Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Continued! (as promised)

"... today/yesterday(now) was my day to admit an enormous faux pas with Humana RX!
That insidious $8.00 showed up again while re-ordering my Baclofen yesterday that is $4.10 for a three month supply.
While ordering they mentioned an outstanding balance of $8.00, and so I foolishly paid it or so I thought it was fact this morning I checked my online banking and recalled that it was concerning a mistaken amount due to my doctor automatically reordering my Gabapentin in January when I had already received a three months supply the month before."

And so it turns out I called to ask them to kindly return the mistake of me paying the $8.00 to them by them now refunding it and in order to do this I had to spend an hour on the phone between four people and then that fourth person, finally a supervisor that I had asked to speak to three people before knew what was going on and what had happened with me and the mistake!
I explained the reason that the order was returned to sender without opening it and that the eight bucks had been refunded, but.......a very LARGE BUT she explained that they refunded it twice so now to straighten the whole mess out they were recharging me to fix it! So......I said I did understand and now we are even... TG! Crazzeee!
Yup, my pending yesterday payment went through today!
Done and done!

Moving on...

Best Home Services... oh dear!
More later... AGGRAVATION!
Still going on, a chance to redeem themselves... waiting!

Moving on again...

Chewy a pet products online company in Florida

Amazing response to a delivery issue when our special Nutro Puppy food was delayed and we were almost out so they sent us another bag, but WHOA the two fifteen pound bags arrived via Laser ship together, and so I called since bag two was on them, so no charge... I wanted them to know we now have two... they said keep them on them, no charge! WOW!
In the interim we did buy a five pound bag from Pet Smart and their price online was seven dollars cheaper and so they said just bring in the site (theirs, on our phone) to show them and they would match it and they did! THE BAG WAS READY TO GO WHEN WE GOT THERE!

Aussie now is set for awhile with 35 lbs of puppy food!

Good companies around too.

Happy good night all!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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