Sunday, July 8, 2018

Number One Son and his Number One Gal are on their journey across the state...

via sailboat from Ft. Pierce in transit now since this morning and have made it so far to St. Lucie Lock in Stuart. More locks to come and then massive Lake "O" AKA Lake Okeechobee from there into the Caloosahatchee River that is in Fort Myers area that takes them directly to the inland waterway on our coast from the Gulf and then up it north to our Charlotte Harbor within the next couple of days! Then we will meet up, and they might even stay a few days here and moore the boat locally here. We have only one bridge to our home, but it is not tall enough for their mast to go under, so we will either pick them up via our boat or they will take their dingy here! There was even a consideration of docking here locally permanently, so then we would see them more often!

Along the way they will have to contend with green algae with protesters about that ecological harmful situation at the locks to boot, and of course our yearly bout of red tide, not to mention the heat on this their Second Wind's maiden journey with her new owners Number One Son and his Number One Gal!
The sail boat is a 1980 Southern Cross 31 foot with a diesel backup motor that they are using until they I suppose get to Lake O and then utilize the sails, and a dingy that has a battery motor, they do have a head and galley on board and sleeping quarters, but still. Just like camping I guess! Hope they have air-conditioning or at the very least a fan! I should ask next contact/text.
Number One just texted they have stopped at the lock slips/campground for the night.
Brave souls.
Oh to be young!
Nah, been there done that!

Moving on...

Another uneventful day on the homefront.
I suppose better than some nasty or horrid events.
Again the weather was sweltering with feels like temperatures into the 100s!
Best to stay home in the cool temps of air-conditioning!
Cooking cleaning binge watching youtube HGTV, ran out of Netflix shows that I like, but all indoor activities/sports. Okay, slight exaggerations... no BIG ONES!

Have a happy good night all!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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