Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Duh... pain had to be coming from somewhere and it was decided!

That is the way I feel, all that concern gastro-logically when the bottom line was where my actual pain was coming from had finally been determined by a process of elimination,YAY!
My pulmonologist for my asthma and sleep Apnea with a chest X-ray ruled out lung pain, and the gastro ruled out serious stomach, throat and liver issues, although a polyp in the gallbladder and a fatty liver are nothing to sneeze at, but they are to be watched and are not responsible for my severe pain...my thoracic spinal stenosis is!

Thus the pain clinic and the Gabapentin finally kicking in more so, less icing and heating daily anyway it does seem...! And next week I do go back for the follow-up for the procedure that I had had last week the thoracic facet injection the day after the endoscopy and endoscopy with ultrasound for my middle section stomach, gallbladder, and liver et al!
All results in, so far.

Before the thoracic procedure was begun I was told three things that first the pain was emanating from T8 through T12, that they will be doing my procedures bilaterally with the left side first due to my pained reaction more so there, for the RFA, thoracic Radiofrequency Ablationhttp://agpain.com/wp-content/uploads/pdf/Thoracic-Radiofrequency-Ablation-AGPM1.pdf , and the right side in December only due to my insurances protocols for paying for such things. I agreed. They said it had to be six months from when I had my June cervical RFA and that is the reason why. So I will have to hang in there that much longer, the issue is pain control. Dr. Valente the pain doctor is doling out my Gabapentin refills, and he knows how dangerous stopping it cold turkey is! So used to my ninety day supply!
First he gave me two weeks worth and now just another month's worth!

My neurologist's nurse mistakenly has said it was up to him, since now that I am seeing him and under his care, huh?
I will have to talk to them about that since the neuros were the first to put me on Gabapentin for my neuropathy spasms and pain! And I still have Multiple Sclerosis and I do see my neurologist as well!

They will definitely be taking over that need after the procedures for the thoracic pain RFA is done.
Although, I have yet to discuss any lumbar RFA procedures, but that too could be done some day. Since my spinal stenosis is all encompassing of my entire spine, ha and ow!
So between the MS and the spondylosis stenosis my spine and pain and I have been formally introduced, and now at least I do know what is causing what, hmm?

Happy good night all!

Count those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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