Saturday, August 4, 2018


Hubby mowed the lawn again!
Surely not a difficult feat for most men or women for that matter, except me of course...
But here's the rub Hubby not only has a bad back, but he is heading towards seventy years young in about a year or so, and to make the difficulty factor that much more grueling the feels-like temperature outside was again in the triple digits by nine thirty A.M. before that the grass was too wet from nighttime showers to attempt to cut it, BRAVO HUBBY!
Yay, Yay, Yay Hip, Hip Hooray!

He keeps saying he wants to hire someone else to do it and has even gone as far as to get prices, most yards are only twenty bucks a week for our average neighborhood quarter acre, but ours with all its nooks and crannies they want to charge thirty, mostly due to having to use their smaller push mowers not their big ride-ons due to our sheds, pool, pond, gardens, tiki hut, etc. You would think less grass, less money, but no!
Any-who, every few years he says it and so far he hasn't, but Geez with these constantly high temperatures I wish he would hire someone! Thanks to the rain the grass does seem to grow at extraordinary rates. Weekly should be the usual cut in the summer, but now the grass grows so fast, in about five or less days it appears to need a trim!

Oh well.

Just putting life into perspective... worries, some seem so silly in comparison to the rest, ya know?
Day to day things at times become magnified in importance when the elephant in the room is creating a blockage in what can really be done significantly immediately would be great, but sadly unrealistic.
What does that mean?
I would love for him to fire himself and leave quietly into the night taking all his minions with him, hmm?
Naming or having a peaceful takeover by Bernie or Hillary, or even the two in tandem would be acceptable, since without interference they would have been there anyway more than likely...
Pence should just go to his home state home too. Yep home, pretend it never happened, like in the nighttime soap Dallas; it was just an ugly dream/nightmare for our nation!

Ahhhhh I can dream can't I?

Happy good night all!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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