Friday, June 8, 2018

A day with quiet accomplishments

By that I mean ordering things we, me and Aussie, needed.
Two of my prescriptions that would be my asthma and antispasmodic medications, Breo and Baclofen from my mail order insurance company Humana RX for three months supplies for both.
And for my canine pal/son, Aussie our mini Australian Shepherd, two 15 Lbs. bags of Nutro Essentials puppy food with chicken, brown rice and sweet potatoes as well as his adorable new nautical designed harness!  Description courtesy of EcoBark:   "Surround your precious pup in comfort and safety with the EcoBark Maximum Comfort Dog Harness–and give Mother Nature a big hug at the same time. The eco-friendly design features ultra-soft and durable straps made from recycled water bottles. Certified non-toxic polyester mesh makes up the lightweight, padded webbing that’s super flexible to give her a full range of free and natural motion. And by including features like an innovative no-choke design that protects your girl’s fragile trachea, as well as non-breakaway, quick release clasps, EcoBark proves that protecting your dog is just as important as protecting the planet."
All discounted by 40%, meaning a $71.43 bill had turned into a $44, with signing up for autoship; thanks to Freddy with Chewy!

Cool stuff, hmm?
Hope it works since three times Aussie has gotten out of his collar while out, fortunately, once he ran back into the car and the other two were... once when he ran into Pet Supermarket where the salespeople were not charmed by him pulling things off of their counters and out from behind their cash register desk, and the last time was when he ran into Lowe's! The customer/woman who caught him laughed in there, hugging him close to herself while he licked her, happy it was someone like her! Our handsome ET!
Thankfully none of the times did he run into traffic!
The collar and he did not get along at all!
He would scratch terribly as if he had fleas, which he does not! We even bought Adam's spray for him.
We checked, and besides as soon as it was off he was fine.
He told us, I guess, and we listened!
His first puppy contraption was a harness.
Hubby and I disagreed on which was better as he grew and due to puppy classes that he no longer goes to, I felt the harness was, and he felt the collar...oh well!
I guess we will find out this Tuesday when it will be delivered with his food!

Moving on...

I also called Acurite, the company that makes our Professional Weather Center that we had bought, I had thought that we could access it via our phones, but apparently we cannot. There is a more expensive version has that additional perk included, but locally Lowe's did not sell that one.
They do have it directly from them, at a much higher cost though, so we declined their offer to return ours and repurchase theirs direct... oh well.
Ours is below, inside and outside parts.

That's all for all of you have a very happy good night!
The tiki hut is at a literal stand still, and if moves it will hurricane related...HA!(Nope not funny at all!, Oops! Way too soon ever.)
Nah, hot weather is not great for hard labor.

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

PS That piece of thatch that Hubby installed days ago is only a small part of the 35" by 60 foot roll, a mere 122 inches worth, and the other roll will be here Tuesday, so work stoppage is weather related, not due to not enough, plenty there and more coming! Don't worry, be happy!

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