Southwest Florida as well as the rest of the Gulf Coast were unscathed by Hurricane Matthew!

As predicted he did not come here, so we were unscathed.
And for a good part of the southeastern part of our state of Florida he did not seem to hit as hard  as was expected, since Matthew's hurricane force winds stayed off shore.
Yes, most of the way up the east coast until Merritt Island/Cocoa Beach, Cape Canaveral north where the aftermath of the damage seemed to begin with trees downed, a bit on the homes and cars damaged, some roofs, water intrusion etc.
Storm surge could reach upwards of eleven feet in the Jacksonville area.
As many as 600,000 homes were and most likely are still without power.
Three deaths have been blamed in Florida on the hurricane.

Horrifically the count continues to rise in Haiti, last count was well over eight hundred!

Hurricane Matthew is now a category two system with still impressive 110 mph winds heading to Savannah Georgia, and then onward to the Carolinas, as it slowly goes down in strength, a one, and once there turns south once more to turn onto a tropical storm with forty mph winds...heading west, possibly back to Florida by Tuesday!

Moving on...

Sure we looked silly as the only ones with shutters up on our street, but we are one of the few homeowners who knows where they are kept, bud dump bum...But seriously folks,
many are renters and that I believe would be up to their landlords to do... if they were at all concerned.

Joan (old school chum): decided to fly into Savannah yesterday, I imagine for a vacation, but kiddo that's where the storm is heading, be safe!

Our younger son and his wife do live on the south east coast of Florida and thankfully it was not as bad as expected.
Facebook friends live there too, as well as my cousin who is my birthday twin same month, day and year, and so worry was plentiful, and most would not budge... oh well, at least nothing happened, hmm?

Matthew's wrath is not done so let the prayers begin!

GOUGERS Behave,  $10 a gallon for gas, hotels tripling their pricings, water bottle cases for thirty bucks, SHAME ON YOU! 1-866-9-NOSCAM to report in Florida gouging, its of course illegal, gouging that is! Report them!
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