Saturday, September 1, 2018

So we are well into the holiday weekend designated as the last one of summer!

How is yours?
That is the Labor Day Weekend my fellow Americans? Who else celebrates Labor Day the first Monday in September? More information: who knew?

Here, so far it is as if the summer will be going on forever!
Since it is so very hot and steamy, and stormy...
Oh wait...  it does really go on forever here; sometimes for ten, maybe eleven and a half months' worth, we're in Southwest FLORIDA, but of course, ha!

Usually, we get a week or two of a bit of cold sporadically anywhere from November through February... although last February is when the nineties started, degrees that is!

Oh well.

Somethings we used to take for granted are more difficult to do, ya know?
Not only because of my personal ills, but due to this Global Warming thingy, and yes, Mr. T, AKA Pres. DJ, AKA Orange Frothy Haired Guy there is such a thing, even though you believe it is just another media plot for another fake news story!
Speak to real people.
Go outside for more than five minutes.
Is it that much cooler on your golf courses than elsewhere?
Or is just because your golf carts are all air-conditioned?
Never mind.
When I speak to you it is always rhetorical.

Moving on...

Watched quite a bit of John McCain's funeral today, and it was impressive all the bi-partisan statesmen and women throwing caution to the wind and keeping politics out of the funeral while getting together for the first time just to commemorate the life of a truly decent person and hero, (Actually, there were subliminal words said by thoughtful people) and that was my take away from all I heard. Although, there were surprises of Pence saying Pres, DJ sent him, when John McCain specifically said he did not want him (Mr. T there! Than why assume you could just show up?) and Ivanka and Jared there too, why, who let them in, seemed odd and sort of disrespectful to me, ya know? I could be wrong, I have been wrong before.
All that I learned more about Senator McCain today via the speakers makes me think that his run for president was just at the wrong time in his history for he might have made one heck of a president!
Someday, sometime, but now never.
Meghan, his daughter that is also on The View as a conservative voice, made me remember when I too eulogized my Dad's passing at the cemetery. I too was about her age not quite thirty-six years old when my Dad passed away and my Dad was seventy-nine. My Dad too was a very good decent funny man. My heart broke for her. When I find myself normally not agreeing with her, today I found a commonalty of touching grief recalled.

I hate funerals, and I try to avoid them as much as possible.

Yes, I do know that death is just the opposite end of life, and it is as inevitable as taxes going up and all those other cliches that are supposed to make us all be matter a fact about it and accepting.

This was a big week for famous people's deaths with Aretha Franklin, Neil Simon and John McCain all passing... I take it we are done for a while since that was three, and everything happens in threes, right? Amen!

No, I am not religious by any means, but what else does one say when so many well respected people leave this plane or move onto their next vantage point from heaven or beyond or wherever, or reincarnate into a grasshopper or flea or whatever your specific belief is to cope with your loss?
Enough said.
Sure hope we are done for a while, since I really hate funerals.

Oh and that is why I am definitely considering leaving my body to science! It is free for your family, no expenses necessary.
But I read somewhere that they are almost as fussy about whom they accept as some non-profit thrift shops with free gifts of clothes, furniture and appliances!
You have to be in good working order, look like new, clean and neat and not too heavy to move... then what the heck did you die from, huh?

Explain that to me?
Hopefully, I still have time to mull that one over.

Happy good night all!

Count those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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