I repeat, Dagnabit!

 My two nightstand drawers took no time at all to neaten, perhaps an hour due to massive paperwork from my medications and blood tests and hospitals' folders etc. and I even found of all things a 2009 tax return, would you believe! Our copy, so no worries there, but why there is a mystery when all others are in our file cabinet. Many have been shredded since the new rule of thumb of keeping non-business ones for only five years, I think. Sad and shameful though that the year of 2009 must have been the last time I cleaned that top drawer out! (Oops, did I say that out loud? Ha!)

No sweat, like my other cleaning projects that had had me dripping wet; this last one was way too easy breezy.

And my appetite came back, don't worry I'm not overeating since I really can't, my tummy tells me NO! 
I am still only eating small portions, but I did eat each of today's meals, ice pops in between, but I lost another pound, yay!

I have not been doing my exercises though with all these other workouts I have been getting!

Although, today I goofed again with not checking the depth of my injector for my Copaxone and I really hurt myself with my right arm inoculation today after my shower after my last drawer project.
Happy I did that all first, since my right arm was pretty much out of commission for hours, but the warm compresses did work!
I really must watch the adjustable injector's depth due to my weight loss, I forgot as I gained it went up and now that I am losing weight I have to readjust. It felt as if I hit a nerve or even bone! Scary!
But it must not have been either, since I feel better now.
Barely could move my right arm for hours.
And that is why I refused to have the basilar arthritis thumb and ulnar nerve fixed on my right side fixed due to my left side took over four months to get back to normal, but I am not a lefty.
You see, they put a piano brace on you for ten days until the stitches are removed and then you wear a cast for another six weeks and then two months of occupational therapy!
Yep, for a very right handed person like myself it poses too many questions about how to do normal day's functions, hmm?
Eating, going to the bathroom, writing this etc.?
I had my left done way back in August of 2001, and thought I would wait for the right side to get really bad.
The doctor wanted to do both then, but I nixed the idea.
And the orthopedic hand surgeon told me they were both just as bad then, so my right one has gotten real bad... but I hate the idea of going through that now with my other surgery so recent.
It actually gets the worse at night my hand and arm o that right side.
A few years ago I went back to that same doctor and he was ready to schedule the surgery, but my insurance was not that great and my out of pocket was way more than we could afford, and now we have great insurance that would cover all of it, but the whole bunch of other things  I mentioned above causes me to hesitate.

Anyway, it's a lot to think about!

Moving on...

To the DJ controversy about ousting him prior to him actually taking office, before the inauguration.
We, I should say most of us believe he is not capable of managing our country's needs and wants.
But we have all been anxiously letting out a lot of steam with raucous rants on the best way to accomplish this, myself included, petitions have not proven to do anything and calling our representatives have been another possibility to try, believe me I have written letters as an advocate for ills/diseases that I believe in being added in for vote by our government's elected officials using all of our monies for disbursement, since we all are paying in taxes to subsidize other things for all of us, why not for funding Cancer, MS, and Arthritis etc.
So calling our local senators etc. sounds great, if they are available to speak with, but hopefully they are busy doing our bidding for us on all of our states' matters while representing us up there in D.C., so who can we talk to really, a lowly office worker to whom we cannot be sure the message will go through? No offense to most office personnel who do know everything going on and run the works, so forgive, but you are all busy too! I instead contend to believe that Bernie Sanders and most all of the Democrats do know our concerns about how things will be handled under DJ's reign, and there are so many checks and balances in place that he has no clue about that I feel fairly confident that he is mostly a blustery blowhard about his threats and odd ideas getting passed, truly!
Too many sane people that we sent up there to D.C. for that to happen; anarchy?
Let's hope never!
Nuclear war? All those threats from those other folks, like North Korea, not going to happen, since we could retaliate in a New York minute!
No winners in that case, too big a risk for both sides.
But we must not lose HOPE ever!
And I encourage any of you as well as myself to do whatever you feel might work, and if you get lucky, spread the word and we will all follow suit!
Success can become contagious too!
Otherwise a peaceful unified march on Washington on the day of the inauguration and pray a lot!
He cannot get away with any of his ludicrous suggestions, and his background and lawsuits will slow him down, and might even stop him before he tries anything to which no one is listening, really!
He won, that is true, but he has already gone back on so much of his promises to those who voted for him that I am more than sure they will realize they made a BIG mistake! DAGNABIT TOO!

On that note of perhaps hope, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask all of you to kindly count all your blessing and to share all those overages with you know whom and we will too!

 And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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