we need to brain storm to help ourselves…G-d helps those who help themselves, you know?

On that note of hope I hope, redundancy is rampant again on this Blog!
But good night to all and to count those blessings and we will too!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Well... did the new cap work, did it do the job?

We don't know that answer since they are debating on when they will be testing it; possibly at each step in six hour intervals.

No wild testing in the realm of sociology today, and so I have nothing to report.
Although, perhaps without too much knowledge of forethought I guess I did do something that if it wasn't done for me really thinking about it for a few minutes that I was actually going to do it… It could be considered an experiment in the true study of human nature…I know get to the point Tobi…Well, I said that I might have offended too many people with my methods of trying to attain friendships and that perhaps I should quit this whole thing; meaning Facebook and finding so many friends,… I did mean it for a few hours in fact, but I didn’t do it because the response although not overwhelming was heartwarming and made me really think it out harder and wiser and so then I decided in the long run…what the heck, huh? And so I am still there and here too.

But sadly I did just acquired an additional six BFF’s since last night, and now my tally is up to 140 Facebook friends; not too bad but not that great either.
I have received many ideas on how to acquire friends, but to be honest I found one way that can work and that is by going to your friends page that you are already friends with and ask their friends…I don't really know if this is kosher? I have no idea, but it can't be too harmful, can it?
After all, we are all in it to meet and greet new buds, right?
And when you think about people with similar interests would definitely gravitate towards peeps you admire too, why not?
Makes sense to me; to you too?

Now for up close and personal: I bet you are all wondering what the doctor said about my shoulder rot, huh?
Well, it is not something to fool around with and the best idea is to have another doctor get a look at it, which I will be doing next week.
And from there I may need a specialist who specializes in shoulder rot or as I hate to think about malformations on the skin that may make horrid continuing nasty prolific gunk to grow without taming, or possibly cancer.
But we won't think about that, right?
Without proof we have NOTHING!
And so I will just think calming peaceful thoughts and not the other stuff that has always had a way of making it into my brain.
I know with my history though the worse I think it is… it usually isn't; so there you go... I will think the worst and I will be fine.
But the ultimate insult is that I must avoid the sun and it was recommended that I do my exercising in my pool in the evening.
It just stopped raining here, and I am sort of tired since I awake so early, and exercise is like the last thing that I feel like doing now in rain cooled water.
Brrr who needs that!

And so until I figure out how to get the ROM program into my no sun schedule I will be thinking, hmmm I have no idea, but if any of you do let me know here there or wherever, ok?

Good night to all and to all count those blessings and we will too!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I suppose that this idea of mine may have been too much a delusion of grandeur!

All I have to say is that it’s nice to have dreams.
And I did say dreams not genes. LOL, although those in the good variety aint bad either.
Why not reach for the moon, the stars or even just the next big step in your life?

I am a wee bit disappointed you see, since today I was given a reality check on just how this Facebook thing really works.
A nice reliable young woman told me that Facebook does not allow you to have one million friends on one page or under one name, and that the limit is actually only five thousand of the most special people that you have chosen to be your life long best buddies forever, bummer! LOL Who knows though true, yes I would almost say true?

And so I have decided to try to run a campaign requesting that their slick tight minded unyielding concept to be lifted and a more flexible reasoning to be adapted for all to transpire to.
Therefore allowing anyone with the courage to try to go over and above the allotted amount to do it with as much gusto as their little hearts will plead to all to hear!

So I am summoning all Facebook users to politely request that we all be allowed to have as many friends as humanly possible!
Why this could be the beginning of, help me here… Oh, now I’ve got it ….A GREAT FRIENDSHIP THROUGHOUT THE WORLD!
And truthfully; who would argue with that?

It is true that my friends have slowed a bit from my initial tally, but as of tonight’s count I am up to 134, not that bad I’d say! And I must add one request waiting in the wings as I write this.
And that last one hundred pals are in less than a week, TA DA, how about that folks?

