Many people are responsible...

 ... allowing me to get my very expensive medication, about 5K a month plus copay of $250 a month!
My insurance company coverage pays for the medication as well as the that picks up my sizeable co-pay for the last several years that I have been on Copaxone.
But there was stress when my insurance company Humana Rx Specialty insisted for days that the Assistance Fund was done the end of last year, as of last month.
I had gone back and forth with the AF with them saying that I was covered and Humana saying the opposite, finally a good person with AF named Unis helped me by getting Humana on the line and explained that I was covered again until the end of this year, 2017, and handed me off to Ty, a woman named actually Tyeste that accepted the information at Humana Specialty and scheduled my delivery for this Friday the 13th!
Ha, hope that isn't another bad omen, too many bad things going on this year already...nah!

Anyway, now I will be able to order my asthma medication that Humana wanted to charge me $500 for since I had not met my deductible, it was my larger order of the Copaxone that is totally paid for that helps keep all my other medications down in price, and so now my Anoro Ellipta can be ordered for the proper price of $47 for its few months, thankfully, what a difference!
That's it for tonight.

Another shorty, but I more than make up for it with my way too many verbose ones, hmm?

Love to all, good night and next time please be here or be square, ya hear! 
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