After I posted last night ...

... on this end, on my laptop here on this Blogger site came up corrupted for some reason.
The published version that I was seeing here was incomplete.
It had been blacked out on the top and the first sentence was missing.
Oddly enough on my phone it was fine?
Frustrated by my inability to upload those pictures yesterday and the fact that when I posted on this end it looked just dreadful, it nearly gave me apoplexy., doesn't take much these days!
I suppose the "report any issue" box that appears at the bottom left on here was a godsend, since I used it and wrote to them about my issue and voila today all was well again!

Moving on...

Something quite nice and a bit concerning happened a couple of hours ago.
My cousin that lives in Ohio that is a little  more than two years my elder and who had been diagnosed with MS at the age of twenty-seven while a stewardess, yes in those days that was what we called them and she did to herself too, she looked very much like the Charlie's Angel actress Farah Fawcett, a beautiful young woman and had worked a total of thirty years for both United Airlines as well as the now defunct TWA; and they had wanted her to do their commercials, well she called me today.
We usually communicate via Facebook, but have been known to call each other on several occasions, I suspect that someone may have mentioned that I messaged her asking, "where are you????" I had not heard from her by any means for a very long time. She told me that she had been hospitalized on the 28th of January due to a fall and was dx'd in having an exacerbation of her MS, her son had taken care of her and they live in the same building, her daughter is a tremendous asset and takes care of her too. She had lost a lot of weight, and not unlike me had gotten heavy over the last several years, but now she said she is that her weight is down to one hundred and three pounds and on her five foot five inch frame, which is now going too far in the other direction.
I asked her what the doctors said and she said they kept telling her it was the Multiple sclerosis.
Knowing me with tact I even asked if they mentioned cancer and she assured me they had not.
At the time she called she was waiting for her physical therapist to come to her home any minute, but we spoke for quite some time, and it was nice we caught each other up on the last several months.
The best news is that her gorgeous daughter who resembles her so much as a young woman is having her/my cousin's second grandchild! And that her son has a serious girlfriend.
I could hear in her voice that although she was very happy to speak/listen to/with me I knew she was winding down or in some pain, it was in her voice.
So I cut her off and wished her well and promised I would call her back soon, and I will.
She is my shinning light to have been contending with this insidious disease for so long and never ever giving up! And I told her that.

On that note of yes my Mom's, eldest of five, littlest brother's eldest daughter is made of strong stuff and has so much to look forward to, grand-babies! I told her how jealous I am, being absent of any of grandbabies myself, what a joy I hear that they give.
Interestingly, my cuz called on the anniversary of my Mom's death thirty-four years ago today at age seventy, a week before her seventy-first birthday, yep on the twenty-second of February 1982, in 1911 she had been born. I was a second marriage baby.
Allow me once again on again divulging too much information to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy healthy safe good night and ask all of you to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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