If this was just about me I would think it would bore the pants off of all of you, but friends it is not!
This is big, BIGGER than any of you could possibly imagine, and do you know why?
Because it all boils down to respect, yes I said respect and do you know why it boils down to respect folks?
Because without that we have nothing!
And so Facebook should know that we mean business and that we want our freedom, yes I said freedom to chose as many friends and have them accept us as many times as they want to! Oh, I meant different ones not the same ones, friends that is, over and over again; sorry that’s me too confusing again! (I just slapped my far head! So you don’t have to!) Now can you see that?
Oh, of course you can’t! Don’t lie.
My sociology experiment today was again done on the Facebook IM to get a reaction, and this time I told the peeps to, “Carry on…” Only two responded but not how I thought like I was just starting an ordinary conversation, how odd? What do you all make of that?

Any-who, different topic… I did try to go into the pool again but my shoulders did not want to co-operate even that zinc oxide stuff burned, and now I have a doc appointment tomorrow morning, and that’s that, until I find out what’s cooking there.

The newest cap is in place for the oil spill well and in the next several hours we should know if it is working. The way the test seems to work that if it shows high numbers then that’s good low is bad, and that has to do with the pressure building up inside I do believe.
Sorry I can’t be more helpful but I am no geologist!
I could fake it if you really need those answers.
Why that would make me just like a BP executive! LOL

On that note of silliness I will wish you all a very good night and to all count those blessings and we will too!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Slowing down so I see...

Come one come all to the Facebook page and become my FRIEND!
From yesterday to today we have slowed to only an additional ten, 118 to be clear and exact.

But I must admit my sociology experiment is going rather nicely.
Today, I tested the waters of temperament of these new people into my life for whom knows how long…and I told each of the ones hovering around on IM on the page, “To get back to work!”
And you would be amazed at the reactions I got.
Silence, no one said a word back to me, must have had harsh Mommas and I scared the bejeebers out of them all! LOL
You know what was surprising though many did get off temporarily, the page that is; now stop that you double entendre peeps again get those minds out of the gutter!

Then you know where you can put that question out there for the world to ponder, what’s on your own mind section on the page, well, I asked my multitudes if they were really networking or gold bricking?
Yeah, I did that.
And you know what; so far no replies, not too big a surprise.
Hmm… perhaps I should try more subtly.

I did feel the need to become a wee bit more topical and so I tried a provocative question right off the front page of any of their local news rags, “How many of you are really keeping track of how the oil spill is progressing in the clean up process?”
Now that you would think would spur the imaginations of the many intelligent amigos and amigas that call themselves my newbie buds?

While writing this evening I acquired another buddy!
Periodically I do hear the, “You've got mail” voice, and will stop to see what it could be.
Human nature being what it is.
You know that is why we in all twelve of the years that we have been connected, aw come on I mean online I haven't had the heart to go to a less friendly sounding provider, silly, huh?
Not really, human nature and all.

This just in: BP is now attaching the new cap to the well!
Well, we will see how that’s going to work, huh? Leave the puns in tack folks.

Back to my agenda of befriending a good portion of the population of the world.
And utilizing this venue for a sociology experiment it is so exciting to know that this year is mapped out for me and what my providence is to be.
That’s only if I don't reach my goal of one million by the end of this year.
I suppose I could extend it if need be.

Oh I forgot to tell you my most nervy crazy move in my scolding mode today… I told one of my favorite authors that he should not only get back to work but that he should because I finished his most current book and I am not patiently waiting for his newest one!

And so on that shameless revolting confession I will bid you all a very good night and to all count those blessings and we will too!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tobi Towner or is that downer, but rebirth-day anniversary, and does 108 sound like a triumphant beginning?

