Thursday, September 14, 2017

Trying hard to get back to...a

Formula for a Return to Normalcy
Tilda Kruegel 2004
We are in flux, but soon we'll be able to return to what we remember as home. Hurricanes have caused all to be in an uncontrollable situation. We must take back that control!
As a state we must reconnoiter all options to regain our strength as a whole entity, train ourselves to be valiant, reclaim what we lost, and make it better.
We can network our knowledge and resources.
We can show compassion for one another in this horrid commonality of misfortune. The old adage is true, misery does love company.
Understanding, first hand, what others have been through gives us all something we can relate to.
A TV show psychologist stated that to cope with such traumas, we must turn emotion into motion. Simply said: do something! Energy should be well spent in a positive, productive way. This way we disallow negative thinking to take over.
And yes, we have plenty to do to accomplish our tangible tasking.
From simple, annoying, repetitive calling of insurance agents and contractors to physically getting in there doing the work to repair or replace.
Life has never been simple, but with a recipe to regain whatever we consider our normalcy, this unreality too will become familiar, bringing us again to what our lives once were.

The above ramblings were written by me after Hurricane Charley ravaged our home and also about the other hurricanes that our neighbors experienced after the Summer of the Storms.
It was printed/published in the book of the above name, "Summer of the Storms", by Peace River Center for Writers that I belonged to then.

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