Thursday, November 15, 2018

A brief addition to last night's explanation of the night before's...

First of all I would be amiss if I did not address the elephant in the other room of symbols found at the bottom of my last night's blog that was published. That did not show up in the raw unpublished version at anytime, and so that did not allow for me to edit it out, making me take into consideration that it was a possible infiltration of corruption of this site!
 I sure hope not!

Any-who, I will proceed with hoping that whatever happened last night will not reoccur.

That flickering of my eyes and the tap dancing of my fingers actually believe it or not  have medical terminology names and are real medical conditions that sadly are not curable.

Take the flickering eyes thingy, as exciting as making all new vision old again like silent movies with sound!
It turns out it is a thing called Nystagmus!

The other fun touch item with my bouncing fingers to their own beat is called intention tremor!

Both accoutrements of what I already have Multiple Sclerosis, MS!
Oh joy!
I was put on the IV infusions due to this flare causing these nasty things although they are forever additions without an actual known cure, just a few possibilities of the sites above suggest those items.
Oddly enough the Gabapentin that I am already on 1800 mg. is supposed to help not hurt the Nystagmus as well as the tremor.
The Baclofen also used as an antispasmodic has no action either way.

I am now seeing, using that term lightly the nephrologist in December; Dr.N from Coastal Nephrology, my old appointment was gone. (of course)
His receptionist was concerned enough to try to fit me in sooner at another location when I told her that my GFR
that had been 70 which is very good and normal for my age number, had dropped down to 32.05 GFR which is again in chronic kidney disease territory, even more so than my previous 50 s! Below sixty is where it begins to go south.
As of today my internist's office nurse nor doctor Casanova himself  have returned any of my many calls! For five days. Everyone else has!

The house as we pulled up to last night was well lit as we had left it in the inside and outside, but no barking at all was heard. Hubby had to go to the front door to get Aussie to notice him, and with excitement he recognized him, but really did not bark much at all!
The lights inside that were on with the TV were worth being on apparently!
The kids were alright, furry ones that is.
Oh surprise our furry kids, Bella does have a step to get on and off of our bed, both were fine and not one single thing was touched in a negative way!
Great kids!

Even the pain clinic nurse, Amanda, just called back to confirm my findings. Thanks!

All in all life does not go without challenges and for my two newest ones I am amazed that I also found out they are usually here earlier on, i.e. in the beginning of Multiple Sclerosis when symptoms begin.
So for the fact they started later on or did just come and go in the beginning sporadically if I recall, since I had been told I had Ataxia that qualifies for these two nasty insidious fiends, for that I am somewhat thankful they took so long to arrive on my scene, but this time they may be staying for good! OH DAMN!

So what!
I will adjust.
What else can any of us do?

Happy good night all!

Count those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Sorry not that short! Ha! But you all know me!

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