Confusion is my middle name and I am so happy that I can cause the masses to scratch their heads as often as possible and on cue!
I will start with the last rant first.
And I am proud to say that I am on my way to one million friends and more, no stopping me now… a milestone and then some have been reached by hitting one hundred and eight friends now on my Facebook page!
I know you are asking yourselves can it be done?
By one lone woman with just the so-called desire to beat the odds?
And no known reason for it to happen other than that; a wanting need to be heard by the ample peeps population!
Logically we have three hundred million nation-wide and so a mere million or more should be simple, right?
And so now I am campaigning for this wild concept of acceptance from all those USA folks populaces of every group and every political, religious and human rights views accepted although one little caveat, no campaigning for your specific groups opinions/ideas to be accepted by others, ok?
Not too much to ask, is it?
Since we all feel that we have the right to express those opinions on our own sites but not on others… say after me: I will respect the beliefs of all others to think what they want when they want and I will not try to change their way of thinking no way no how! So help me Tobi! LOL You can leave that last part out about so help me Tobi that is if you really want to…LOL

Now for the middle statement of my rebirth-day!
No, I have not gone that religious route although many will be disappointed that I didn’t; sorry to you all.
But I did do something four years ago that many have tried, myself included, six other times in fact, but on this date four years ago today I actually quit smoking after, would you believe way too many years to mention! And supposedly now I am supposed to be living longer, ha, we will see!
I don’t know about that it seems the worst of my health issues have been born these last four years…

Any-who, now for the first ranty (Tobism), Tobi Towner, well yes we did go out on the town today, that is really only an unincorporated village or some such thing, still haven’t got the hang of that after being in this berg/ independent nation (Florida) for nearly twenty-four years, but actually three different locations, any way I told you that you would more than likely be scratching that noggin before I got done with you all. We graced the Cultural Center with our forty-five minute tour of their Christmas in July Crafts show, which was up to par but I am just a looker getting my own ideas to make this or that not a buyer at all, a really cheap date.
Now for the downer part I left for very last… you know that I am fair skinned and blue-eyed, well if you didn’t know you know now, and I thought that for a week I had sun poisoning?
It turns out that I am allergic to all those chemicals in the sunscreen!
Yeah, I know, now what you all ask?
Well, this was a bit of a toughie, but I put on my old gal thinking cap and decided that when I was a young cutie at the beach and spoke with those handsome lifeguards I had the nerve to be so inquisitive, bet you didn’t know that about me LOL? Any way, I asked those handsome hunks that we used to call them what was that white stuff on their cute little noses and they told us gals… are you ready?
Zinc oxide!
And I asked them if it was the same stuff they put on babies bottoms, “Desitin”, you see by then I had been a seasoned babysitter for years.
And after a few Adam's apples gulps I do believe one high pitched squeaker said, “Yeah, I think so…”
So now that is what I will be using 40% zinc oxide on my voluptuous body to protect from those harmful but luscious rays, OK?
Who wants to add skin cancer to my laundry list of hideous ailments, really?

On that TMI note I will wish you all a very good night and ask you politely to count those blessings or not, and we will count ours, OK?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I guess the process slowed a bit...

More than likely due to my ills of last night thanks by the way Hubby for pitch hitting!
I would think since I could not approve the new friends then, but since we appear to be gaining a bit of strength in that department today and thus tonight too. I did just check and I am actually up to ninety new friends!
That’s from the initial beginnings of just thirty-four!

New topic…
The old cap for the oil spill has been removed and now we are getting more exacerbated spillage into the Gulf temporarily since they are going to install a better cap called a sealing cap? We can only hope and pray that that works!

Today again I was in the pool, since I had also been on Thursday that was my first day in over a week due to my sun poisoned shoulders and our larger amounts of rain showers cooling the pool. Yesterday I had not been in due to us taking Skipper in the morning in for his yearly inoculations, and then we went over to Fishville and walked around, or I should say scootered around in my case. He does so need the socialization but in these heated temperatures it’s difficult to find places to take him into. The vet did say that we now have paw prints on businesses that allow dogs inside, it is the state approval sign required by these places to notify us, the public that it is OK for doggy to come on in; how nice I say!

