I just did something extremely radical!

I turned off the news!
Have you ever noticed how stupid criminals are?
In this one segment that caused me to take such drastic measures is of this young guy who was trying to shoot one of his female roommates when he saw her showering with another woman, but shot the other one by mistake, huh?
Even that sentence makes no sense!
Is it just me?
Again no rhyme nor reason for any of these violent crimes.

 Moving on...

Back to oh what fun!
I finally completed cleaning my gazillion loads of wash of deep in the depths of ye ole closet clothes and have stacked them all by itemized size, somewhat neatly on the guestroom bed.
And guess what?
This time I will be placing them in marked by size containers in the back of my closet to chose from when I get back down to the size that I will be wearing at the time, which oddly enough the biggest pile was mostly of sizes 2s and 4's and all pretty darn cute and still nearly fashionable only ten years later!
Yep, most of my original ME sized clothing.
I am not sure that I will get all the way back down there to that size, but they were classic styles that I still feel will continue to be okay if and when I do get there. Anyway this is not Paris or NYC, and no one is that snooty here anyway.
I also have the next size up and then mediums sized clothes and lastly my fatty clothing for now still!
But at least the stuff I forgot about can possibly be worn again for only a short time it would seem, since I am the amazing shrinking woman!  YAY!
If I do not get all the way back down to what I once was... then and only then I will donate those little me ones...NOT! Never ever give up!

On this note of I will eventually be me again, not some stranger in a fat suit, allow me to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

*I am the only one disparaging speaking of my own appearance and so I am bullying myself.
Please folks do not ever do that to anyone else, and in reality I should not even do it to myself.
For shame!
But I do not feel like me until I am smaller in size and till my old self, get it?
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