MRSA free; and we here on the west coast of Florida are under "only" a tropical storm warning!

Frightfully though for our east coast of Florida is threatened with a category 4 level from Hurricane Matthew!
Wish you all to be safe!
Haiti and Cuba were devastated by Matthew's wrath, the death toll at this writing tonight is at eleven souls.

Next the Bahamas are in the line of fire, we are after that tomorrow night and Friday!

Take all precautions folks!

Northern folks looks as if you may be in luck without a Hurricane Matthew in your future.
The new path appears to have it might be curving back towards Florida as a cat 1 next week, and not making it very far up the east coast perhaps only as far as Georgia and North and South Carolinas' outer banks!

Brevard and Martin counties are being evacuated here in Florida.

Theme parks are waiting to decide what to do in Florida.

Some hurricane supplies to have: (There are so much more)
Water, can opener, flashlights, generator, can foods, pet food, medicines, batteries are a few of the items you should have available oh and that is enough food for at least three days, same for water for each person and pets, gas for generators, and the car in case you have to evacuate, weather radio, etc.
Packing a to go bag wouldn't hurt even one with pillows and blankets. Charge those cell phones and other devices and if you have auto or battery power cords have them handy. When Charley hit back in 2004 only old fashion landlines (wired, not wireless) worked due to the cell towers being blown down.

And keep listening and watching all those weather channels!

Good luck!

PS My MRSA test was negative, yay!

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