Monday, March 12, 2018

PICS, PICS and more PICS!Locales of the Historic Park Farmer's Market, Fishville/Puppyville, Laishley Park!

Sundays we have another Farmer's Market, besides the one right in Punta Gorda on Saturdays; this one resides at our Historic Park on Shreve Street in Punta Gorda! Of course fruits and veggies are sold, I personally picked up a large quantity/netted sleeve of garlic cloves there. And there are many other vendors and music/vocals from one fellow with his acoustic guitar bellowing out mellow tones as we promenaded the winding pathway to others with crafts of jewelry, bird art, honey, almonds et al.
The jewelry designs by Patrice Hair, yup that' s her name on her card, ph #407-406-1114, unique costume pieces made of non-harmful to your skin metals, in other words no lead and such, at reasonable prices; email her at: patjess28@gmail,com for upcoming shows!  

Bliss nut-butters, Jane Byam (brand ambassador) email: 

  Next this fellow Kevin Murkve is local also from Glass Bird Feeders, Glass Art Flowers,Mason Bee Houses, Keychains from Flatware cell phone # (941) 421-2132, He's on Etsy:Latitude27Creative

  From the history park we went to lunch at Fishville/Puppyville, you will see why the additional handle below... AKA Fisherman's Village! This time we ate at Scotty's Brewhouse, Hubby had an incredible cheese burger, and I had a vegan black bean burger that was beyond delish, both with fresh fruit cups!

  Aussie the always social butterfly, now with all dogs too, his last frontier to conquer, people have stopped constantly Hubby with commenting on Aussie being so beautiful! The only issue with that is they think because of it that he is a girl! Other than that we love it too. Although, Hubby with Aussie have held up traffic in different walking paths. Saturday and Sunday an hour to two to make it one block all due to people stopping and asking to pet him, and other questions of what kind of dog he is, his age, and also amazed he is a rescue, and explaining that.... Miniature Australian Shepard, attained through a that removed him and his litter mates from a pet hoarders home in the Carolinas! And his miniature size was actually created in Southern California from the standard breed runts back in the early 1960s, not in Australia. In fact this was corroborated by a man and his wife visiting from Sydney Australia, stating that they only have the standard Australian Shepards there with tails! Oh and Aussie's age and weight and how big will be...four months, and that he is now seventeen pounds and will get to be around twenty-five to thirty, half the size of the standard of his breed.

 Onward to Laishley Park after the taste of Punta Gorda was there earlier in the day, so many choices we opted to go the History Park instead, and that explains why a pile of ice cubes were tossed by a vendor on the lawn, and Aussie was in doggy delight enjoying this unique to him form of frozen water! We all know first timers... still fun to watch, hmm?

  The park's pavilion is covered with solar cells from FPL, Florida Power and Light, on its roof for power for lighting there. Water spouts for little ones to enjoy on hot days.
 The playground finally found a medium safe, non-toxic, and not hot ever for little ones, it is bouncy!
A small child proved it when he fell!

 Hubby and Aussie right in front of me; I feel safer that I won't run over them. After all my chair is 400 LBS. without me on it!
 These palm tree metal sculptures were done right after Hurricane Charley 8-13-2004. The plaque explains better than I what they represent. The entire display is set on an enormous sundial!
Hope you can read it.

Happy good night to all!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

PS we also bought homemade ice cream at the best ice cream place in the world, Harborwalk Scoops and Bites, Hubby's cherry vanilla, mine toasted coconut, YUM, (one more time and we get a free one) right there in Laishley Park, in fact located at: 150 Laishley Park Court Unit 1111, Punta Gorda, FL 33950, (941) 505-8880

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