Haiti needs our prayers and more than likely aid!

How much can an island nation take, earthquakes, hurricanes, poverty!
So sad.
Contact the International Red Cross, and then call them for your neighbors for Hurricane Matthew is coming here to Florida too within the next couple of days! Then up our US of A coast just like Sandy did but stronger! Be aware and careful our northern friends!
Seven deaths counted as of this writing in the islands, with potential to be more devastating when all is said and done.
We are on the west coast of Florida and seem to be in the clear so far; it is our east coast that is in jeopardy!

Hubby was about to go get gas, and get the shutters ready, but according to our local news from Ft. Myers we are NOT in the cone and the most we will be getting is 10-15 MPH winds, and so more rain, in other words not much at all. So he stopped his preparations mostly.

Number One Son called and although he lives north of Tampa, he too is on the west coast of Florida, and mostly in the clear, over a hundred and fifty miles north from us.

Our son on the other coast is in the danger area and we will be concerned although we have faith in him and his wife's ability to take care, they are smart enough to know not to be cavalier with a real threat!

We all helped after Hurricane Andrew that hit that area way back in 1992, it was a category five hurricane and the devastation was horrendous!

Our eldest helped us after Hurricane Charley got us in 2004.
Seeing any of that sticks in your head no matter what you do to try to shake it!

Let's not forget all the fires out west and floods in the center of our country, Mother Nature is more violent than any bombs can be, it would seem.

And yet we as human beings some how manage to go on... aint we something!


Our desire to survive is truly amazing.

Nobody said that prayers wouldn't hurt too, try it you might like it.
I have.

www.redcross.org Just incase.

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