Third party info not the most

...telling you all about how severe Hurricane Matthew was to Florida is not as accurate from me as from those actually who went through it.
I am what most would consider third hand, since my information has been gleaned from the TV or internet, not from being there!
As intelligent people we all know that information is only as good as its source is knowledgeable, true?
So from my vantage point hundreds of miles away from the actual occurrence is not any different than out of stators or dare I say those in other countries or planets, like yourselves, perhaps?
I do try.
But unless you are part of what is going on; Geez, it's not the same, really!
Not reliable is a bit too extreme for what I have tried to tell everyone.
Seriously, though folks we all have access if we can change channels, turn on a radio, or our techno devices and so my point is that you all are as informed as I am about this Hurricane Matthew.
Sadly, the devastation was more than we thought so grasp what you can... it was not a ploy by the Democratic Party Liberals!
It was and is bad, and will take a very long time to comeback from this assault on our state and Georgia's, the Carolinas, and the Caribbean.
Deaths tolls are way too many; upwards of over a thousand there now I bet, here in Florida six people, so I was told/read.

Moving on...

Looking forward to tonight's SNL should be interesting with the Orange Frothy Haired Guy's latest historic foot in mouth disorder being dug up from the archives!
He is an ass and so mentally unstable that so many of his GOP buddies are FINALLY realizing how dangerous he would be if he ever, G-d forbid, did win the election and they have been disinviting him and not supporting him...Please folks don't let him become elected!
Guess though it's getting harder to lay a humorous spin on his totally absent ability to think compassionately about others before he spews his comments with his ludicrous foul mouth over the top suggestive verbal raping of women. He should be arrested, since he did admit to not just verbally but physically assaulted them too! (Groping? Not a star quality that I know of!)
Every minority, including us women he has hated for one stupid reason or another, but I do believe that we women are like fifty-two percent compared to men being forty-eight percent of our American population, so not in the minority? So vote against him and we can take him down! YAY!
Solution, problem solved!

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