Saturday, June 9, 2018

Getting there...

Three sides have been cut and done, the remaining side and fill in pieces will be done when the additional 35" by 60 foot roll arrives Tuesday! Hubby surprised me by working in this oppressive heat today with a 98 degrees F heat indices, at times it was even 99 degrees F, all before lunch! 
                                      I personally think it is looking very good, how about you?

Moving on...

Today a FB friend stated that her husband's death had been a suicide, and it made me very sad.
I hadn't known. I had thought he had a fatal illness and had gone to spend his last days in Australia, and in a way I thought that was nice... and in a very sad way he did truly have a fatal illness...

Depression and other mental illnesses are not something we should be ashamed of, and we all should be able to help our loved ones if they let us... these latest celebrity suicides make me feel so sad that they're  no answers, and there is nothing anyone could have done to change the outcomes!
But many are guilt ridden after thinking they should have... but no one can know others demons that make them think they have no out.

 I was young when I heard of my first suicide, not yet a teen even yet, my Dad's cousin who was one of his business partners had committed suicide, one of a group of four cousins, so it did hit close to home, he, my Dad had been devastated of the loss of his first cousin and friend.

Later when our younger son was fifteen a friend from school, same age as him also committed suicide, now that son is forty-two years old today and I wonder how that had molded him, ( I do know that the same year his very good friend that was like another son/brother to our boys, to all of us who we took everywhere and slept over and ate over was hit and killed by a drunk driver while bicycling home from his girlfriend's home that did create a recognition early on about not drinking and driving, and we all think of Rocky, his friend often, great kid, so sad.) so that hit us all hard too both horrible ends too young lives so close together. Apparently, the one child that our son knew, but we did not who had committed suicide was frustrated and helpless with his parents divorce, so sad.

The signs were there, but people weren't able to talk like hopefully today, although suicide numbers are up by 10%! When we all should be able to not think badly about others struggles? I, myself have been depressed and on medication for it, and went to counseling, and have I had felt hopeless! Fortunately, these days I am easily distracted so that prevents my brain/thoughts to harp too long on those feelings...I only wish that for others!
All one can do is try and I am sure that they all did try to direct their loved one's for help, and that is all you can do.
Love them, listen and hope they try to help themselves.

All this has sparked reminders of lives cut way too short, and too many thoughts of... if only... but no... and now we talk often about mental health issues and still the military have had an enormous uptick of suicidal deaths, and in our general non-military population too... we have got to think of another way to stop all these too sad deaths!

But what????????????????

We must all try to intervene somehow, it is all we can do: here is the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline to share,

Love to all!
Be aware.

 If I offended anyone I am truly sorry, but if this has helped anyone who found any of it relatable you are very welcome!

Happy good night all!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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