I really don’t know what happened to me yesterday although I was extremely dizzy, tired when we returned and nauseous too and so that is why I couldn’t sit here at all. The tiredness continued today too and I napped for a few hours; wish I knew what was causing this, although I do recall that my legs were doing that much stiffening thing that is part of my MS, which I have not had for so long before. And so I emailed my cousin who also has MS but had been diagnosed over thirty-five years ago and she reassured me that it would not last.
You see, every time these newer symptoms appear I worry that they won’t go away and that I am going from Relapsing Remitting MS into Progressive, which is the point of no return in reality, since its all downhill from there…
Ask anyone with RRM MS and they all have that same fear that it is always possible, but fortunately is not always going to happen, thankfully.
Unfortunately, though there is no way to tell, thus all our concerns…

With this new exhaustion for some reason when I am up I occasionally act giddy, or weird, like saying silly things or rolling my rollator back and forth while I stand holding it.
My eyes are blurry too, and for some reason I have a hole in my tongue but I have no idea where it came from?
Anybody out there knows what’s going on with me, please tell me?
Since I sure don’t know.

More than likely all of these new interesting symptoms will subside?
Until then I will wish you all a very good night and to all count those blessings and we well too!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Hubby here pinch hitting for Tobi

Tobi is sick tonight so she has gone to bed, she hopes to be back tomorrow.

As Tobi would say good night and count those blessings and we will too!


Thursday, July 8, 2010

73 and counting... my little experiment is working...although...

That is the current count for the three days that I opened up my mind to me allowing new friends on my Facebook page.
My only problem is… guess folks?
That a few of these people I would have been in fear of if I met them on the street, with a bunch of muscle men, in daylight, even!
I know I know they are not coming into my home and I am not naming those who frighten me.
But many are just downright interesting, well not really interesting, more like far from me in their take on life and where we all are in the bigger scheme of things?
Which sounds like I have already decided that my new peeps are worth fighting for their right for them to be whoever they are, and that is what friendship is all about, right?

In general I am amazed at the possibilities here.
We as human beings are so welcoming and open to allowances of others into our lives no matter when why or who, this is almost like a sociology experiment, actually that is exactly what this is.
Don’t we all know that in the commonality of all mankind is the need to be with or around others? This is definitely that proof.
Whether we have different ideas or opinions we have the need to converse with one another just to know we exist or else be considered wacko and talk to ourselves and answer ourselves too! Although, I have been guilty of both, but who said I was normal, definitely NOT me! So I am pretty darn good all alone too!
Validation of us having been here is of the utmost importance and necessary to retain reasoning of that existence.
Without someone else saying you have value, many do not get it that they are worthwhile, but that is truly sad, when one lets them think about that as even a possibility?

No, we all have value, just some more than others, NOT!
Of course you all knew I was kidding there?
Well, if not, I was!
People whether good bad or indifferent have value, period.
Sadly as I stated above though many need the validation of others to realize that, so this is for all those parents out there…TELL THOSE CHILDREN RIGHT NOW THAT THEY ARE VERY WORTHWHILE AND LOVED!
Do you know that most of us would be in much better mind sets if we knew that from the get go, but some parents don’t take the time or initiative to do that simple task?
But you must back it up with actions too.
In other words act daily like you meant it, and mean it!
That goes for spouses too and you know what would happen folks?
Children will become intelligent, loving productive and independent adults, and spouses will stay together, NO MORE DIVORCES FOLKS!
I know what you’re thinking this woman is a loon… well, no arguing there, I thought we already all knew that, but a loon with a need to make the world a better place, ‘an idealistic loon’!
And so on that note of impossibilities, unless you all change your way of thinking to mine…

I will wish you all a very good night and to all count those blessings and we will too!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Have you ever done something completely out of character?

In all my sixty years on this planet I can think of fewer times than I can count on my fingers on one hand when I fit that description above.
But in retrospect there were occasions that I would never tell about now that I did what I shouldn’t have or acted in a way other than my nature and some of it I do regret.
Some of me is still private, although my family probably would tell you if you just asked, since they do know and might even have a different take on all of it.

