Modesty be damned!

This last month my viewership has tripled!
Usually I would have about a thousand people reading this drivel monthly, but
this month so far I have had three thousand plus!
What happened some might ask?
Well, it's not likely that after eight and a half years people just discovered me, or maybe that is the case, but actually I think it is has more to do with whom I care to share this with, and yes it is a personal decision. I expanded my horizons.
Daily, my readership has increased to an average of over two hundred!
Before then about a tenth of that.
If I only knew sooner, huh?
An increase from 72k to 75k+ just this month for total years alone!
Exponentially could that have been three quarters of a million?
Gosh, the concept is staggering.
I do love that I reach so many.
Only issue is that I have with all this attention is that it creates an enormous responsibility to write something of value.
Nothingness is my forte, what can I say; it worked for Seinfeld. I know that I am NO Seinfeld!
Unless fired up on a my soapbox about a  worthy cause or an injustice I live a rather tame life!
But his show never really did, did it?

My feelings about the delusions that the Orange Frothy Haired Guy has are frightening to most rational Americans, thankfully.
What makes me question many of my country's persons is when an average looking woman on the heavy side is for the Guy?
If she were to meet him with his misogynistic unrealistic value put on women to him she would be all he finds distasteful on his crude scale of 1-10, this woman who spoke would definitely be on the lower end of his concept of what beauty is, that is by using what he has said as a ruler, than why vote for him? I would be as disgusting as any of his horrid comments about woman who are fat short disabled and old, that's me!
Why even consider someone so shallow and crass?
But there is this regular woman being interviewed, by the news, not in a commercial, she was just so enthusiastic and so determined to vote for him and I am baffled.
He promises nothing specific to be done.
Oh well, I have given him more time than I had promised ever to do.
I have more questions than answers.
To me I think he will finally go off the deep end when he loses.
I feel badly for his family having to contend with him when that happens after Hillary wins!
Not too though.
(Gosh did I say that out loud? Ha!)
Sure I did.
Till tomorrow...

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