Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Busy, quiet, busy, quiet etc. etc. etc...

We enjoy our so-called quiet times as we enjoy our busy ones!
But let's face it with a puppy there is no such thing as real quiet... anymore!
Sure glad I had our sons in my twenties not my sixties, ha!

That said today was my day to admit an enormous faux pas with Humana RX!
That insidious $8.00 showed up again while re-ordering my Baclofen yesterday that is $4.10 for a three month supply.
While ordering they mentioned an outstanding balance of $8.00, and so I foolishly paid it or so I thought it was foolish...in fact this morning I checked my online banking and recalled that it was concerning a mistaken amount due to my doctor automatically reordering my Gabapentin in January when I had already received a three months supply the month before.

To be continued tomorrow... pain! Neck, collar on!
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