Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Taking care of business!

Two things are all I genuinely had to take care of today, but wanted for more.
My absolute self imposed necessary objects of need were to order Gus's heartworm meds, and that was easy.
We used to get them automatically from whomever the vet was we were dealing with without concern for price, but they usually had some rebates.
But this time we decided to do what we had done a while back and that choice was mail order, with Doctor Foster's and of course they were the best price too, $63 including a ten percent discount, normally around seventy, for Gus's 28 lbs. for an entire year's worth of Heartgard plus, and with free shipping for anything over nineteen dollars!
Others were as much as twenty bucks more, sadly Pet Meds was one of the most expensive.

My other dutiful job was to find out from my respiratory therapist for my CPAC for my sleep apnea equipment to make an appointment to try to get away from the nose mouth covered system to just the nose? My numbers have been all over the map with my machine too, and I thought it was odd, but Sue the respiration therapist said that is normal, whew. I also had to have a correction on whom my pulmonologist that is the same one as my asthma doc, not the pre-op one. Boy, I felt like I was in a George Burns and Gracie Allen skit, because she just wasn't getting it, but finally she did.
I accomplished straightening all that out as well setting an appointment for next week.

Sadly, Marcy from the nephrologist office called and said that she and the doctor tried but a dietician for the CKD is not covered by my super duper insurance and can be $200 a visit, so I will be gleaning my info off of the net; so what else is new? The same story after bariatric surgery they wouldn't pay for a nutritionist either, a couple of true nice additive necessities for helping your health, not logical that they are not covered.

I really thought we should get out today and so we made a BIG journey to Winn Dixie's for about a half a dozen items that expanded upon entry, due mostly by forgetting to write down the extras we were out of and breaking the holy grail rule of grocery shopping of not going on an empty stomach!
Odd how many things you feel you need and since it is food you rationalize it is a necessity, true.

Moving on...

Weirdness has once again happened to me, just when most of you were probably thinking Geez she is just like us not odd at all, ha, hmm?
Well, I have a slight black left eye.
Now I do think I bumped it when I bent down, sometime in my recent past.
There are tinges of greenish coloring along the outer side, like green eye shadow misplaced and on the inner side next to my nose it has smudges of purplish discoloration too on that same left eye, and its very slightly sore.
It is not like I needed another problem and heaven knows I did not look for this one either... although it is there just the same... oh well.
Coordination these days is also not the usual that it is for most people, judging distance from objects I suppose is a special issue for me, as my hands holding objects deceive me too. Have been off for years but more sporadic than this often.
Hubby went to a register while at the grocery store that the bagger just left to help the person in front of him out to their car with the groceries, and so me just sitting in my ride there I thought hey just move up and open the bag and start dropping stuff in, easy peasy.
Well, I got the dropping part right, perhaps my angle was bad, but I was dropping our things back onto  the counter, my grasp was not functioning correctly, and since I was no help at all I must have attracted a bagger to come over and she did take over very smoothly!
I thanked her.
Although that is their job.
Many at Winn Dixie now ask to help you out to the car too, there was a time when they did not.
Hubby rarely takes them up on the offer.
Publix asks always.

When we first moved to Florida thirty-one years ago this month on the nineteenth, we weren't used to being helped in grocery stores and I thought we were supposed to tip, but no you are not and the grocery employees are not allowed to accept tips either.
But in NJ you had to bag your own groceries and take your groceries out for yourself so this was sooooooooo nice!
But also in NJ you weren't allowed to pump your own gas they always did it for you and in Florida you have to pump your gas yourself, and that took me quite a while to get used to that non perk.  
And full service here is also do-it-yourself, ha!
Ya win some, ya lose some.

On that note allow me to be the very first wish you all a very happy good night and ask you all to share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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