Some days with this insidious disease Multiple sclerosis I am beyond moving due to my spasticity, numbness weakness, and spasms.
At times it seems that it will never end and I am over and useless!
But for some unknown reason today, perhaps being motivated by the date, the day before our anniversary milestone being tomorrow, yes so fortunate another, this our forty-fifth!
Most thought we chose Valentine's Day due to why many do, romance, love and lastly corny ( Oops, did I say that?) reputation of being Cupid's day that little dangerous cherubic guy/angel
with a bow and arrow shooting potential lovers in the hearts to coexist in whatever heavenly romantic lives forever and ever. But if shot in the heart we would all be dead, maybe I got that wrong, could be, wouldn't be my first time.
Any-who, in reality the story of the reasoning of the why we chose February 14th to have as our wedding day and therefore our anniversary for happily ever after... was quite rationally due to my theory and a very nice coincidence.
You see, Hubby's grandparents were celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary on February 16th.1970. And we had gotten engaged on Thanksgiving of 1969 and so when we were getting ready to go to their incredible golden anniversary I got this brilliant idea and since I was/am a wee bit superstitious thought that for good luck why not make arrangements to have our wedding as close to their anniversary day as possible the following year, since even then your plans had to be made that far in advance!
It was shear luck or coincidence that they at the Maplewood Manor in Maplewood NJ had a date open after Shabbat for my religious relatives, but on a Saturday night and that is how we were able to get the date of February 14. 1971! Even then it was a three day holiday weekend for President's Day, anyway it snowed. We spent our first night at the Marriott in Sadlebrook's bridal suite, and the next day went to the Poconos, but even then no heart shaped bed place, we went to Woodlock Pines in Hawley PA, Hubby's family get-a-way place, and that proved to be a mistake, since they knew us and would not leave us alone, meaning well; trying to be too helpful...ha! Consequently, we never went back, too weird for us.

Oh where was I?
That's right why I feel so energized, since without speaking to one another we both knew even though this is quite an impressive year, of forty-five years under our belt, for our anniversary that we neither wanted to or intended to get reservations to eat out, too crazy!
And can you imagine when we lived ten miles from the Daytona racetrack for nine years, the Daytona 500 used to be on Valentine's weekend, too much hassle but in those days we did wait for hours even with reservations, lunacy! We were much younger.
So we secreted our card purchases at the grocery Tuesday as sneakily as we could be, and a sweet addition too, but I am not telling more since Hubby reads this. And he has been working out in the garage on a mysterious surprise for me, he says nothing exciting or even a big deal, but still...all his effort, and that is truly too sweet! Who needs chocolates?
Any-who, so when at the grocery I made sure the ribs that were on sale were purchased, the St. Louis style, his favorite, raw and so I have been marinating them since this morning the plan is for them to be barbecued by Hubby along with sweet potatoes and additional vegetables yet to be chosen. Oops we both forgot dessert, but Hubby did cut up the cantaloupe.
I had used up the last of the blueberries in my blueberry pancakes that I made for us this morning, more like crepes, perhaps with so many left over I can create something special.
Yes, busy cooking even that fifteen bean soup, for us today but only half the bag with enough left for another lunch for the two of us. I even did two loads of laundry, big wows!
This is more than I have done in years, see energized.

Although, my ear is still not healed and does hurt, but I guess it is safe to say that I probably did not get bit by a brown recluse, unless it takes longer to cause big problems than I thought?
Another minor issue occurred today, I had gotten my hands spotted with purple coloring due to the blueberries and when I went into the shower after breakfast all but one spot came off, and I repeated soaping my purple spot over and over and it would not come off, so I even tried a squirt of the bleach I keep in there for mildew preventive, but no luck with that either.
So right now it looks more like a bruise than a stain.
But I cannot recall when or where.
Also in the far reaches of my brain I recalled my neuro telling me all the IV steroids that I have been on can cause necrosis, dead bones. But when I foolishly Googled what it would look like it looked liked your worst nightmare, like Leprosy or severe burned skin and bones showing breaking off, disintegrating!

Anyway, that is not how I wanted to end this blog tonight, sorry! So again I am pretty darn, yep very sure I do not have necrosis, and on that happier note, true, ha, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy HEALTHY safe good night and ask you all to kindly forgive that image I just put into all your sweet brains, and instead kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

PS MAY your Valentine's Day be filled with lotsa, lotsa burning love, or just another happy day and that is okay too!
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