Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Calling all doctors in for your interviews!

Just imagine a world where choosing a physician was like choosing your spouse or significant other or I don't know like choosing the person who would look out for your healthy choices, diet and exercise and care enough about you to listen to what you have to say, and also know this might be ridiculous but  that they would verify what they say before they determine it is the right thing pertaining to you, because they see you as a person not just a paycheck and want you to live!
Oh and... listen to you, did I say that already, yep that might be because it is very important, and oh here's another thing when they make a mistake, even a small one they come back and let you know that they are not GODLIKE, but only human too, so as long as they didn't do it on purpose or almost kill you with that mistake.
Interviews, hmm?
Now that is a concept that should be allowed, why we basically interview everyone else we deal with in life.
Or we move on... as we have.
But that seems to be the harder way of handling such an important assignment in life and death type issues.
What happened to those Marcus Welby MD:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marcus_Welby,_M.D. type docs who really cared so very very much that if you had a BIG problem they would doggedly follow you home to make sure you got the right treatment or were alright?
I can remember in the nineteen fifties and sixties and even in the seventies where doctors even still made house calls!
Those guys cared, yep, ladies they were very few women doctors then, but now there are, yay!
And call me a reverse sexist or maybe I am still called a sexist, but I specifically ask for women doctors when I need any doctors, and right now I guess I am still man heavy on that front.
But in reality when it comes to medicine I have found either sex can be just as cold or as just as compassionate, odd how stereotypes do not work, same with their counterparts nurses and PAs etc.
Gender has proved to be no excuse for good or bad practices in dealing with us the public whom need their help.
I can go for years happy as a clam, but are clams really happy, any-who, having very little complaints about who I am dealing with and then BAM, like recently, I am no longer happy, and instead I am quite concerned.
Sometimes, we all see those TV shows where the docs work too long hours and slip up and us the people lose due to their indiscretions with drugs or loves or alcohol or sleep deprivation!
In real life that happens too.
What doctor doesn't know Tylenol is NOT an anti-inflammatory, really?
My internist insisted that it was; a small thing.
And that my kidney problems were caused by type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure that I do not have either, a bigger thing.
A missed UTI infection that other doctors picked up a few months after blood work was taken that was a year ago from blood work that was taken for her specifically.
Other things, like my rash causing my high white cell blood count, when I suggested that it could be the IV steroids that I had read about online, and I confirmed with both the neuro's PA and the nephrologist, since it was on my most recent blood work from July 19th, three weeks after my infusion therapy with the IV Solu Medrol and that it was most likely the IV steroids.
No, she insisted it was the rash.
And a bit of sadness.
I thought I had met my close to a real deal telling it as it is knowing it all, but actually knowing their stuff, but open to you knowing some stuff too personable physician person patient caring not afraid to admit that they could be wrong, but allowing to fix it before it got too too wrong DOCTOR, and by no means a too perfect TV DOCTOR, but a PEOPLE DOCTOR, ya know what I mean!
After five years give a month or two in either direction I am going to have to move on I am afraid, yup, truly afraid.
One would think I wouldn't be... GOD knows all the Neurologists that I have been through!
I just kept saying next.
But an internist, a gatekeeper, even with a PPO, someone who you literally thought had your back coordinating it all...
Calling all internists who want to listen to this gal who knows more than you think and reads maybe too much, but is used to doing research so do not think badly of her for knowing more than some but not as much as your equal colleagues, although in another life she might have made one heck of a diagnostician!
Anyway, she needs a smart, sharp no fooling around type person who tells it as it is and listens to her too, oh I said that already, okay let's say someone that they can respect each others opinions. 
Yeah that is good.
But she/I will always rely on their years of study in their profession of medicine so long as they know that I have more time to investigate for myself about certain topics in how too many of my ills intertwine and create exasperation in dealing with too many doctors with contrary opinions!
Like right now my neuro's telling me to rest and the nephrologist telling me to exercise!
My neuro's PA also gave me medication to supposedly help me to sleep and that was last Thursday, and I have been taking it since then every night and I still get up for hours during the night!
And to think I was going to cut it in half.
Of course, help you sleep medicine is an euphemism for anti-depression medicine.
That is another thing, what or whom do some of these doctors think they are talking to idiots?
Is their anyone who doesn't get a form in with their medication telling them the indications and usage or side effects?
If not... cannot we all use the Internet?
PDR book anyone?
Oh....if only they would stop treating us as stupid, since we did not go to medical school we cannot know anything!
If only we could ask them if they really like people?
Do they have anger issues with the disabled, should we all be dead and buried?
I know that sounds a bit mean spirited, but the movie Soylent Green:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soylent_Green comes to mind, mmm, who knows I might be mighty tasty, ha!   
I like it here on earth in spite of our idiot leader!

In closing...
And so if anyone dares to know a people person, sounds like a job dealing with people, hey it is!
And that person happens to know a bit about medical stuff, in this case you gotta have a lot knowing about that stuff... to share.
And if that person is a mere mortal, yup, not GODLIKE at all..., could you have them give me a call, please, and thanks to you!

On this note please let me wish you all a very happy good night, and ask you all to share all your blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!


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