Any-who, it has been quite some time and this time, is not at all embarrassing or shameful, to them or myself, actually I would categorize this as more adventurous than any of that.
I decided that when people on my Facebook page recommended friends for me I would ask them, their recommendations, if they would be my friends, and you know something; so far I have acquired more than twenty new acquaintances in these last two days; how about that?
There are quite a few I am still waiting on but I think it is going rather well, don’t you?
Only one young person asked questions of my profession and I have not heard back, since I do believe he was interested in career contacts more so than friends and since I am a disabled older retired bum I was not someone that could be useful to him. And another just wanted to know how I chose him he saw that I knew his uncles and then when I clarified how, that we had been neighbors; he accepted me!
Other than that it has been smooth sailing, as they say!

I do wonder though when I have looked over the newbies info on occasion I have found many are completely opposite me in their political and religious beliefs, well variety is the spice of life. And now I should try hard to prove my so-called tolerance of others beliefs that I expel, make me eat my words folks, nah I can do this!
Sure I want to accept everyone for who they are, and they should also feel that way about me, that’s only fair.
But in reality all us so-called liberal types can we put our money where our mouths are?
That’s not the right expression for this situation, or is it? LOL

Differences are what make life interesting.
The other thing I didn’t mention was the age range, which is vast and the fact that I seem to be acquiring more men friends than woman, no problem for me since I hung out with mostly male cousins growing up and raised sons!
Hubby I don’t think would care either if he knew since he rarely goes on my page, but I have encouraged him to get his own and he’s not interested at least I think that was his reason.

It is always nice to have lotsa friends so the mental health books say and also the TV talk show hosts, so it’s got to be true, right? LOL
The theory is more friends the more people you can compare life notes with, in other words not feel alone in this journey!
And who wants to be all alone?
No one in theory, but in reality, don’t we all appreciate some alone time?

Especially young Moms, why I could tell you such stories when you have two little ones tugging at you or the fear to shower when they were up for your imagination would work overtime thinking that they would get hurt or whatever something else horrid would happen if you left the room for more than ten minutes!
And then they would prove you right, even though your house had been baby proofed months before their births, they somehow could find anything to get into mischief!
Gosh, that’s horrible that I remember those things since my men are now thirty-four and thirty-eight years old those little guys that I remember!
Geez those times fly way too fast, and so all you young Moms out there don’t’ let it pass you by and watch those little darlings with joy and skip a shower or two now and then … you will not be condemned.
You will learn to forgive yourself.

On that note of joyful memories I will wish you all a very good night and to all count those blessings and we will too!

PS My Copaxone arrived today! And immediately was put into the frig.
PSS Although the RN who will be teaching me how to inject it will now not be available until next Thursday evening!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dead rat, black snake asleep, and too much darn rain, and now people are paying more to suntan artificially!

What do any of these things have in common?
Not a thing!
But we, here, in our little world have been brushed by the fact that we have had these things in our life or at least they have metaphorically touched us in some way.

How would you like to go out onto your patio and find a dead rat?
Yikes I hear you all saying and a BIG FAT YUCK!
Well, when you live near the water this little creature happens to be a big fact in your life.
After waiting for nature to take its course with encouraging black snakes to remain with our fine snake like habitat, even our snake crossing sign, our yard is snake friendly, and we were thrilled to see those snake eggs on our western courtyard cement floor…the abundance of rats was far from curtailing in spite of our snake population increasing and so by logic alone we had to do something… and so rat poison/bait was utilized nightly and by morning daily had been going for the last few weeks! No rats had been seen alive or dead any longer but the bait was always gone, and so it stands to reason that sooner or later this dead rat on the patio would eventually be there, here or somewhere, huh?

The lazy sleeping snake in the shed was a happy sign for Hubby and me too and it did disappear into the rear of the shed when Hubby went in to get the shovel to dispose of the rat and then bleach the patio floor and the shovel both!
Disinfecting is very important since they are disgusting vermin, which do carry disease and that is why you also must not allow your dog or any household pets near them.
I know I know everyone is saying that’s what cats are for!
No, not really if those loving cats come in contact with your children and your child sleeps with that cat or kisses that little Kitty!
Think about that for a second?

