Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope by now that most of you have had the day that was all that you had expected.
No, negativity kids, just pure delight, me too.(Self talk.)
Since we all know that at times things happen and we must not let that get us down.
Frustration with the PICS I wanted to show you.
Lovely cards, candy/chocolates, dinner of ribs, sweet potato and corn, dessert homemade apple pie by Hubby.
Amazing what five apples, a little sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and all purpose flour and unsalted butter can accomplish!
OH Hubby's surprise project was him framing a large plastic, water proof, coated chart that we have had for years of our own Charlotte Harbor to hang in our living room over the wall unit and he did. I had seen it in a magazine the concept for a waterfront home, and we are a waterfront home. The idea is to show where you live on that waterfront and it does!
He and I had taken pictures of all the days creations and gifts, but this dumb upload for the phone/camera is not cooperating, again!
See best things happened today, actually a more than wonderful day and then this aggravating phone camera problem continued made me angry and then sad.

Oh well...tomorrow's another day.
It sure is!

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