Sleeping can be tricky!

Sleep is a commodity our bodies crave for regeneration of cells.
As babies we adjust to the need, and eventually find our groove to keep our young parents sane and non-sleep deprived.
When we grow into teens again we need that extra bit for growth.
By the time we become young adult to middle age many squander the need for more "important" things to do; from studying to partying to playing to working too hard!
And by the time we become that certain age of so-called wisdom, again we sleep to go on, and our needs vary from very little to thinking we have none due to napping sporadically as if a baby once again!
I have rounded the curve to the point of sporadic awake/asleep-ness.
Confused body clocks are not unusual in older people; not unlike infants.
It would seem that is where I have arrived.
I am a babe in dreamland, more often nightmares!
Why would an adult not dream at all mostly?
In truth it is a rarity to dream good or bad.
But the ones that seem the most vivid do awaken me, sometimes out of deep sleep!
Without the desire to return to slumber-land.
Not out of fear, but out of trying to figure out the whys.
I bought a book years ago telling what symbolically your meaning of your dream/nightmare could be, and the weird part was it never meant what you thought it did according to that book.
Interpretation is then possibly what you thought, huh?
Sometimes a banana is just a banana, ya know?
Any-who, life goes on...
And we must all realize that we and they will be here or somewhere after this election, your choice; so vote! We did, via mail-in. (Florida just got a day extension on registration until five o'clock this Wednesday 10-12-16! The Democratic party sued for an extension due to the hurricane.)
A dream or a nightmare will come true.
Just another thought to keep you sleeping peacefully like a baby or unsettling like a grumpy old gal!

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