Thursday, December 6, 2018

Tonight I have been adding additional nail in the road!

A day of one issue after another.

It all began with me apparently going to my neurologist's appoint two days late!
Tuesday afternoon was the pain clinic and I thought that I had scheduled the two two days apart, even my phone had this appointment for today!

When I received a call on Saturday to confirm, I thought it was the pain center! The receptionist today said it was them on my cell phone not the house phone, oh well. We rescheduled in less than two weeks, the doctor is doing half days this week.
Actually, that was the second change of the day before we left the nephrologist's office called to change my appointment to a month later and to an eighty mile round trip further!
Doctor will be out of town when they originally scheduled me.

Trying to lighten Hubby's load, I offered to take my ride to the Publix grocery so he would not have to reload it onto our manual ramp.
It was just around the corner from the doctor's and there is a side walk all the way. I beat him there  with him in the van with our furry kids!

He gave me our not too long list and I went to customer service to get a helper who would push the shopping cart and grab the items on the list.
Hannah was a young woman I guess barely twenty, tall, slender with long brown hair and comely and very pleasantly forgiving when I took her down the wrong aisle more than once.
She was a recent transplant from New York.

Once we were at the register the first time Hubby's text came through to remember ice cream I had already gotten it and something for lunch, that I had not... so she very nicely took everything off the checkout machine and off we went to the deli for a roast beef sub for Hubby and I to share!

When we finally got to the van Hubby was incensed due to Consumer Cellular saying we did not front load with money our  account with additional monies for overages so they stopped our calls and texts! That was crazy, we did not even receive their bill this month yet and I always pay earlier than due dates! That is why our most recent credit rating was 850 the highest!

We have been with them for years and all this bologna was ridiculous!
And as we tried to contact them all the way home and  got disconnected, the anger grew!

Oh another nasty incident occurred while I was shopping for our groceries... Hubby thought Bella needed to got out and so he was going to leave Aussie in the car/van but he jumped out and Hubby put Bella back to get Aussie before he hurt himself! So between Consumer Cellular and that Hubby was pretty darn as MAD AS HELL AND HE WASN"T GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!

Bad day. Oh we did get through to Consumer Cellular when at home on our landline, even though everything was working again; apparently they had a computer glitch and  everyone got that same message and their phone line got jammed and no one could get through!
Hubby asked for a financial adjustment for the anguish their issue caused, and they said eight cents!
The Supervisor Cameron in Oregon; whose voice had not changed yet stated!
Hubby was NOT HAPPY!

Perhaps tomorrow will be better?

Happy good night all!

Count those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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