Gets the blood going or boiling.
Anyway we look at disagreements we all know that eventually we will either understand the others point of view or forget about our differences of opinion and move on.
Smart people never let it change their actual relationships.
And go with me here, since respect to not be yes men/women to one another is not expected by truly interesting more logical thinking people.
But alas shouting matches are never ever any good either.
That said none of us will ever agree with everything a person/friend/associate/ family member says and you know why?
Sure you do.
We are NOT of one brain!
Even people married forever do not always agree for that very reason.
Some say they only think that they have one brain, even Hubby and I kid about it since at times we finish each others sentences, but that is more from just knowing each other for so long and so well, so it could appear that way.
On matters of opinion we have been far afield on many topics.
For the very reason of not wanting to cause any issues I will not mention which topics here, but it may have to do what he and I consider funny.
Oh don't get me wrong much we find very funny about lotsa things, but as too many from our generation think that euphemisms for women's body parts we differ and he likes those ridiculous names for them, but has been known to cringe when I use the proper biological identities of male or female body parts.
No BIG deal.
Take that anyway you want, bud dump bum.
Being the only gal in the family with a husband and two sons I learned a lot.
They would get silly like us young girls did as preteens and teens way back when we were all growing up together.
Misogyny was not taught in the home so that still baffles me if I hear any talk using that way of thinking while forming those words, I say something and it has been known to make me angry, too scary!
Adults, men or women must respect each other in every generation.
Just some thoughts.
My conversation though today was a difference of opinion with another adult woman over medication Vs. natural ways of handling a common ill.
We both made good points and being me and having been on a debating team when in high school and winning of course the one debate I recall actually having to prepare for; she was smart enough that once she responded she was done, but not me I had to get the last word in.
Thankfully when dealing with extremely professional people they have thicker skin, oh no I did not personally attack this highly intelligent person I just gave my systematic reasoning for my conclusion of my point of view, twice. I will call it an even end result.
Enough said and done. now, hours later.
A true test too know if I had gone too far is to check to see if I had been unfriended and as of this writing the answer is a resounding NO, whew!
I like her and respect her intellect.
Online intonation is so hard to get and so misunderstandings are all too common unfortunately.

Moving on...

Today, I chilled while Hubby went on to needing to do.
He asked me if I had anything that needed to be done and other than us changing our sheets that we do weekly and he or I have done it or together that was it for my needs today on our king size bed.
The swimming pool was calling him to be cleaned and so he did that as well and the "O" ring needed replacing on the filter.
With summer like temperatures down here pretty much all year round the pool is filtered and cleaned too daily, no winterization here.
Fortunately, we also have our pool supply shops are open all year round too for parts or whatever.
Grass slows slightly for cutting to about twice a month, although with the unusual rain fall this winter that has made that not always the case, causing it to be a bit more often.

On that note of COME ON DOWN with our high seventies daily, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy healthy safe good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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