Hurricane Matthew!

Hurricane Matthew is still over the Bahamas, just over Freeport on a heading with south east Florida, and yes it did increase from a category 3 to a 4 again, currently 140 mph winds with 165 mph gusts!
We are only on a tropical storm watch and even so we do have rain bands attributed to the hurricane and winds from 15-40 mph here on the south west Gulf coast of Florida.
Hubby squelched my concerns and did shutter our home.
He also had gotten our car gas tank topped off and our additional 5 gallon gas cans filled for the generators if the power were to go out, even without hurricanes it does happen way too frequently!
If not used for this, we can use it for the lawn mower or even to put into the car's tank, no big deal.

Confusing, and worrisome since not all hurricanes do what the knowledgeable meteorologists predict, see it is scientific but like doctors who practice, meteorologists predict!
Not an absolute.
Now that should be how you get what I am saying ever since Hurricane Charlie took that last minute right turn into us when predicted to go one hundred miles to our north I get antsy with these major storms!
Most who went through it get it.

So far most of our east coast waterfront counterparts  that were told to evacuate dutifully did.
Many remember Katrina 2005, if they don't recall Andrew 1992.
Somehow devastation sticks with you, unfortunately, or perhaps a teaching experience to learn from.

We have live coverage of what is going on on our east coast when it hasn't come there yet it is quite nasty already with wind and rain bands as us on this coast.

Body bags are even being gotten ready for those who did not evacuate, can you imagine?
Bad, bad, bad storm.
Over one hundred dead in Haiti so we have been informed.
Be careful people, perhaps I am silly with my concerns here, since we are "only" in a tropical storm watch zone, but still...
Something to think about, nightmares included.
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