Monday, July 23, 2018

More cheating...

No! Not that kind! Get your minds out of the gutter!
While at Winn Dixie's grocery yesterday we also took home one of their fully cooked rotisserie chickens, and now we have that for dinner tonight!
It has been a fowl two days, ha! Turkey yesterday and chicken today!
Although, the chicken for this evening is accompanied by microwaved zapped golden potatoes, and buttered corn kernels with basil, and of course with more homemade gravy leftover from last night for those potatoes, and more leftover whole cranberry sauce too as a great side!
That small chicken has plenty of different fulfillments in its future... from cold chicken salad sandwiches and even perhaps some homemade chicken noodle soup?
Or shredded with homemade barbeque sauce on buns... who knows what may be in store for any of its remains!
Only your imagination can stop you, that is only if you do not use it, i.e. your imagination!
My ideas are for great summer tiny cooking, nothing to heat up the kitchen more than you have to, even  with central air, as we have, who needs that hot oven making the air-conditioning working harder and you too! I suppose this can be filed under working smarter? Or just keeping your cool! Big smile inserted here.

Moving on...

These days my eyes, if possible, are BIGGER than my tummy?
Sure doesn't look that way in reality (My tummy looks enormous still!)... ,but I had taken a leg and a wing, of the chicken what else of course, to eat with that zapped one small potato, less than a quarter of a cup of corn and cranberry a bit more, and the leg was not able to be eaten at all... TOO MUCH!
I am still having digestive issues each meal, and have been taking all OTC medications prescribed by my gastroenterologist, (2) Pepcid Completes and (2) Nexiums daily with Gas-X when needed too!
Eating/dining should be more enjoyable than it is for me.
Debbie Downer here, soooooooooooo sorry!
Oh well.

Moving on again...

Just to have an accurate accounting by including it here, Hubby and I went for our scheduled fasting blood work this morning.
His appointment with our mutual internist is for the beginning of next month and mine is for the end of this week. I am scheduled sooner due to trying to find out how going off my Simvastatin, Fenofibrate, and Gabapentin if they have had the effect I am hoping for of lowering those too high liver enzymes.
Unfortunately, even with the smaller amount of steroids injected into me with the cervical RFA at the pain center the end of May my A1c went up from 5.4 normal to 6.0 prediabetic again at the end of June, a month ago!
It should be interesting what this blood work will have on that... I took my glucose test before I went there this morning and my fasting was a not too good at 126, below 100 is normal.
We will see, what we will see.
What scares me is if I become a diabetic, with CKD and liver disease too... it will be very, very, bad!
So you can very well imagine my concern and interest over these results!
Happy good night all!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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