Now the rain situation, we have been overly fortunate with the quantity of moisture that has befallen on us this month of July; we are only six days into the month and have received more than half of our usual allotment for this month.
Odd how now that we have too much, but actually logically they are saying that we no longer can water only one day a week… with all this rain we are now able to water twice a week!
But why would anyone want or need to; didn’t we just learn we have had too much of that wet stuff fall already?
Talk about logic?
Listen folks it’s when we have no rain that we need and want to water, right?
But then we have no reserves and so we can’t, got that folks? Make sense to me, huh?

On to the suntan issue we here in the Sunshine State have people who feel our normal sunshiny days are not quite enough for them, and even on the most sunniest you will find many in those artificial sun tanning salons that have popped up all over the country and even here in suniland country!
Not even the skin cancer warnings have deterred these people who feel the need to burnish their epidermis to a bronze beyond nature’s possibilities!
Consequently one of our new laws that went into effect on July first was a ten percent tax on tanning!
I think it falls under another sin tax.
Oddly enough they removed the law of needing a license to fish off of the land or a dock in fresh or salt water…actually, one doesn’t have anything do with the other but I did find both rather interesting, didn’t you?

Far as my day went personally… I think this weather created a sleeping sickness in me for all day long I have been napping and Hubby would come and wake me with fear of me not being able to sleep through tonight.
I suppose he has a point but I tell you I am pooped and nothing is making any sense to me why I am so very, very tired, although every time I look any of these things up it all seems to come back to the MS, just when I think I got it, understanding why all these weird symptoms are happening to me… another one comes up.
Although to be honest I do know that being tired this tired was one of the many. I just don’t get this exhausted that often, I think it’s because I have not been in the pool now for over a week due to that skin thing on my back from too much sun. Well, now would be a good time to go in the pool, no sun now, just lots of clouds and a cold rain, but nah, its sort of stems back to that being able to water now, it’s not logical, right?

On that confused note of nonsense I will bid you all a very good night and ask you to count those blessings and we will too!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy July Fifth!

Oh, you are confused too?
Today also was a holiday, since there was no mail and the banks were closed and the shops all advertised sales, so it must be, right?
Now I am nowhere near any historical maven or even a great student of our past, but if I recall the Declaration of Independence that was signed on July fourth 1776, gave us the freedom that we won by winning the war, the Revolutionary War i.e., with Great Britain.
And that date is somewhat etched in stone, or is it the Liberty Bell?
Any-who, today as I iterated was another day off for many local, state and federal employees; if they took it off it must be so, right?

Actually, I think my problem is the fact that isn’t our unemployment rate not far off of 10% nationally, and a wee bit higher right here in Florida, around 12%?
You see, I suppose it’s the fact that there isn’t enough work to go around that bothers me, but all these employees can get a, now I could be wrong, another paid holiday?
I must be wrong since almost all the local counties are crying that the monies in their budgets is short by millions, yes, that’s what the news has reported and it has caused so many layoffs, which is so sad, since they cannot afford their workforce!
The only problem in that lament, and here I go again and I definitely could be wrong here too that none of the executive officers or hierarchy in the ranks have offered to lower their own pay scale to accommodate hiring or re-hiring the employees threatened to lose their jobs or are already laid off?

As I said when I started tonight I am soooo confused; and I bet you are too?
Although, we as tax payers don’t appear to have too much ability to get our concerns across.
Many are smart enough to get involved on a local level with their government council meetings which are usually advertised on a monthly basis in the local paper with times and locations.
Speak up, get involved, and change things!
Or write an opinion piece to the editor, that’s what I do and frequently, although they only allow once a month submissions, but it works out great… sometimes!
Yes, that’s the ticket!
Complaining is the American way!
Freedom of speech and all that!
That’s why we celebrate this holiday of the Fourth of July and or fifth?

