Bloated much?

How does flat club soda cause bloating?
I did have a soft boiled egg and a sliver of toast with a bit of butter and low sugar orange marmalade for breakfast, with a green tea chaser.
 Lunch did not make the grade, a smidge of chicken and my homemade cream of asparagus soup that I had not finished the day before; it was less than half a cup and I could not get that down at all!
So most of the afternoon I had my sugar free tropical iced pops, 15 calories a piece and a couple of the no sugar added chocolate ones that are 40 calories apiece, and that was it until dinner.

I have been receiving skinny recipes from Betty Crocker, of all things and tonight's fair was a recipe for chicken tomato sauce pasta mozzarella and parmesan casserole. It called for bowties, but we had left over uncooked in the box ziti pasta and so used instead. I do improvise a lot, all else we basically had like the Panko, we had made that switch years ago from bread crumbs, but we buy plain and it called for Italian style, thus my pantry loaded with dry ingredients and larger sized items, so a little of the garlic powder and onion powder and my one kitchen drawer is also a designated spice drawer and in there I have the smaller containers of oregano and basil, next mix all of those with the half of a cup of dry Panko and voila Italian style Panko!

It also called for hot pepper flakes that I used to love, but these days it is still a no no, darn, and Hubby can't take the heat so they were omitted, it also called for a jar of tomato sauce and we had one left in the pantry Prego Heart Smart, and we always have mozzarella part skim in the fridge as well as parmesan cheese and with our rotisserie chicken still waiting for more devouring we were all set.

Of course with just the two of us I cut the six servings down to half, should have been a third, but Hubby enjoys some leftovers, especially of this type of casserole and I was certain it fit the bill.
He had two healthy sized servings, and I had about two tablespoons full and then after a teaspoon more, yup, that's me these days. We had cauliflower with it on the side, Hubby about 3/4 of a cup and me about a teaspoon if that. I was surprised the recipe didn't call for the usual, garlic cloves onions and mushrooms I seem to add to everything I make, but it didn't. I could have added them for sure, but I suppose I was being lazy.

Although, I did also clean out our guestroom closet too today, next my dual drawers in my night stand!
I'm on a mission and I am almost all done!
Hubby even stated it has sparked his desire to start cleaning out the sheds!
I live for being a good example! Ha!?
And I have a weird concern of what people might say after I am gone if they saw those messes...oh well. I guess whatever gets you motivated is whatever works for you!

Any-who, with all this excess energy and lack of a real appetite, perhaps like in the old days the weight will continue to melt off of me, yay!

Our anniversary is next month and I would love for another ten pounds to be gone by I am motivated!

On this note of allowing me to think/write out loud and bounce my thoughts off of you, thanks by the way, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly count all of your blessings and share those overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

PS  I am watching our pres.-elect DJ slowly, but not quietly implode by his own doings and all due to his own voice of too many habitual lies! We might just have to all sit back calmly and watch all this as it unfolds and he explodes with a nervous breakdown, proving once and for all to all that he is unfit to serve.
Someone cancel his health insurance please!
Since he is giving his children his business holdings, it will be interesting if they help him when it all takes that nasty downturn, or will they just warehouse him and commit him, hmm? Time will tell, and his Karma is definitely in jeopardy!

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