Friday, September 15, 2017

Florida's aftermath

Our state of Florida of enormous size and population has made it once again through another "natural" disaster, battle scarred and missing loved ones, but not unlike the Phoenix will rise again to become the paradise loved by many and as it once was remembered. This was the first time in history that our entire state was bombarded at the same time by one enormous storm 400 miles across and a changing categories from a 5, to a 4, then 3, a 2, and a 1 and occasionally wobbled back and forth as terrorized and it roared through our substantial state!

People helping people is what happens after in these situations, and Floridians are no different each and every time.

Most could nearly declare that they have become proficient in the know how of accomplishing the care and treatment before during and after these things striking.

Frustration, sadly goes with the territory, but just when you reach your limit, surprise... either something positive happens or something... dare I say worse happens that makes the previous problem at the very least not seem as bad?

Other than loss of life and property the lack of food, air-conditioning, gas, ice and water are hardships undeniably for the survivors, the basic needs; is what tests our resolves.

Lines for food and fuel makes one feel the surreal-ness of the situations, as if only extras in an end of the world movie of the next fictional disaster fare!

But no, if only, no this is the current reality here in ninety percent of our state!

At one point seven million households were without power!
Now it is down to two million, five days later, with ninety degrees weather and feels like temperatures of over one hundred!
Mosquitoes are laying eggs, right now!
Sewerage is seeping into waterways, driveways and streets right now!
Rivers are cresting to overflow stages, right now!

And Hurricane Irma has left the state a couple of days ago!

So remember folks as the NEWS lessens its reports nationally know that it is not over here or in Texas and it won't be for not days weeks or months even years!

Helping with sending additionally monies to United Way, Red Cross or any other legit organizations can be of help, or physically volunteer if you can do that too. The news just said United Way will need you.
Most all of us do have insurance though, we do, but many still need help with cleaning up.
But some do not have any insurance and can use your help.

We were very lucky just when Hubby was having difficulty with our second generator the other one was already not working and he went out to try to fix our last and only one, he heard a humming noise next door!
The people had evacuated too and were not back yet when Hubby realized our electric had been restored just in the nick of time!
He did go out and buy the replacement for the defective part today, since you never know what could be next...Hurricane/tropical storm Jose is steering away from Florida, but please friends up north and in the mid-Atlantic states be careful he could be coming there!

Also off the coast of Africa there is #14, a fish storm we are told that could become Lee will circle back into the northern waters not touching any land masses, and then there is #96 that we have already been told is something that will be monitored and it is heading west and north, and her name would be Maria... Geez and not that Westside Story one, darn, since she was nice.

 Ahhhhhhhhhh, Florida, our chosen home for all of us... our sons are safe hours from us in either direction and even Number One had power back the day before us without any damage, so yay!

Folks all be safe and try to always have a happy good night and share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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