Disaster keeps creating havoc, debate not a debate, but a town hall

Although Hurricane Matthew is no longer a hurricane it is still causing awful deadly flooding in its more than northern path that it was not supposed to do! More deaths more devastation.

The Clinton vs. Orange Frothy Haired Guy round two bout sure is purported by soothsayers to be one heck of a free entertainment package tonight, 9P.M. EST!
Guy and Hill promise to go down in history as the oddest couple ever to run against one another!
Neither have full support of our nation, sadly.
Experience though over imbecility shall win the trial of so many errors!
Hill can do great on peoples Q&A off the cuff from memorized stats, notes, research and absolute originality when wowing the crowds with her knowledge !
Guy knows nothing and goes on the defensive as soon as someone disagrees with him, he is famous for being quoted as saying, " I never said that", statement while staring into the videos proving the contrary!
Lying is his friend-enemy.
Calm resolute is her absolute resolve and strength.
He has been asked to step down by many of the GOP bigwigs.
She has been endorsed by many of his previous GOP supporters as well as the Democrats that she beat out in the initial trials to get to this point to become the candidate.

Should be a nice distraction from the physical natural disasters that have been occurring.

Hope I can stay awake for the whole thing, we all should.

SNL came through last night, good for them finding the lighter side to an abomination of a political race to the White House!
Satire is still refreshing! 
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