Golden apple, a non educator reward

Seniors, fifty-five and over and in some places just fifty years old are entitled to 10% off  meals out at restaurants.
And today we took a shot at Applebee's via a call ahead  to see if they also had this allowance, and they do called a Golden Apple thus my title we had their lunch specials of soup and half a sandwich for Hubby a club and French onion soup and mine was tomato basil soup and chicken roll ups, we saved a $1.80.
Many others do too, sometimes you just gotta ask!
We felt depleted after having to pay at the ophthalmologist's office $95 out of pocket, $25 apiece for refractive exams, apparently insurance no longer pays for it, huh? And Hubby was charger a $45 co-pay that he explained is no longer part of his coverage and he also has a $0 co-pay as of January 1st like mine, he even brought in his book for this year for proof, but they said they will send it in and reimburse him if it is so, what???????????????? He had it in black and white!
So $1.80 seemed like a tiny bit of something... we had to get him new lenses too at $180 ( so for lunch we saved 1% of his lenses, wow, with tip for two lunches just a smidge over twenty bucks, still not bad!)  for transitions, he had opted for instead of frames too, he has a year or so before he too will need cataract surgery anyway and this last pair was from 2012. We both always have had transitions, no need for separate sunglasses here in sunny Florida, they darken automatically, so in some ways less expensive than two pairs each.
My cataracts were done way back in 2010 and 2014.

We did get my see-thru containers instead of boxes for my clothes that are now all clean and organized in those see-thru containers with labels stating their sizes, two for 2P-4P and one for medium and one for large, all back in my 24" X 36" left corner space of my closet neatly stacked and the best part of it is the guestroom is back to looking just like a guest room again! Yay!
They were not too bad at $4.96 a piece and rather large at Walmart where Hubby got his glasses.
Not to mention snacks, and a small rotisserie chicken for dinner.

All in all we spent a lot today, but for good reasons.

And that is all for tonight folks, so good night all!

 Next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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