An unknown type of insect bite...

...has been determined as the cause of my earlobe injury, but is healing well with just the topical antibiotic.
The PA Patti diagnosed the probability of it being a brown recluse as a possibility but maybe, maybe not; she had just moved down here from good ole NJ.
Any-who, she was unaware of the fact brown recluse spiders were here in Florida.
And interestingly enough she had been working at the same hospital up north that our own Number One Son was born in, Hackensack that is now an incredible teaching hospital.
Unfortunately, when I delivered our son after twenty-nine and half hours of consistent labor back in May of 1972, it was rather a runned down facility then, but where my OBGYN doctors were affiliated, which at the time I had no idea that they should not have had me going on that long I should have been induced sooner. And when I wanted to breast feed right away the nurse looked at me as if I had two heads. I had gone to La Leche League, the support organization for breastfeeding : and they had said you should do that to give your baby all those immunities from the colostrum you produced right after delivery, and at that time they were no help.
Bottle feeding was preferable at the time, breast feeding was just coming back into its own as an acceptable natural healthier alternative, but they appeared to have no clue.
Fortunately, these days Hackensack University Medical Center: is one of the most prestigious teaching facilities in the tristate area, make that four state area, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and most likely Pennsylvania.
Anyway, I felt she would learn about our critters soon enough.

Moving on...

So we left on our way and Hubby said that we were out of fish pond food and could use some more wild bird seed and so we decided to go to the Tractor Supply store out by interstate I75, our usual supplier.
And so we did and also thought it would be nice to get some lunch at the Cracker Barrel not far from there. I so enjoy their rainbow trout and Hubby who has lost some weight recently deserved and also enjoys their meatloaf, mashed potatoes with extra gravy and macaroni and cheese, biscuits and corn bread. I chose three lighter side items fresh salad and another one with cucumbers onions and more tomatoes, using the fat free Italian dressing for both and sharing a little with Hubby and apple slices, no carbs for me! He's not much of a veggies guy. When we eat out it's nice when he can get what he wants and I can a healthier choice too.
We both had ice water with a side of lemons.
I was dropped off at home...
Hubby was off again to take our chariot in for the part needed for the rear suspension that had been diagnosed where the noise was coming from when Hubby mentioned it while there for the oil change a few weeks ago, but they had to order the part.
When they finally finished with the car late this afternoon and turned it back over to him, he took it for another test drive telling them he would be right back if he still heard the squeaky noise over the speed bumps since that is when it would happen, and sure enough it was still there.
The head of the department got into the car with Hubby for another ride and heard it too and said well its not the shocks!
According to Hubby it has to do with some rubber thingies that protects those noisy components or some such thing; he's outside doing the garbage or I would ask him to clarify, sorry!
Now they are ordering again these new parts to fix it, hopefully the right way this time, and this is the dealership's service department where we bought it brand new from on November 15. 2014 and we have less than 8K miles on it, if it wasn't still under warranty Hubby said he would have fixed it himself!

Oh well....

On that note of what else, oh I read I also have Angina Pectoris on my medical portal when sent and emailed about my today's office visit, and that was dx'd from that hospital stay on 2-2-16, besides them also dx-ing emphysema and hepatic steatosis, but I'm still here and so are you!
Of course!
I'm not going anywhere, are you?

On this absurd note allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy healthy safe good night and asking you all to kindly count all your blessings and to share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

 And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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