At least admit that we are confusing our young people, how will they know any better than what the media purports, because we all know what we see and hear on TV is the truth!
Rappers miss-spell words, but on purpose they say, ha, they are all Rhodes Scholars, didn’t you know? And so do advertisers thus the spelling abilities of most students is deplorable.

If nothing else the old fashion work ethic should be what our children and our children’s children should be aware of being how everyone gets ahead in this life, not by gold bricking, by working hard and earning a buck.
And when you are ready willing and able to work and jobs are abundant, well that’s too much and unrealistic in this day and age to expect, but then let’s say available that is what our children should have intimate knowledge of.
In the day when I worked I worked hard and did more than what was expected by taking the initiative and that was what I felt I owed my employer, I was thankful that I earned what I received.
You see, I have been on both sides having owned businesses too, and hiring people, and in management as well. We paid our sons when they worked for us, and it worked out well, since to this day they both have wonderful work ethics!
Perhaps that wouldn’t be a bad idea to turn the tables though and you work for you kid to teach him or her how that works…nah it could backfire? LOL

On that silly note, enjoy the rest of your holiday… of the Fifth of July! WITH A BIG HUH?
Good night to all and to all count those blessings and we will too!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth of July!

Here in our lovely sunshine state it had been raining most of the day.
But to all of our more than likely knowledge in the name of celebrations the show must go on and I do believe that everything is still a go for our annual fireworks scheduled for nine P.M. tonight!

Hubby awoke with a nasty cold.
And now I am feeling a wee bit icky too, and that’s on top of my normal daily ickiness. (Tobism)
Could it just be this nasty wet stuff outside or a virus?

In fact as I am writing this Blog tonight the rain has intensified.
It appears to be raining cats and dogs?
Now does anyone know where that expression came from?
Out of all the possibilities I think this one below makes the most sense:
“ offers yet two more possibilities for this colorful expression. It could liken the racket made by a storm to the thunderous noise made by fighting cats and dogs.
Or, it may arise from the era of thatched roofs when downpours would bring cats and dogs dozing atop houses down onto the occupants.”

Any-who, again my day was pretty much uneventful except for trying to figure out how to make our own celebration barbecue if the rain didn’t stop; at least it hadn’t taken many breaks, but it finally did take a short one in time for our two hot dogs and hamburgers to be grilled.

My backup plan was trying to find our old indoor electric barbecue grill, and I did.
Gosh the thing has to be at least fifteen years old and held up well.
Its oval ceramic on the outside with aluminum insert and a thing that looks somewhat like an enlarged cup of water heater, you know the type we all had them before microwaves you plug it in and it heats up a cups worth of soup or tea?
The top is a checkered board grid on Teflon coated metal.
Once washed up, it looked as good as new, only thing is we didn’t need it, as I said the rain took a short break for our hot dogs and burgers to be made outside as G-d and our nation had intended them to be done!
Although, were those foods actually around for the first fourth celebration? I doubt it.
Look that up kids and get back to me, OK?

Update on that oil slick skimmer: it is still on its way here to the Gulf, copy and paste this site for accurate information:

I do hope by the time you all read this that you have had a very happy, drier than ours and safe holiday!

On that positive note I will wish you all a good night and to all I bet we end up watching the fireworks on the telly, wait that’s what this holiday is all about I used a British term and this is our INDEPENDENCE DAY from them… ooops, what a BIG MISTAKE that was! Hubby and I appear to be resigned to the fact that we will be enjoying the fireworks on our TV like all of the other rained out Americans will be! LOL
Yes and count those blessings and we will too!

A side note: when we went to the grocery yesterday an older New Yorker employee insisted that the “south’ didn’t celebrate the fourth like we do up north… it took me almost twenty-four hours, even though when she said it I knew that wasn’t true since I have been living here nearly twenty-four years and I let her know that sure they do.
What I was going to say I guess she got the Revolutionary War and the Civil Wars mixed up? Since if we received our independence from the south instead from the British that would make sense, but not really! Anyway, that’s got to be the only explanation for that gaffe of hers. LOL

X-rayed and MRI'd

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