Monday, April 30, 2018

MRI results

My cervical, neck, stenosis is now severe, and oddly enough the MRI in that region picked up more sinus info, I now have a cyst too in my sinuses! What next? The new ENT's office called this morning for an appointment, but not until the beginning of JUNE!
My thoracic region MRI appears stable, with showing the same herniated disc and stenosis caused by it there from a few years ago, but no worse.
The pain management center called me already and I have an appointment in the next few days.
Meanwhile thanks to technology their twelve pages of forms were copied and printed off/ online and have since been filled out and are all set to go with me!
Since there were no new MS lesions in those areas, mine are still all in my brain, it would appear that much of my numbness and spasms can be caused by my neck (cervical stenosis) that is more severe now.
No wonder I have headaches, between that and my chronic sinusitis with cyst now added in, and needing surgical intervention once again. That explains a lot!

Oh well.


Yep, I am one of those needing immediate gratification people; for shame!

Lynn Stengel ARNP from my neurologist's office that took care of all this also tried calling me Friday with the results, but on my cell phone number and I had this dumb app that interfered with me answering, so the call was dropped except for the caller ID, which I called right back, but by then the office had closed!
Lynn is even sending me the written report, great ally!
I see my neurologist in June too.

Moving on...

The weather here is hot, hot, hot! Daily nineties!
So as we used to do with very cold weather up north in NJ by hunkering down in our heated homes with backup fireplaces, here in Florida we do that too in our nice cool air-conditioning!
Summer is early, but this like Arizona's claim to fame is different than our usual summer heat, since we are in fire season so we now have a dry heat! Low humidity! In the summer we have WET HEAT, high humidity? Yep, rainy/hurricane season, yup it starts in just four more weeks, yuck! June first.

Be careful for what you wish for, i.e. rain, that's how Harvey, Irma and Maria happened... no rain dances PLEASE!

Happy good night all!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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