Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The interesting thing is about my condition is that...

Many will get degenerative disc disease, spondylosis, spinal stenosis, arthritis in the spine, all names for the same thing basically, caused by normal wear and tear on your bones, as well as stenosis in their cervical, neck, and lumbar, lower back, just due to getting older.
Add in a few car accidents, my most notable as a passenger of thirteen years old sitting in the front seat and getting T-boned on my side causing true whiplash! It had ruined my eighth grade cheerleading career!
I was given a hard neck brace and muscle relaxers and sent back to school within days, but I fell asleep in class so I was sent home for two whole months! How I got into ninth grade in itself is a mystifying magical no answer, but I did!
That was one bad hit, and then my figure skating, and trying a jump that I hadn't before, a split in the air, and down flat on my butt! And I did figure skate very nicely, then and after. That was a temporary set back, as a fifteen year old on vacation in the Catskills, so I stayed in bed, since I couldn't move the next day anyway. Eventually, I was fine.
Fast forward nearly twenty years as a young mother in my thirties, we had gone to Sesame Street Place in Langhorne Pennsylvania water park and a one hundred and fifty foot zoom flume slide ride into a shallow pool. I landed wrong I was told, and I thought I had listened to the fellow or gal, can't remember which, sending us down, said put your clasped hands behind your head/neck as you go down and so I did.
Anywho, I was hospitalized, and put into neck and back traction and injected with Stadol and Talwin, two high opiate medications! I was coded!
And they also caused hallucinations that were very vivid and extremely scary!
No fun, like some tell you about, that were LSD trippers.
After that I was given a back brace for a year and a half, since I was afraid to take even Tylenol after that, but an orthopedic doctor, a different one than I had in the hospital talked me into taking Decadron, a steroid. The combo of both eventually helped me.

Anyway, those three incidents contributed to my neck and lower back issues, yours not so much if  you are careful and do nothing. Not realistic, we are all susceptible.
Oh, in all times in my life they did not stop me from swimming,( I even became a certified Aquatics instructor and taught for four years as a volunteer for the Arthritis Foundation) bicycling 20 plus miles, race walking three miles in forty minutes, or going to the gym five days a week for an hour and a half each day! MS threw me with my balance, spasms and numbness and inability to do anything that caused sweating, in other words the heat no longer was my friend! It would cause an exacerbation of the MS.

The thoracic injury, was just that too. Before Thanksgiving a few years ago I was helping Hubby clean the house, and I took the part of the vacuum that is meant for reaching above the floor to clean surfaces to use on the louvers on the hallway linen closet from my chair and I felt the pain explode across the midline of my back, and sure enough that is what caused my herniated disc there in the thoracic region and eventually developed into stenosis, rare for that location. Since that area is fixed and protected by the rib cage. Somehow, clever gal here figured out how to do that stupid maneuver!
Happy it is no worse so far.

For the last twenty-one years, I have been in physical therapy, occupational therapy and NMT, neuromuscular massage therapy, twenty five times!

But I never tried pain management before.
I was scheduled by my orthopedics back in 2014, but then Skipper, our Bichon Frise got sick, collapsed the day I was to go so I cancelled, he died two and half weeks later, and I didnt go back for quite some time. I did go back over a year ago, and they saw my chair and said they would not touch me now; I was crushed. It had been a neurologist's prescription.

So here I begin my last frontier of challenges to try to get well.
I was told they have new non-invasive laser treatments at this pain management place that I will be going to, hope I qualify!

On this note, allow me to wish all of you a very happy good night!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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